druid signs and celtic astrology

Druid Signs Part One

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Druid Signs According to the Celtic Lunar Calendar
Part One: The Intro

Druid Signs According to the Celtic Lunar Calendar: I’m always fascinated by the similarities shared by different cultures. From Celtic to Mayan, Chinese to Native American…every civilization keeps tabs on the sun, moon, stars, etc. It says a lot about the profound influence the celestial heavens have on us earth-dwellers. In fact, the movements of the heavens are so intense, our ancestors attributed massive meanings to the cosmic characters who dance in the skies.

Yep. Ancient zodiac/astrological systems were established as a way to create meaning. It was important to our early people to bring the skies down on their level as a means of understanding how the universe works.

I really dig that. I’m always ciphering how stuff works, always assigning deeper meaning to just about everything. It’s human nature to do this. Why? It has to do with making sense of life. Let’s face it. It’s a kooky-crazy world, full of unknowns and mysteries. Essentially, one way to get a handle on the grey areas of life is to study and/or create a cracker-jack astrological system.

Druid signs and Druid Celtic astrology meaning
Druid signs and Druid Celtic astrology meaning

“Celtic is a magic bag, into which anything may be put

and out of which almost anything may come.”

~J.R.R. Tolkien

By linking celestial bodies to earthly and humanly behaviors – we start to get a grip, gain some control, and make sense of our world. The Celts knew this. They held a reverence for all life – seen and unseen. So much so, the Celts developed an intricate system of celestial wisdom. Very cool. What’s even cooler is the Celts married moon movement with their sacred Ogham.

The Celtic Ogham is a super-keen language of trees. The Druids were hyper-observant of trees and their relationship with the moon. Over time, Druid signs were developed according to the tree and full moon within a month. Basically, Druids created a mash-up of meanings between trees, moons and mankind. Pretty clever, I’d say.

What Druid Moon Signs Can Reveal

This dovetailing of moon, human and arboreal goodness to create monthly Druid signs was very helpful in tracking down vital stuff like…

♦  Weather predictions

♦  Estimates in animal populations

♦  Personality traits and behavioral cues

♦  Guidelines insuring best crops for the season

♦  Even portents of war and peace within the clans

Lunar Druid Signs Can be Very Revealing into Personality Traits and the Energetic Condition of Our Environment

I’d say a system that makes these kinds of connections with a startlingly accurate predictive power is pretty freaking awesome.

It’s a nod to the savvy-sensitivity of the Druids and the in-depth way of life of the Celts.

Speaking of getting in-depth…the Druids didn’t go about assigning Ogham trees to full moons willy nilly. No way!

Did you know a Druid couldn’t even BE a Druid until undergoing at least 20 years of intense training!? Yep. Can you imagine? I mean…in our modern world, it takes around 11 years of college training to become a doctor!!

My point is this: Druids were super-serious about the business of submerging themselves in the sacred wisdom of the universe. Druid signs are derived from mega-mammoth commitment to study, meditation and observation of the movements of all life – above and below terra firma.

So how do these Druid signs work? For us, the end-users of this fabulous astrological system, it’s pretty simple. We are the receivers of ancient wisdom. The Druids did all the work by scrutinizing over Nature’s movements. Druid masters observed correspondences and tested theories until this form of Celtic astrology ran as smoothly as a fine-tuned, cherry ’57 Chevy.

druid signs and celtic astrology
Druid signs and Celtic astrology

Basically, it works like this: Druid signs are based on the Celtic lunar calendar. That means the Druids took measurements of the moon’s rotation around the earth within a year. Within each month, there is at least one full moon. These full moons were matched with corresponding power-trees in the Celtic Ogham system.

How did the Druids know which trees to match with each full moon? Well, consider this: The Celtic way of thought was all about the energetic communication of life. Not just any life communication…ALL life. They knew that everything grows, lives, breathes, moves and speaks in a unique way. Speaks? Yeah, Druids were savvy in Nature-talk. They could hear with their spirit-ears, and what they heard was a specialized language of trees…..powerful and packed with timeless wisdom.

In listening into the party-line of trees, Druids were able to match them up with their perfect lunar partners. From there, Druids started to match the behavior of monthly moons and trees with human behavior. They realized, for example, a person born between December 24th and January 20th had specific personality propensities corresponding with a designated tree and full moon within that time frame. So that’s the low-down on Druid signs according to the Celtic lunar calendar.

Still interested?  Check out all Druid signs according to lunar year, Ogham tree and explore your personality traits through a Celtic view. I hope you find this as enlightening as I did while researching and writing it.

If you find this concept of Celtic astrology as fascinating as I do, please click on this link: Druid Signs Part Two. There you will find 13 Druid Signs and personality traits for each full moon sign. It’s pretty interesting, and I think you will really enjoy the insights in the article.

As always, thanks so much for reading. May all your symbolic and astrological explorations be plentiful and positive!

Post Script:
It’s important to note these are moon signs. So what’s the big deal? Well, it is a big deal, because moon signs tend to address our alternate personality traits. Why? Think on it…the moon itself is all about shadow, mystery and what is hidden. Traits that fall under the full moon are likely latent and subtle within us. It has to do with the symbolic way the moon expresses herself. Lady Luna only has the ability to shine brightest when light is exposed upon her. Same holds true for moon sign personalities. It’s not until we ourselves or others shine light on our deepest depths that those lovely traits are exposed.

Brightest of bright,


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