Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

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Ah, the month of May.  It’s symbolic of revitalization, renewed energy, and life bursting at the seams. As the vibrant month of May unfolds, nature explodes in a symphony of wild, wonderful life. It’s a time when the spiritual realm intertwines with the physical world, guiding us through animal messengers that carry profound symbolism. But what are animals associated with May, and what do symbolic animals for the month of May have in store for us in terms of meaning and spiritual illumination? I’ve got answers.

Why Are Some Animals More Prominent in the Month of May?

Because May is a springy month, critters that emerge during this time often hold symbolic meanings related to fertility, abundance, and new beginnings. Their presence can remind us to embrace change, nurture our dreams, and adapt to the cycles of life.

From playful chipmunks scurrying about in search of food to majestic bears awakening from their winter slumber, each animal offers unique lessons and insights that can coach us on our spiritual pilgrimage. If we have the eyes to see and the soul to observe – these animals for the month of May can be tremendous teachers and guides.  Check it: 


Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

Where I live, these little boogers dominate.  They’re super entertaining, although they drive my dogs nuts.  Speaking of nuts, aren’t they a hoot when you see their cheeks jam-packed with seeds?  It is to laugh!

David J. Crotty Photography on Etsy

Chipmunks often symbolize playfulness and resourcefulness. In the month of May, these small mammals scurry about in search of food and mates. Their presence reminds us to embrace our inner child and approach life with a sense of curiosity.

Known for their diligent gathering of nuts and seeds, chipmunks teach us the value of preparation and hard work. They also serve as messengers of abundance, signaling that prosperity is within reach if we stay persistent in our pursuits.

In Native American folklore, chipmunks are seen as symbols of trustworthiness and friendship.  I read an Algonquin tale years ago where a chipmunk saved a snake from being chopped to bits by a tribal medicine woman.  The moral of the story was about recognizing friendships in the most unlikely bedfellows.   

Red Squirrel

Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

This is another fuzzy friend that drives my dogs crazy – but dude, what a riot of fun & entertainment they provide!  The spirited squirrel symbolizes productivity, energy, and ingenuity with its fiery coat and lively demeanor. The red squirrel scurries through the trees with an agile ease, reminding us to adapt to our surroundings with grace and quick thinking.

As a symbol of playfulness and curiosity, encountering a red squirrel in May can encourage us to embrace spontaneity and explore new opportunities. In Native American cultures, the red squirrel is often associated with gathering abundance and preparing for future challenges.

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Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

Another cutie patootie animal associated with May, the hedgehog, encourages us to be alert and trust our instincts in navigating challenges. It reminds us that sometimes we need to show our prickly side to protect ourselves from harm. In Native American cultures, the hedgehog is seen as a messenger between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

In many cultures, the hedgehog symbolism is synonymous with the sun. This makes sense, as we see the return of sunnier, longer days (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) during the spring month of May.  As a solar icon, the hedgehog is symbolic of vitality, faith, renewal, and wellness.

Encountering a hedgehog during May can be a sign that you are being guided towards greater awareness and self-protection. Embrace the qualities of this unique animal as you navigate through this transformative month ahead.


Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

I love badgers. They’re badasses, and (for me) enchanting creatures often associated with wisdom and determination. In the month of May, badgers symbolize perseverance and focus. Badgers represent balance and harmony in nature with their distinctive black and white stripes (they remind me of the yin-yang symbol).

I’m particularly fond of badgers because they’re solo acts. They prefer their own company over others, and they’re not clannish.  I dig this, and maybe you do too.  As spiritual or symbolic animals for the month of May, this badger behavior might be an encouragement for you to embrace solitude or a reminder that it’s okay to book some time to just be with yourself.

In many cultures, badgers are seen as protectors of the earth due to their burrowing habits that aerate the soil. Their connection to the ground signifies grounding energy and stability in times of change.


Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

For whatever reason, the possum (or opossum, if you prefer) has been a totem throughout my life.  To be honest, they creep me out a little – but in spite of my heebie-jeebies, I honor and recognize the messages these symbolic animals for the month of May have provided me over the years.

