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Lotus Tattoo Ideas

Much of the sacred symbolism behind the lotus comes from its relationship with the elements of water and fire.

It grows in the water, and so therefore the lotus is a natural tribute to water-affiliated concepts like: Dreams, Emotion, Intuition, Awareness, Purification.

The lotus blossom opens each morning, unfolding its vitality in the face of the dawning sun. This is the solar connection - the link to fire which proffers symbolism of: Passion, Vitality, Revelation, Clarity, Life and Vision.

Some keywords to consider as you research your lotus tattoo ideas...

Symbolic Lotus Meanings

  • Life
  • Light
  • Opening
  • Renewal
  • Devotion
  • Creation
  • Balance
  • Direction
  • Revelation
  • Awareness
  • Illumination

These powerful symbolic meanings combined with the lush, elegant lotus make for a dynamic tattoo - especially for people wanting to convey a gentle opening to the profound simplicity of Nature as an analogy for walking along the spiritual path.

Lotus tattoo meaning is deeply rooted in spiritual purity. The Buddha for example is seen emerging from the lotus. In fact the mantra "mani padme" meaning "jewel of the lotus" is a reference to Nirvana.

Observation, meditation and focus upon the lotus is encouraged as a doorway to unique realms of perception. The lotus is a portal to magnificent awareness - and many masters (ancient and modern alike) recognize this enchanting power of this beguiling blossom. A lotus tattoo might serve as a constant reminder of the majesty it represents.

The lotus is symbolic of many vast concepts in ancient culture, such as...

Cultural Symbolism of the Lotus

  • The human heart
  • Unmanifested potential
  • The process of universal creation
  • The eight (petals) directions - navigation
  • Awareness rising out of chaos (blooms from murky water)
Lotus tattoo meaning

The blooms emerging from water, along with distinctly delicate features of the lotus are reminiscent of feminine qualities. Egyptian, Hindu, Japanese and Indian cultures all recognize the theme of birth and renewal through the lotus.

Are you birthing a new phase in your life that offers a gentle clarity in your inner views? Are you emerging from chaos into a lucid illumination? Are you seeking a daily devotion that represents renewal and rebirth?

A "yes" to any one of these questions might make you give more growing-fuel for your lotus tattoo ideas. If the lotus symbolism calls to you with a subtle song of tender elegance, it's worth your time to look more deeply into its petals for meaning in your own life.

To be sure, there is a lot more involved to lotus symbolism than what I've covered here. Do more research on your own - I guarantee your investment to learning more about the lotus will be enlightening.

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