Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Year of the Ox

Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and the Year of the Ox

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About the Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign and the Chinese Year of the Ox

Exploring ox Chinese zodiac sign meanings: This Chinese zodiac animal is all about industry. The theme is hard work, progress, and planning. If you think about it – this makes sense. The powerful ox has been utilized for centuries by man to build, plant, grow and carve out a better life.  The Ox is also about acceptance. People with this sign have an extraordinary ability to “bite their tongues”, “grit their teeth” and just keep a stiff upper lip. This is often because they can be stubborn, and they know they can patiently outlast any lifespan of problem or conflict.

But more than being able to overlook (or at least stoically endure) irritants, the sign of the Ox is a great grace-giver The Ox is a conservative sign. Very sensible.  The Ox sign can be incredibly patient. You’ll find you have the wherewithal to obtain your goals as well as the patience to deal with conflict in the year of the Ox.

Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Year of the Ox
Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Year of the Ox

Some things to look out for: Because the Ox sign is such a hard worker, there may be a propensity to take this to the extreme. You know what they say…”all work and no play makes for dull, dull, dull!” Not only that – it makes for a fast burn-out. Don’t burn your candles at both ends. Take time to appreciate the pleasures of life – but do so with moderation. Keep on track with your goals – keep plodding – but stop to smell the roses occasionally.

The Ox can also be quite set-in-its-ways. Possessive too. It has to do with creature-comforts. Ox signs (like the Taurus in Western astrology) loves to robe themselves in comfy, homey environments. So much so, there’s a tendency to get complacent. Be aware there is a potential to get wedged into a comfort zone. Once wedged, that stubborn Ox energy can keep you in a crack for the whole year. Granted, you may be comfortable – but your growth will be stunted, which will leave you behind in progress for what awaits you in the year of the Tiger (next year). 

Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Year of the Ox
Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Year of the Ox

 Mythology and Legends About the Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign

Overwhelmingly, Chinese myths feature the ox a creature to be respected and honored.  In ancient legends, the ox was huge in helping humans and so it was loved a beast that assisted people with farming the land, and aided in building structures.  As such, eating the meat of an ox was highly frowned upon. This might also have been a consequence of Buddhism introduced into China). At any rate, the ox is represented as a helper to the people, so the slaughter or consumption of the ox was a big no-no.

The ox also holds a commanding place in Chinese mythology as a creature of strength and power.  It is revered for strength that far exceeds mortal men.  Also, the ox is honored during certain Chinese ceremonies during the beginning of spring. This is due to the fact that oxen were used to till fields and render soil fit for new crops. 

The ox is honored as a creature that gives life and support.  As a parallel, the Ox Chinese zodiac sign is also seen as a supporter and strong guide as far as this sign’s personality type goes.

Chinese Year Of The Ox
Chinese Year Of The Ox

Sign of Ox in the Chinese Year of the Ox

The year of the Ox will present opportunities for expansion in business and potential for increased wealth. This is done through methodical plodding and patiently moving through the motions to reach personal/global goals.

The year of the Ox is a time of forgiveness and “turning the other cheek.” This is a time to bury the hatchet, and release old hang-ups. Even if the Ox isn’t your sign, you can take advantage of the qualities of mercy within the year of the Ox. Use this time to forgive, forget, live and let live.

As a result, the year of the Ox encourages thriftiness, tact and practicality. Excesses and indulgences should be minimized within this year. Consider this a “nose to the grindstone” year. Eliminate superfluous, unnecessary fluff – it’s just going to get in the way of your progress. Instead, get practical and get to work on making your dreams a reality.

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