symbolic meaning of giraffe

Symbolic Meaning of the Giraffe

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Stretching Into Symbolic Meaning of the Giraffe

The giraffe is a remarkable animal, and the symbolic meaning of giraffe is equally remarkable. This article explores the unique features of the giraffe, and how these assets can serve as vital life-lessons for us. From vision, intuition, protection and self-expression…the giraffe has a lot of wisdom to give us.

There are some critters in the animal kingdom that reveal their secrets more obviously than others. The symbolic meaning of giraffe’s, in large part, is right before our eyes.

Take a good look at this magnificent creature, and we can easily begin to weave a symbolic narrative as to the giraffe’s deeper meaning behind its presence (both totemic and random appearance) in our lives.

The most obvious feature of the giraffe is its long neck. It has many functions. Symbolically, this feature is about raising our standards. It’s about elevating our vision. Create a higher view to see your goals more clearly.

As a totem, or animal guide, the giraffe can offer higher ground for our vision, and provide intuitive insight when we feel we’re blinded by life’s distractions.

Call upon the giraffe when you are in need of a higher position with which to analyze the foggy terrain of your life. Also call upon the gentle nature of the giraffe to help you with gracefulness in action, patience, and sturdy footing in life’s potentially rocky terrain.

meaning of the giraffe
Exploring the symbolic meaning of the giraffe

“In every heart, there is a secret nerve

that answers to the vibration of beauty.”

~Christopher Morely

The giraffe, with their impressively long necks might be a reminder that it’s time to “stick our necks out.” This could mean making an extra effort or risk to gain a better advantage.  Perhaps this might be working harder to reach or goals. Or maybe we can spend more time with our kids to form better family ties. Whatever the case, the giraffe is a messenger encouraging us to make an effort to stretch ourselves to improve our lives.

The giraffe often makes an appearance when we need a little reminder that we are all fabulous beings with remarkable potential to rise ourselves up to a challenge. Furthermore, the giraffe demonstrates grace in striving. In other words, when the giraffe visits us, it’s often a message to strive through challenges while maintaining balance and grace.

The giraffe also reminds me of vision. Long-reaching, far-seeing kind of vision. It’s that long neck again. With its head lifted as high as the treetops it loves to snack on, the giraffe’s vision is a focused on the horizon. If the giraffe is your totem, I’m willing to bet you’re a natural visionary.

Most folks who feel an affinity for the giraffe will admit to having a knack for seeing future trends. Giraffe-people have an incredible ability to see into the future, or see the “big picture.” Furthermore, giraffe-people are experts at shifting resources and influencing events so that future outcomes they see are more fluid, and effective.

symbolic meaning of the giraffe
About the symbolic meaning of the giraffe

And how about those massive eyelashes? Sure, they’re sweet and delicate looking, but they’re also symbolic of protection. Those long lashes effectively keep out debris, and we can translate this as an assurance that our visions are protected by the wisdom of Nature, and we have the ability to discern the right meanings of our visions under the guidance of our animal totems – in this case, the giraffe.

Some keywords to consider while contemplating the symbolic meaning of giraffe…

Symbolic Meanings for the Giraffe

  • Vision
  • Beauty
  • Mystery
  • Patience
  • Elegance
  • Cleverness
  • Intuition
  • Perception
  • Protection
  • Discernment
  • Cooperation
  • Intelligence
  • Gracefulness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Gentleness of Spirit

If the giraffe is your totem, you likely have a tender heart, and can be very sensitive. Giraffe’s have a relatively gentle demeanor (unless provoked or during mating), and this is reflected in the person who claims the giraffe as their totem. As a giraffe-person, you care about others, and you are prone to be empathic (just sensing what others are feeling).

To underscore that, giraffe’s are known for ‘necking,’ and they are affectionate with both mates and their babies. Even if males fight for a female, the winner will often go back and show affection to the losing male to make peace.

giraffe meaning and symbolic meaning of giraffe
More about giraffe meaning and symbolic meaning of giraffe

“The giraffe is a funky, ironic symbol of balance.

Visually, it may seem hugely disproportional.

Symbolically, every feature of the giraffe

represents a distinct purpose that creates a delicate balance.”

~ Avia

The symbolic meaning of giraffe is also tied in with status. Their necks (in males, especially) are a form of major social rank within the herds. You guessed it…the longer, stronger, thicker the neck…the more attractive, and better-established the giraffe is in the group.

As far as status goes, the giraffe totem encourages us to be bold. I’m not suggesting you need the best neck in the group in order to gain higher status.  But, I am suggesting you strut your stuff as if you are the biggest, best badass that ever walked the face of this earth! If you have problems with this, just consider the giraffe. They don’t question their authority. They don’t doubt their ability to get the best food, the best mate, the best watering hole.  Likewise, you shouldn’t question your innate ability to be absolutely awesome. There is only one you. The world need your uniqueness.

The neck of the giraffe is also long for the purpose of effective digestion. In this sense, the giraffe asks us if we are being mindful of what we are ingesting – what are we taking in or consuming? Whether it’s food, or thoughts, the giraffe makes us aware of what we are taking into our bodies and our energy and helps us discern healthier choices for ourselves.

giraffe meaning
Final thoughts about the symbolic meaning of the giraffe

Lastly, giraffe’s have horns…sort of. They’re not really horns; they’re called ossicones, and are unique to giraffes. They are also a curious feature. Although biologists aren’t 100% sure, the current assumption is that the horns are part of the mating process.  Basically, yeah…size does matter. The bigger the ‘horns’ the better chance you get the girl.

There is another theory these ossicones are sensory features…almost like antennae. This is symbolic of intuition, delicate perception, and heightened sensory awareness. Are you the kind of person who easily senses what others are feeling or thinking? Do you often find that vague or obtuse concepts are more clear to you and make more sense to you than most? It’s that giraffe energy that enables deeper perception and the ability to combine vision with empathy to gain grand views in life situations.

I hope you enjoyed these insights on the symbolic meaning of the giraffe. If you liked it, please share this article with others! Sharing is caring!  Thanks!

As always thank you for reading.

Giant giraffe blessings to you,


Take Away Tips About Symbolic Meaning of the Giraffe

symbolic meaning of giraffe

Eat your heart out Gene Simmons!
Did you know a giraffe’s tongue can get as long as 20 inches? Yep. Symbolically, the tongue is about self-expression. Giraffe reminds us to communicate with others.

symbolic meaning of giraffe

Make love, not war.
Giraffe’s are quite gentle. They’re known for ‘necking,’ and they are affectionate with both mates and their babies. Even if males fight for a female, the winner will sometimes go back and show affection to the losing male to make peace.

symbolic meaning of giraffe

Elevate your station.
Most obvious about the giraffe is its long neck. Symbolically, this feature is about raising our standards. It’s about elevating our vision. Create a higher view to see your goals more clearly.

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