symbolic moon facts and moon meanings

Symbolic Moon Facts

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Illuminating and Symbolic Moon Facts: This page on symbolic moon facts is devoted to the various illuminating qualities of the moon from a philosophical/metaphysical perspective. Throughout nature, we find a cavalcade of energetic counterparts: Light/Dark, Male/Female, Increase/Decrease, etc., and the moon takes her place in the balance as the counterpart to the sun.

Moon Meanings and Moon Symbolism

The sun is symbolic of the fraternal (male, yang) aspect of guidance; and so logically the moon stoically stands as the maternal (female or yin) influence. This gender association is a generalization, and (as with most symbolic meanings) there are departures. Moon symbolism in Native American tribes (Navajo, Eskimo, Pueblo come to mind), along with African, Japanese, Maori, Teutonic, Oceania, and Sumerian-Semitic groups refer to the moon as a masculine force.

More intriguing than gender, is the means by which the moon wields her force and influence. She is considered a luminary, but she produces no light of her own accord. She is reliant upon the sun’s light to reflect (mirror) her image to our earthly eyes.

This method of projecting light makes the moon a symbol of subtlety. Clarity, reflection, and indirect deduction are gained by passive means. Where the sun will boldly bear down its blaze upon a given philosophical subject – the moon softly enfolds our attention – illumining our psyche in a gossamer glow that is more open to esoteric impressions.

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“Ignorance is the night of the mind.
It is a night without a moon by which to clearly see.”

Symbolic Moon Meanings

Keywords to Symbolic Moon Meanings

Some key words relating to symbolic moon facts include…

  • Time
  • Cycles
  • Psyche
  • Wonder
  • Shadow
  • Balance
  • Renewal
  • Mystery
  • Emotion
  • Intuition
  • Passivity
  • Influence
  • Fertility
  • Transition
  • Femininity
  • Perception
  • Progression
  • Receptivity
  • Illumination

“The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished.”

~Ming-Dao Deng
Symbolic moon facts

Moon in Astrology

Astrologically speaking the moon is ruler of the sign of Cancer and governs the realm of intuitive thinking as well as emotions. The moon is a symbolic soul mate to water, and shares this affinity with Cancer as we learn Cancer’s foundational element is water.

Moon and Animal Associations

In animal symbolism, the moon shares an association with water and her influence over the tides.

The moon is a divine matron of all sea creatures – specifically those with shell coverings.

Her domain doesn’t stop at the sea however, because the moon is also the queen of the night, her kingdom includes all nocturnal creatures too. But as with everything else in symbolism, this is not an exclusive rule. The moon’s connection with animals will vary according to culture, myth, era, etc. For example, the horse possesses lunar symbolism in Celtic mythology (Celtic goddess Epona), yet equines are solar figures in many Native American tribes.

Here are just a few lunar animals that dance to the rhythmic pull of the moon…

Common Animals Connected with Symbolic Moon Meanings

symbolic moon fact, symbolic moon meaning

Moon and Alchemy

The symbolic moon facts can be found in alchemical teachings wherein the moon is a facet of silver. In the ever-parabolic perspective of the practicing alchemist, we know silver is symbolic of clarity, purity, and brilliance. Silver is one of the three foundational metals of the Prima Materia and so the silver-personified moon is prominently placed upon the triune throne of transformation.

Moon in Mythology

Goddesses associated with lunar energy are often defenders of children and are immortal matrons of childbirth.

More symbolic moon facts are derived from myth, lore and culture as we see lunar associations tied with deities and cyclical events in human collective consciousness.

Aligning the moon with mythological personalities is a way of humanizing…a way of personalizing hefty, obtuse lunar concepts.

To wit, the moon is associated with symbolic archetypes in ancient deities (gods and goddesses). Here are just a few cultural gods and goddesses who have strong connections with the moon.

As mentioned, the moon is almost exclusively affiliated with female energy. As such, goddesses are featured more with the moon than gods. There are exceptions, however, as you will see below.

symbolic moon facts and goddess and gods
Symbolic moon facts and goddess and gods

Archetypal Moon Meanings and Deities Associated With The Moon

♦ Artemis:
Greek hunter goddess whose personality highlights include chastity, protection, advancement, midwifery and childbirth.

♦ Diana:
Also a huntress archetype, and woodland goddess of the Romans; she is protector of women and animals. Also a symbol of female power and independence.

♦ Hecate:
Adopted Greek goddess specializing in magic, birth, cycles, purification, crossroads and second (otherworldly) sight. Also a protective goddess of the home. She is a skilled keeper of secrets.

♦ Thoth:
Egyptian god (note male attribution) of the moon having connections with magic, wisdom, writing, and hidden meanings (associated with Hermes in Greek myth, who interestingly, like Hecate is a figurehead of crossroads too).

♦ Virgin Mary:
Christian symbolism features her with the new moon where she resonates with the concepts of purity, peace, illumination, and perfection.

♦ Kuan Yin:
Chinese goddess of purity, grace, kindness, selflessness and benevolence. She is believed to be a matron of childbirth, and is called upon for aid in conception as well as healing. She also protects transitioning souls and travelers.

These are just a few amidst a global pantheon of symbolic archetypes that embody the illumined movements of the moon.

We gain more symbolic moon facts by delving into the language of the Tarot where the lunar energies are represented in the Moon card of the Major Arcana.

moon facts moon phase meanings

As if the moon itself isn’t cram-packed with celestial symbolism…the moon’s motions are equally meaningful. The following illuminates moon phases are their respective symbolism.

Symbolism of Moon Phases

The phases of the moon serve as another glimpse into her intricate meanings.

♦ Waning Moon:
Symbolic of letting go, surrender, release, quiet time, contemplation, and a time of incubation.

♦ New Moons:
Symbolic of new beginnings, a fresh start, rebirth

♦ Waxing Moon:
Symbolic of growth, manifestation, attainment, gravidity (heavy with child – both philosophical and literal).

♦ Full Moon:
Symbolic of the height of power, the peak of clarity, fullness and obtainment of desire.

Avia’s Video on Moon Phase Meanings

“There is a side of the Moon which we never see, but that hidden half is as potent a factor in causing the ebb and flow of the Earth’s tide as the part of the Moon which is visible. “

~Max Heindel

Native Moon Symbolism

The nature-wise, and cosmically conscious Native American Indians recognized power of full moonsto the extent they framed each month’s fullness with a contextual attribute. Meaning, they recognized the full moon in each month as having a specific (restorative, outstanding) quality. I’ve written about the Native American Full Moon names here.

Final Thoughts on Symbolic Moon Facts

I hope you have enjoyed this summary of observations on symbolic moon facts. I would encourage you to use this page as a jumping-off-point to launch you into broader research on your own.

Take the time to observe, quantify, research, and theorize about the moon for yourself. Connect with her many faces, and apply your findings to your own life experience. I guarantee the lunar depths you dive into will instill you with inspiration, expansion, and liberation. Oh, and if you liked this page, you may also enjoy my article on moon tattoo ideas here.

Keep up the moon momentum! Check out other pages related to symbolic moon facts, planetary symbolism and more via the links on this page. As always, thanks for reading!

Don’t miss my page on Moon Sign Personality Types.

May all your lunar encounters be illuminating.

Mighty brightly,

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