Caduceus symbol tattoo ideas

Caduceus Symbol Tattoo Ideas

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Caduceus Symbol Meaning

About Caduceus Symbol for Tattoo Ideas and Discovering Caduceus Meanings: Caduceus tattoos should not to be confused with the Staff of Asclepius tattoos. Although, though both have come to be known as symbols of healing and the medical field, the caduceus is much more dynamic in its meanings (take a look at both to round out your tattoo ideas).

At its core, caduceus symbol tattoo ideas are symbolic of unification of opposites.

This is because of the double serpents. They are in constant ebb and flow with each other…or in constant battle with one another, depending on your perspective. So what does this dueling serpent-duo symbolize? Fundamental polarities like…

Caduceus symbol tattoo ideas and caduceus meaning
Caduceus symbol meaning is about healing and connection

Symbolism of Two Snakes of the Caduceus

  • Male/Female
  • Yin/Yang
  • Light/Dark
  • Left/Right
  • Sun/Moon

The harmony (or conflict) of these dual forces is illustrated by the opposing snakes wrapped around the staff. The above energies are just a few examples of dual snake symbolism. I’m sure you’ll observe more in the universe/natural world.

The Caduceus symbol also carries themes of healing, homeopathy, nature and holistic approaches to health. These are also illustrated by the serpents too. Snakes in ancient Greece, where this symbol originates, were symbolic of transformation.

The shedding of the serpents’ skin is symbolic of slipping off the old self (illness) and moving freely in the fresh, newly healed self (wellness).

The wings of caduceus tattoos symbolize higher thoughts, higher mind, high integrity and the intent to serve others in a higher capacity.

The staff or center rod in the Caduceus symbol represents power, unification, and connection between heaven and earth (as well as the point of focus between duality). The staff is the connection between high and low (thought and body) and facilitates easy communication between the two.

Some keywords to consider when contemplating Caduceus tattoo ideas…

The caduceus is a symbol of messengers in myth such as the Greek Hermes (Mercury in Roman myth) because the center staff conveys energy-transfer between mind and body (heaven and earth, male and female, shadow and light, etc.).

Caduceus meaning
Caduceus meaning

Gods and Goddesses Associated with the Caduceus Symbol

Other deities who adopt the caduceus symbol include…

♦  Hermes (Greek): Travel, Commerce, Trade, Speed, Messenger

♦  Mercury (Roman): Speed, Intelligence, Youthfulness, Health

♦  Anubis (Egyptian): Afterlife, Spirit, Protection, Preservation

♦  Baal (Phoenician): Fertility, Abundance, Agriculture, Leadership

♦  Ishtar (Babylonian): Fertility, Sensuality, Military, Love, Passion

♦  Isis (Egyptian): Magic, Femininity, Motherhood, Fertility, Protection, Beginnings, Nature

caduceus symbol tattoo ideas and caduceus meaning

Caduceus Symbol Tattoo Meanings

  • Life
  • Magic
  • Honor
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Healing
  • Renewal
  • Wisdom
  • Fertility
  • Dualism
  • Vitality
  • Integrity
  • Authority
  • Unification
  • Protection
  • Fair trade
  • Commerce
  • Circulation
  • Equilibrium
  • Transformation
  • Harmonization
  • Transcendence

Whether you are seeking a permanent and powerful symbol for harmonization or wanting to boldly express your affinity for healing, I hope these highlights on Caduceus symbol tattoo ideas has offered you inspiration and clarification.

For more information on caduceus symbol meanings, check my blog post here: More Caduceus Symbolic Meanings.

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