This nocturnal creature is heralded for its gifted ability to adapt, thrive, and overcome just even the harshest environments.  This trait reminds us to stay gritty in times of adversity.  The possum’s ability to thrive in various environments reminds us to be versatile and agile as we navigate life’s challenges.

With their unique defense mechanism of playing dead when threatened, possums teach us the importance of knowing when to stand our ground and when to retreat for self-preservation. Their resilience in the face of danger should ring our bells and remind us to stay true to ourselves even when facing adversity.

The possum’s presence in May symbolizes transformation and regeneration. Just like these creatures shed their old habits or beliefs, we’ve got to have the chutzpah to cut out stuff that no longer serves us and embrace new beginnings with courage and grace. Embracing the energy of the possum can guide us toward personal growth and inner strength during this transformative month.


Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

With its keen senses and elusive nature, the bobcat embodies intuition and independence. It moves with agility and stealth, reminding us to wholly trust our instincts and rejoice in our individuality.

The bobcat symbolizes resilience and true grit as it navigates various terrains with aplomb. Its presence encourages us to be flexible in facing challenges and to find strength in change. Just like this majestic feline, we are reminded to approach life’s obstacles with grace and fearless optimism.

With its sharp eyesight and acute awareness, the bobcat serves as a guide for heightened perception and mindfulness. It teaches us to pay attention to subtle cues in our surroundings and within ourselves. Connecting with the spirit of the bobcat helps us leap into our inner wisdom and prowl life’s mysteries with cool, keen clarity.


Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

Coyotes are cunning creatures (unless we’re talking about Wyle E. Coyote – he was a bit of a dud – but that’s cartoons for you) and symbolize neato stuff like craftiness and cleverness. As feisty animals for the month of May, the coyote can be a reminder to use unorthodox wisdom when tackling tough problems. 

In Native American folklore, the coyote is often seen as a trickster figure, teaching important lessons through its playful yet mischievous ways.  This reminds me of my favorite quote by artist, M.C. Escher, who said, “My work is play. Very serious play.”  I think that’s what the coyote urges us to do when we approach challenges or work in the month of May – pounce on it as if it’s playtime.

The presence of the coyote reminds us to embrace transitions with a righteous, robust attitude and to trust our instincts when navigating uncertain paths. As we connect with the spirit of the coyote in May, we should (hopefully) harness its energy to guide us to discover the balance between survival and playfulness in our lives.


Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

They’re blinking and burgeoning out of sleepy torpor (it’s like hibernation, but not full on) this time of year, so the bear is symbolic of opening our eyes, hearts, and minds to new landscapes in life.  Known for its strength and resilience, the bear represents courage and introspection. 

In Native American cultures, bears are often seen as healers and protectors of the land. As we transition into spring, the bear reminds us to embrace our inner power and face challenges with the spirit and enthusiasm of a freshly emerged bear from its cave in the spring.

As you explore the spiritual realm of animals associated with May, take some time to reflect on what qualities of the bear you wish to embody in your own life journey. Embrace their wisdom and strength as you move forward with purpose and determination.


Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

Baaah!  Spring is in full swing, and the adorable symbol of sheep and lambs comes with it. These gentle creatures are synonymous with innocence, purity, and new beginnings. As spiritual and symbolic animals associated with the month of May, they represent fertility and growth as they frolic in green pastures.

Lambs embody a sense of renewal and hope, reminding us to embrace life’s beauty with childlike wonder. Their presence can be a comforting reminder to nurture our own inner child and cultivate a sense of joy.

Sheep are also symbolic of community and unity. They thrive in groups, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and support within our social circles. Observing their harmonious interactions can inspire us to foster stronger connections with those around us.


Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

When you see them, you can’t help but be stricken by their grace and tender gentleness – so go figure – deer are symbolic of these qualities.  Softly and quietly loping through forests and bucolic landscapes, they represent the epitome of elegance and poise. They also represent a sense of peace and harmony. Observing a deer in nature can bring about feelings of serenity and connection to the earth.

Deer are known for their keen intuition and sensitivity. They remind us to trust our instincts and navigate life with grace. In Native American cultures, deer are often seen as messengers of wisdom and spirituality, guiding us toward deeper understanding.

