Celtic zodiac sign wolf hound meaning

Celtic Zodiac Sign Wolf Hound

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Celtic Zodiac Sign: Wolf Hound Meaning in Celtic Astrology
October 28 – November 24

Personality Introduction for Your Wolf Celtic Zodiac Sign: Greetings dear Wolf and Hound! I have a confession to make. There are 13 zodiac signs in the Celtic lunar calendar. I began writing personality profiles for each sign a few weeks ago – starting with the first in the lunar line-up (the stag). I went through each sign chronologically. You’re the second-to-last Celtic zodiac sign.I gotta tell ya, I’ve been aching to get to you! I’m enamored with Celtic wolf/hound signs. And why shouldn’t I be!? There’s a lot about you that is worthy of awe.

So what makes you so intriguing? Plenty. Like your Celtic zodiac sign, the wolf, your incredibly instinctual. You have super-perception. If something is amiss in your environment, you know it instantly. This gives you the wherewithal to adjust, maneuver and make changes that better suit your level of comfort.

Speaking of comfort, you have an odd sense of it. The unknown is quite okay with you. Being in foreign lands, or in a foreign environment is not only acceptable, but it’s also stimulating for you. Even realms of the afterlife may be fascinating for you. The more vague, ambiguous, otherworldly the better. Places and states of mind that would totally freak out other Celtic zodiac signs are no biggie for you. You tread through the ephemeral with ease and confidence. You’re comfortable with the unknowns because you seem to know what happens behind the veil of common reality.

Celtic zodiac sign wolf meaning
Celtic zodiac sign wolf meaning

“Don’t ever empty the bucket of mystery.

Never let people define what you do.

It’s not about zigging when you should zag.

It’s not about doing something unprecedented or unpredictable.

It IS about never being labeled, or called something that is not in the process of transformation.”

~Marilyn Manson

You seem to have an uncanny grasp of life and death, light and shadow. It’s almost like poetry for you. It’s a secret that only you can uncover. Consequently, your comfort with these unrealities often lands you in career paths dealing with medicine. Why? Because you’re curious about how life works, and endeavor to crack the code of death. You may also gravitate towards the arts (dance, music, writing, painting, etc) because it’s the best expression of the uncommon reality you see around you. Spirituality and shamanism are also appetizing genres because it’s all about the quest to know the unknowable for you.

Even though you boldly venture into other realms, that doesn’t mean you do so foolishly. Nope. As mentioned, you have instinct. You’re typically prepared to defend yourself. You have a remarkable sense of survival. You usually have no qualms with taking risks, but they’re almost always calculated risks. You employ strategy when engaging in new projects, or any undertaking. Often, you make sure you have an escape route before you commit to anything. This stems back to self-preservation. Like your wolf sign, you understand the idea of “fight or flight” on a primal level. You’re prepared to do either to survive.

Celtic zodiac sign wolf meaning
Celtic zodiac sign wolf meaning

Survival can mean many different things for you. Sometimes surviving means escaping into your dream worlds. Often, the reality of this common, physical world can simply be too much for you. Healthy escapes are spirituality or meditation. Unhealthy escapes for your Celtic zodiac sign often lead to substance abuse. You appreciate the altered states of consciousness either escape provides you.

Sometimes survival means trying to dodge your own mind. You’re always thinking, brooding, processing. You can be highly emotional, and you’re certainly incredibly intelligent. Your mind and heart are instinctual too. Under your cool, calm surface rages wild currents and passion. You may have primal urges – and although you’re smart enough to figure out what they mean – the urges often overlord your intellect. Your challenge is to embrace your wolfish tendencies, and coax yourself in beneficial outlets. This could mean training your energy into a career that lights your fire. It could mean focusing your emotions on helping others.

Often, you channel your experiences for a good cause. Life hasn’t always been kind to you, dear wolf. Your Celtic zodiac sign knows how to take bad experiences and share them with others for a positive goal. This leads to a sort of mentoring dynamic in which you serve as an example. You often remind others that being damaged doesn’t mean we’re broken. You can show the world that we can use our hardships as a way to overcome and succeed.

