Rat Chinese zodiac meaning and Chinese new year

Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and the Year of the Rat

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Meaning of the Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign

Exploring the Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and the Chinese Year of the Rat: This Chinese zodiac animal is incredibly resourceful and adaptable. The Rat can find a way forward – no matter how many roadblocks it may encounter. The Rat also adapts to its environment with aplomb. These are great symbolic lessons we can learn in the Rat. This Rat’s biggest personal lessons are about accepting the things we cannot change, changing the things we can, and learning to know the difference.

Rat signs are quite intelligent. They have a quick wit, quick tongue, and an even quicker ability to mentally sum up a situation. They have a gift for working out ingenious solutions to the most irritating problems. And they have an extraordinary way of multi-tasking. At any given time, the Rat can be solving the riddles of quantum physics, while making a pot of tea and telling you a joke over the phone. As an aside…I am not one of these kinds of Rats…oh how I wish I were! I’m more like a Templeton in Charlotte’s Web…bumbling about carnivals looking for tasty bits of food. :)~

Rat Chinese zodiac sign meaning and Chinese new year
Rat Chinese zodiac meaning and Chinese new year

Some things to look out for: Being overly shrewd and/or cynical. Even though the Rat can be adventurous and have a zeal for exploration – they can be very critical. This is a character trait of which to be aware. Don’t let negativity cloud your vision in the year of the Rat. Rather, keep to that opportunistic attitude the Rat is known for. It should be interesting the yin/yang energy with the rat Chinese zodiac sign.  The rat is bestowed with tremendous assets…but these very same attributes are found in the deficit column.  This speaks to wrangling balance with your rat life.  If one aspect of the rat personality tips the scale, then distortion takes place.  For example, being clever, imaginative and alert are fine qualities. However, if not kept in check, the balance can lead to extremes in terms of being hysterical, cynical or even paranoid. In terms of being resourceful, the rat can lean too far into this realm and even become an extreme hoarder. 

Another thing to watch out for is hoarding. There’s a reason for the term “pack-rat”. I challenge you to do a massive spring cleaning during the year of the Rat. I mean…a major overhaul. This counteracts unhealthy, cloistered, clingy energy. Doing a clearing on your environment during the year of the Rat is a great way to thwart the habit of getting into negative ruts.

Keep in mind, this hoarding tendency isn’t necessarily confined to your physical environment. It could mean hoarding grudges. Take an internal inventory. If you sense you have a bunch of pent-up emotions that aren’t serving you, the year of the Rat is a great time to cleanse and release all that bad juju. 

Rat Chinese zodiac sign meaning and Chinese new year
Rat Chinese zodiac meaning and Chinese new year

Mythology and Legends About the Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Rat is the first sign in the procession of the Chinese zodiac.  Legend explains why the Rat got first ranking.  As the story goes, the Rat (being very ambitious and innovative) wanted to be tippity top of the list of zodiac signs. However, the sign of the Ox was slated to be the first.

Never one to play second-fiddle, the Rat stealthily hopped on the top of the Ox’s back and snuck through unnoticed when all the zodiac animals lined-up for their order.  When appointments were doled out, the Rat jumped off the back of the Ox and scampered to the first of the line. That Rat attitude shows up in the personality of this sign too.  Gotta be me, gotta be at the center of it all, wanna be first to experience it all!

The Rat Chinese zodiac sign is associated with acquisition, money, and gathering resources. Myths about the Rat observe how this creature scrambles up bits and pieces in order to make its life easier. This has given it a reputation in China as an unsinkable personality who is capable of surviving and thriving even in the leanest of times.

Chinese Year Of The Rat
Chinese Year Of The Rat

Sign of Rat in the Chinese New Year of the Rat:

The year of the Rat is all about discovery and exploration. Just as the rat is inquisitive and curious – so too will this year present a slew of nooks and crannies to investigate. This year, expect surprises and new opportunities for personal development. When a chance for growth comes your way – be sure to embrace it – even if it may seem scary. Denying the challenge to change or develop will lead to irritability and anti-social behavior.

The year of the Rat is also a time of creativity, ingenuity, and “thinking outside the box”. This is a great time to start a new artistic project or learn a new craft. This can range from music, painting, poetry – the sky is the limit. The Rat is symbolic of agility of mind. This means the year of the Rat is saturated with cartwheels of creative potential.

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