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Gnome Meaning Earth Elementals

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Gnome Meaning: Earth Elementals. The Energies That Take Care of Our Earth

Gnome Meanings and Symbolism as Earth Elementals: This post on Gnome meaning is the second in a series of four discussions on elementals and their symbolic meanings.

Common, modern mind-sets are tempted to snicker at the prospect of Gnomes, but this is ill-advised. Their purpose is serious (although their humor is bright), whose power is in their numbers.

In the symbolic realm of elementals, there are four clans who rule the realms of nature, and Gnomes are the clan of earth elementals. Gnomes share their elemental lineage with: Undines – rulers of water, Sylphs – guardians of air and Salamanders – sentinels of fire.

Background on Elemental Gnomes

  • The word Gnome comes from the Latin word gnoma which means “Knowledge”
  • The term Gnome is also derived from Latin genomus which means “Earth-Dweller”
  • Gnomes correspond with the earth and all of its aspects. That means foundations of the earth like soil, trees, mountains, plants, roots, etc.
  • Gnome elementals are associated with the direction of the North on the global compass.
gnome meaning and earth elementals
Gnome meaning and earth elementals

“The Earth is an excellent schoolmaster.

It teaches us more than we learn in books.”

~John Lubbock

Ancient legend indicates armies of Gnomes insure the stability of Earth. As their name suggests, Gnomes are the ones with the power knowledge of the Earth. As such, ancient mystics called upon Gnomes as an invocation of the properties of Earth in ritual.

Gnome meaning in mythology can be linked to Geb, the Egyptian Earth god, as well as Kubera from India who is a hoarder of precious metals, dazzling diamonds, and other sparkly bits nestled in the folds of Earth.

Think Gnomes are just fluff and fable? Think again. The concept of, and the name Gnome was coined by Paracelsus, a no-nonsense (and highly respected) physician. He was also a genius in the arena of alchemy and astrology.

Gnomes have been likened to goblins, fairies and elves, but to lump these all together as “same” would be missing all the glorious devils in details.

Gnomes are symbols of the Earth. As such, they encourage stability, grounding and offer a rooting quality to our experience. They are not without their wiles. Part of the levity that comes from these little dudes comes from an innate liveliness they imbue. They love their Mother (Earth), and are in turn, loved back by her.

In fact, legend indicates they are dastardly in conniving tricks on those who would fool with their “Mother, Nature (of course). Translation: Gnomes have zero-tolerance for any kind of abuse to the Earth.

gnome meaning and earth elementals
Gnome meaning and earth elementals

Earth elementals (a.k.a., ‘gnomes’) are the guardians of our earth. They nurture, protect and watch over all things on and in the ground. This includes soil, roots, mountains, trees, etc.

Giving respect to gnomes is thought to bring blessings upon the foundation of our homes, insure bumper crops in our gardens and more.

Symbolic Meaning of Earth Elementals, Gnomes

The following are a few keywords when it comes to gnomes as earth elemental energies:

  • Grounding
  • Stability
  • Security
  • Possession
  • Safety
  • Order
  • Materialism
  • Rooted
  • Sure-Footing
  • Foundations
  • Protection
  • Solidarity
  • Guardianship

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I hope this article on gnome meanings as earth elementals offered a new perspective about the dynamic energy earth represents. Perhaps by contemplating gnomes a personality of the earth, we can more effectively treat this planet with the respect it is due.

I have more thoughts about the earth’s amazing symbolism, and you can read these by following the links at the end of this page. As always, thanks for reading!



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