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Symbolism is for the Birds. Symbolic Bird Meaning Overview.

Symbolism is for the Birds: Symbolic Bird Meanings, an Overview From the Q & A Files The following is a question about symbolic bird meanings in general. I hope this question and answer sheds light on your curiosity about bird symbolism and bird encounters!...

Owl Totem Messages. What Does The Owl Say to You?

Owl Totem Messages and Meanings WHAT DOES THE OWL SAY TO YOU? OWL TOTEM MESSAGES FOR YOU If the owl were to come to you and give you a special message, it might go something like this….. Direct from the owl’s beak…. “I’m known in many...

Hawk and Raven Meaning. Conflict or Cooperation?

Best Buddies or Mortal Enemies? Hawk and Raven Meaning   From the Q & A Files The following is a question about hawk and raven meaning in Native American cultures. It’s a pretty fascinating topic, and I’m very glad I was able to answer this...

Humdinger Hummingbird Totem Messages

Direct Message from the Hummingbird Totem INSIGHTS INTO HUMMINGBIRD TOTEM MEANINGS AND MESSAGES Consider the hummingbird talking directly to you. These are a few things the hummingbird totem might want to share with you… Straight from the hummingbird’s...

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That’s okay too!  This site offers highly advanced insights into world of symbolic meanings. Signs and symbols run like rivers through our lives. Because they are constant, we owe it to ourselves to closely investigate their meanings.

In short, understanding symbolism equips us for better living. Adopting the power of symbolism helps us learn more about ourselves and our world. Incorporating interpretation of signs and symbols into our lives serves us in areas of self-discovery and self-expression.

How Symbolism Enhances Our Lives

Understanding sign and symbol meanings allows us to learn more about our past, present and future. This leads to broader awareness on many levels. By tapping into the meanings of symbols and signs, we gain wisdom in critical areas such as:

  • Philosophy
  • Inner Awareness
  • Global Awareness
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Personal Growth
  • Personal Identity
  • Collective Community

Our universe is constantly communicating with us. Paying attention to our environment, and listening to our inner voice can lead to explosive self-evolution and enlightenment.

By learning various cultural and archetypal meanings of symbols, we can utilize those meanings for guidance in solving real-life problems. This website was created with a goal to share the infinite possibilites of symbolism as a catalyst for self-development and collective awareness.

On we’ll explore topics such as
♦ The relevance of symbolism in our lives
♦ Differences between signs and symbols
♦ Symbolic meanings according to era and  cultures
♦ How to use symbolism for self-discovery and life guidance

Interpreting Symbols in Nature and Beyond

All of nature speaks a symbolic language. Symbols in Nature like the Four Elements is a great place to start for inspired interpretation of signs.

There is no limit to the symbolism found in nature. Therefore, there is no limit to the higher knowledge, spiritual growth and profound unfolding we can experience by recognizing the natural wonders all around us. Consider trees, they represent concepts like connection, life and transition.

The cosmos is also a source of powerful symbols. For example, the sun is a prominent icon for assertion, strength and energy in countless cultures. Alternatively, the moon is a long-held symbol of passivity, transition and intuition.

The sun and moon are deceptively simple. Many of us take them for granted. In reality, the sun and moon have influenced whole cultures. They have been the construct of many a cultural identity and anchors for powerful belief systems. Every star, planet, moon, etc features its own unique symbolic signature. Figuring out the meaning behind cosmic elements gives us the upper hand in understanding the universe in which we live.

For example, zodiac signs have been established from constellations (star groupings) we gaze upon every night. Greek astrology is the most familiar of star sign systems.   But in truth, every culture who has walked this earth has its own system of astrological wisdom. From the Chinese zodiac to Burmese, people have been looking to the stars for illumination about themselves and the world they live in.

Animal Totem Meanings

Animal Communication

There is perhaps no better communicators of symbolic messages than the members of the animal kingdom. From birds to bees, bears to badgers, the creatures of this planet offer endless wisdom to us. Take the lion for example. Just by sight, we can gather the lion is symbolic of power, prowess and pride. Other animals, however, might not be so obvious in meaning…like the snail, or sparrow. Sometimes creatures are so common or overlooked, we might miss the rich meanings they provide. That’s when we’ve got to dig under the surface. That’s where we find profound meaning.

So why should we even care what creatures represent? Because everything alive has a message to share with us. Exploring the deeper meaning of the critters of earth opens up a whole new way of seeing ourselves and everything around us.

Case in point: Very often we encounter a specific animal. Maybe it appears to us with curious frequency. Or perhaps this creature shows itself at a peculiar moment in life. Rather than cast these appearances off as coincidence, we can employ our intuitive ability to understand the messages the animal is offering us.

This website is jam-packed with all manner of information on animal totems, animal meanings and animal symbols. If you’ve had an animal encounter that makes you say, “hmmmm“, check out my animal meanings pages for illumination. Start your symbolic animal safari here: Animal Totems and Animal Meanings

As mentioned, all of nature speaks a symbolic language. It is a language we can all understand. This is because we are hard-wired with the ability to translate meaningful insight into what we see and experience in nature.

By observing and connecting with various animals, we become uniquely guided on our life-path.

Cultural Symbols

Native American tribes relied upon the movement of the earth, sky and all of creation in between to live their lives. So did other ancient cultures. This website travels the globe in cultural myth and history to reveal the extent of cultural symbolic meanings.

Cultural symbolism delves into how different people view and represent their world with symbols. That’s important. Why? Because it gives us a well-rounded understanding of the world and the people we share it with. It’s also relevant in terms of ancestry.

Are you looking for a special symbol that stands for who you are? Maybe you want a personal crest to remind you of your worthiness. Or perhaps you’re looking for a meaningful tattoo that says: “This is me!”. Symbols in ancient cultures might help formulate your personal insignia.

For example, there are tons of Celtic symbols that reflect a powerful people and their way of life. Similarly, Native American Symbols are vital in the language of humanity. They express a mighty connection to earth and Nature. Chinese symbols are equally effective in opening grand views of an ancient culture steeped in tradition and rich meaning.

Try searching for whatever inspires you!

This website prides itself on being the forerunner of well-researched information on signs and symbols. Why? Because time and time again, Avia has witnessed peace and healing when we make an effort to view symbolic meanings from other cultures. Understanding other cultures and their sacred symbols encourages unity rather than division.

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