Law of attraction and bat meanings

Law of Attraction and Bat Meaning

Last Updated on May 5, 2021 by Avia

Law of Attraction and Bat Meaning

This article is one in a series I’ve been working on about law of attraction (LOA). You may ask, “What does law of attraction have to do with bats?”. In truth, all of Nature serves as a divine illustration of LOA in action. It makes sense, really. Law of attraction is a Universal law. By association, Nature abides by this, and other Universal laws.

So back to the question. What does LOA and bat meaning have in common? Nature and all Her inhabitants are in sync with Universal laws. Therefore, we can observe behaviors in Nature as an example…a demonstration of LOA in action. Bats are fabulous teachers of law of attraction!

Am I batty for linking LOA with bat meaning? Ha, ha, sorry for the pun, but I couldn’t resist. I don’t think I’m off base here. Nature is our best educator, and bats have big juju when it comes to helping us learn about the nuances of LOA.

Bat Meaning and Desire

One of the key elements of utilizing law of attraction is desire. As Mary sings in the musical, South Pacific, “You got to have a dream! If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?” Seems simple, but oh so true.

“You got to have a dream!

If you don’t have a dream,

how you gonna have a dream come true?”

~Oscar Hammerstein (lyrics from the South Pacific musical)

Bats have dreams. Err, well, in a sense. They certainly have a desire. A big part of bat meaning deals with focus. Bats desire and focus on tasty bits. Insects. One bat can eat thousands of bugs in one night! Gobbling up all those buggy bugs isn’t as easy as opening wide and down the hatch. Nope. Bats have an impressive system of obtaining their desire. It’s called echolocation.

Because bats hunt at night, it’s potentially tricky to pick off all those tasty bugs.They’ve overcome darkness by sending out sound waves. A bat’s sound wave hits an insect. That sound wave returns to the bat. This leads the bat to its desire (insect). Essentially, the bat hones in on what it wants.

This is a parallel to how humans can utilize LOA. Like bats, we’ve got to hone in on our desire. If we want something, we must be committed and confident in knowing we are equipped to get it. The metaphor is this: Overcome the darkness of the mind. That means we are designed to move through the darkest of circumstances. Grief, ignorance, fear, doubt – these are all ‘darkness’.

But like bats, we can always locate a desire. Where there is lack, we desire abundance. Where there is loneliness, we desire companionship. You get the idea. Symbolically, bat meaning reminds us to focus on our goal/desire. It’s THERE! Even in the darkest of dark, our desire is available to us.

Law of Attraction and Bat-Talk

Another key element to utilizing law of attraction deals with talk. I’m referring to self-talk, those messages in our head. I’m also referring to real verbalization…what we speak to our co-workers, family, friends, etc.

Too often we are our own worst enemies in realizing our desires. LOA operates according to our beliefs, thoughts, actions and words. What we say to ourselves and others is essential to our failure or success. If we speak in terms of doubt, disbelief, worry, defeat…that’s precisely what we set ourselves up for. Conversely, if we talk in terms of love, success, security, confidence…these essences will be evident in our lives. What we say internally and externally is vital to our ability to transform our lives and achieve greatness.

That’s where bat meaning comes in. As mentioned, bats emit sound waves to locate what they want. What might happen if bats spewed off poor vibrations? What if their signals get wonky? What if their emissions of sound are confused, or blocked? They won’t get their desire, that’s what. Luckily, bats are divinely designed. They never speak poorly. They never express mixed signals. They know what they want. They speak out about their true aim. As a result, they get what they want.

It’s the same for us humans. Speak the truth regarding what you want. Open a healthy dialogue about your desire, why you are worthy of having it, how wonderful it is. Recognize the words you use in relation to what you want. Realize your words either make, or break a manifestation. Bats keep a high pitch of positive confidence. They know they can summon their desire (dinner) when they speak. By design, humans can do the same. No joke.

Closing Thoughts on Law of Attraction and Bat Meaning

Be like a bat. Become so intimate with your desire that it is second nature. Then speak in a way that demands your desire to locate you. Identify what you want, and make a joyful noise (self-talk and verbalization) towards that end.

Thanks so much for indulging me this article. I realize it might be a little odd. Bats might not be everybody’s favorite cuddly pal, but they do indeed have so much guidance to offer.

That’s what I love about Nature and Her inhabitants. Nature is a remarkably brilliant mirror of how to live our own lives. Believe. Trust. Advance into your best position to insure your survival and success. Pretty simple, but Nature reveals these truths with such vibrancy and elegance.

As always, thanks for reading. If you liked this article, don’t miss my thoughts on Law of Attraction and Butterfly Meaning. I’ve written more about LOA and how it is mimicked by animal behavior. Check out the end of this page for links to those LOA articles.

May all your attractions be beautifully batty,


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law of attraction and bat meanings

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