These creatures have a knack for knowing all the best spots for foraging buffets too.  That’s a symbolic cue for us.  When the spirit of the deer comes bounding our way in the month of May, it’s time to sharpen our awareness and take advantage of the resources (seen or unseen) all around us.


Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

Yes, they can be a pain in the ass, but these symbolic animals associated with the month of May have big lessons for us.  Raccoons are known for their mischievous and clever nature. In many cultures, they are seen as symbols of transformation and hidden potential.

In Native American folklore, raccoons are often associated with inquisitiveness and exploration of the unknown. They teach us to embrace our curiosity and seek out new experiences without fear. Observing these agile creatures can inspire us to be more flexible in our approach to life’s snafus we may face during this time.

Raccoons are also famous for their ingenious problem-solving skills.  We can take a page from their book and jump on challenges with renewed ingenuity to get pesky problems done with ease.  In the month of May, do as the raccoon does – see beyond the surface and go wild with innovative ideas to iron out the wrinkly problems of life. 

Voles, Moles, & Shrews

Spiritual and Symbolic Animals for the Month of May

This is gonna sound gross, but where I live, May inevitably brings bloody carcasses of voles, moles, and shrews.  It’s the cats.  Every year, they massacre these wee creatures and proudly leave them on my front welcome mat as if to say, “Lookie what we did, Ma!”  Icky, I know…and a little sad – but there’s a symbolic lesson.  In this case, the wisdom is about the cycle of life. Everybody’s gotta eke out a living!  In human terms, this could be symbolic of accepting what is, and understanding that into every life, crappy things happen – so what are we going to do about it?

As these critters tunnel beneath the surface, they can remind us of the importance of grounding ourselves amidst life’s chaos. Their solitary nature encourages introspection and self-discovery during this reflective month. These symbolic animals associated with May also dart through the undergrowth with speed and precision, symbolizing swift decision-making and intuition.

Is That All the Symbolic Animals Associated With the Month of May?

Not no, but hell no!  There are oodles more creatures connected with this month of the year.  I’m just listing the ones that are most common in my neck of the woods because that’s what I’m most familiar with.  Do your own research by exploring and defining symbolic traits of creatures that steal the scene in your area in May.

Things to Do to Honor & Connect With Spirit Animals of May

So, now that I’ve laid out some common symbolic animals for the month of May, what’s next?  Party time!  Err, well, at least bonding time.  Because these critters are hyper-present during this month, it’s the perfect time to connect with them on a deeper level, and learn big lessons from them.  Here are some tips:

Get Out in Nature (duh, no-brainer, right?)  

Connecting with the spiritual and symbolic animals of May can bring us closer to nature and ourselves. To honor these creatures, you can spend time in natural settings where they thrive, such as forests or meadows. Take moments to observe their behaviors and appreciate their presence.

Good Ol’ Standby – Meditation

Another way to connect with these spirit animals is through meditation. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and envision the energy of the animal you feel drawn toward. Allow its characteristics to inspire you and guide you in your own journey.

Get Creative & Crafty

Creating art or crafts that depict these animals can also be a meaningful way to pay tribute to them. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or crafting sculptures, let your creativity flow as a form of reverence for these majestic beings.

Consider keeping symbols or tokens representing these animals close by – whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a figurine on your desk, or an image as wallpaper on your phone. These reminders can serve as prompts for reflection and connection throughout your day.

Give Back (my personal fave)

The best way (IMHO) to strengthen our bond with the symbolic animals of May is to 1) Appreciate them, 2) Leave them be, 3) Respect their environment.  Essentially, I’m saying don’t screw with their environment.  Give back by preserving their habitats.  Don’t litter, start a neighborhood cleanup, recycle, and find ways to encourage their survival rather than thwarting it.

May Is Always Better With Furry Friends

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts about these symbolic and spiritual animals for the month of May.  Stay tuned, because I’ll be writing a few other posts about the birds and water animals associated with the month of May too!  As always, thanks for reading, and I wish you a critter-incredible month!

Mighty brightly,

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