Celtic zodiac sign wolf meanings for your personality type
Celtic zodiac sign wolf meanings for your personality type

Keywords for Celtic Zodiac Sign of the Wolf/Hound

  • Wild
  • Deep
  • Subtle
  • Intense
  • Extreme
  • Survival
  • Strategic
  • Powerful
  • Expressive
  • Controlling
  • Motivated
  • Passionate
  • Imaginative
  • Complicated
  • Competitive
  • Strong-willed
  • Opportunistic
  • Unpredictable

Those of you born between October 28 – November 24th are extremely complicated. In fact, I wanted to add ‘playful’ to this list of keywords for your Celtic zodiac sign. But I hesitated because your idea of ‘playful’ is complicated too. Sure, you like to have fun, but it’s not that simple for you. It’s almost as if every emotion you have has to have a deeper meaning, a deeper function or purpose. So, something as innocent as a good belly laugh, might lead you to analyze – leading to internalized questions like…” where did that come from?”, or “why did I think that was so funny?”, or “how can I replicate this feeling?” See what I mean? Every spark leads to a big fire within you. What’s challenging is the same kind of fire can burn with unhappy thoughts within you. You can get obsessive about your emotions. Here again, the trick for your Celtic zodiac sign is to channel your thoughts and feelings in beneficial directions.

totem wolf symbol meaning
Celtic totem wolf meaning

Noteworthy Aspects for Your Celtic Zodiac Sign

Element: Water
Those of you born under the Celtic zodiac sign of the wolf/hound are ruled by the water element. What does this mean? It underscores what I’ve been saying about your emotions and instinct. It also underpins your wild tendencies. Water is free. It doesn’t stop, no matter how loud we yell, “HALT!”. Nope. Have you ever experienced a flood? I have. My house flooded once. There was absolutely nothing I could do to staunch the raging river coming through. That’s kind of what you live in. Your emotions and perceptions sometimes flood the structure you work so hard to build. You really try to construct solid foundations. Maybe you work at ‘normalcy’, or maybe you try to carve out structure in your work or family life. At the edge of these structures there’s a raging tidal wave threatening to take it down. Or, at least that’s what you sometimes perceive. Just remember water always takes a path of least resistance. You can train your emotional, perceptual waves to take a less resistant path too.

Planet: Pluto
The wolf/hound Celtic zodiac sign is governed by Pluto. The symbolic theme of Pluto deals with: Death, Epiphany, Understanding and Remoteness. This means a lot for you. Symbolically, Pluto can influence you to delve deeper into the concept of endings and beginnings. Instinctually, you know that for every end, there is a beginning. Pluto influences your understanding of time-cycles and life-cycles. Pluto can also be a healing influence for you. It pulses with themes of regeneration. In your contemplations of cycles, you also ponder (and often embrace) the idea of renewal, healing and regeneration. In this respect, you’re not only a wolf, but a phoenix. You often emerge from your own ashes, to fly and shine brightly again and again.

Celtic zodiac sign wolf meaning
Celtic zodiac sign wolf meaning

The Legend of Your Celtic Zodiac Sign

In Celtic mythology, the wolf/hound is synonymous with partnership. In many myths the hound is featured as a hero of protection. The wolf hound was depended upon by the Celts for vital functions. They served as an alarm system – barking if the perimeter of their village was trespassed by enemies. In this way they served as symbols of protection. Wolf hounds were also crucial helpers in the hunt. By association, you are alert to threat too. You also protect that which you hold sacred. Indeed, you can be ferocious and vicious to keep whatever you love safe from harm.

Several Celtic myths tell of the wolf hound having a inseparable connection with the moon. Some legends depict the wolf chasing the sun at dusk so that the moon might live and light up the night. As an allegory, this speaks to your acceptance of the dark spaces of life. Contrarily, it speaks to your sometimes unwillingness to expose yourself to the light. As a wolf sign, you may want to conduct your business in private, in secret. This isn’t a bad thing. Just remember the world needs to see you for who you are – because you are an amazing being. That means we need to shed light upon you to see your magnificence. Try to resist shying away from the light that makes you brilliant.

Learn more about the power of the wolf here: Symbolic Meaning of the Wolf. You might also relate to Symbolic Dog Meanings here.

Celtic zodiac sign wolf meaning
Celtic zodiac sign wolf meaning

Closing Thoughts on Your Celtic Zodiac Sign

For those of you born between October 28 – November 24, you’re intense. Very intense. You are essential to the world. Why? Because you run in the darkest enchanted forests. You dig stuff up while you’re there. You sniff out interesting insights there. Then, when you come back to the rest of the pack, you can share your discoveries. Sometimes you don’t want to share your epiphanies. That’s okay. But consider what happens to all your magic and understanding when you keep it all to yourself.

The world you live in is a mystical treasure trove of insight. Many of us on the outside would like to know what you see and sense. Sharing can be scary business, that’s true. I of all people understand your reticence to open up and express your findings. But sometimes you’ve got to call upon that endless courage and strength you possess. 

Share yourself, dear wolf. We’re all waiting to see what you’ve brought from the enchanted forests and marvel over your gifts.

I hope you have enjoyed these insights into the wolf/hound Celtic zodiac sign. If you liked this article, don’t miss the whole list of Celtic Animal Signs here. You might also like to read more about Symbolic Wolf Meanings here.

As always, thanks for reading.

Howling good blessings to you,


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