How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs

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About How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs: The moon is constantly on the move.  We can follow the moon and its motion through the zodiac with a goal to feel the personality of each phase. If we consider the zodiac as a circular template (like a wheel), we can get a visual of the moon making its rounds through each of the 12 sections of this zodiac wheel. The moon influences zodiac signs in various ways depending upon your own natal chart, moon phases, and more.

How the Moon Moves Through the Zodiac

The moon makes a full rotation around the earth in 28 days. During this orbit, the moon travels through the twelve zodiac signs. It will stay in each sign for about two or two and a half days.  When the moon is “living” in a zodiac for that time, it poses deep stirring and unique sensations.  If you’ve even questioned “What the heck is going on?” when things get crazy, it might be the moon influences on zodiac signs that are shaking things up.

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs

About Moon Influence, Symbolism and Personality

Lady Luna is a marvelous, magical celestial feature that has the ability to transform our oceans, affect our mood and animal behavior and even influences our weather.  On a symbolic level, the moon is a subtle figure in the heavens.

While the sun is kind of “in your face” attitude, the moon is a more surreptitious power in our lives.  It stirs up stuff that isn’t so obvious, and it impacts ephemeral delights such as dreams, intuition and elusive perceptions.  If you think about it, the moon makes no light of her own. It shines in the night sky because the sun exposes its beauty to our eyes. In this way of thinking, the moon is symbolic of shadow, secrets and hidden wisdom.  So, as you are exploring how the moon influences zodiac signs, keep these symbolic meanings about the moon in mind.

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How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
About How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs

Why Tracking the Moon Through the Zodiac is a Good Idea

Following the moon through each of the zodiac signs is a great way to get in tune with various emotions, sensations and even improve intuition. It’s a fleeting mood that you can follow to help you plan your days, weeks, etc. Furthermore, tracking the moon phases along with its astrological transits (which sign the moon is in) can be a great way to prepare you for certain events, activities or special days.  For example, if the moon is in the sign of Aries, it’s a great time to start something new (see more zodiac sign meanings under the moon’s influence below).  

A good ephemeris can guide you through the path of the moon, letting you know within which astrological sign its moving. I also recommend keeping a moon journal or diary in which you can record your moods or experiences as they relate to how the moon influences zodiac signs in your life.  You may also want to get keep track of moon phases while consulting a moon calendar which can indicate which sign the moon is visiting on each day of the month and the current year.

Once you’ve established the course of the moon through the zodiac wheel, you can get a feel for the symbolic personalities and get a bead on how the moon influences zodiac signs. Here are a few ideas about how the moon flavors our lives depending upon which zodiac sign it is transiting through.

“The moon reigns over the world, glowing its full splendor to all those willing to look up.” ~ Irina Serban

Suggestions About How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs for Each Sign

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
The Moon in Aries


This moon blesses new projects and putting ideas into play.  If you’re starting a new business or launching on a different fitness routine, the moon in Aries is a good influence for success.  This is a passionate, energetic moon. While it bolsters new projects, it might also be fleeting, without staying power.

Stuff to Do When the Moon is in Aries

  • A great time to initiate new projects for the short-term.
  • Shake things up and dive into an adventure you’ve always wanted to try.
  • Be spontaneous or follow a hunch – this moon favors impulsive moves.

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
The Moon in Taurus


The moon cycling through Taurus zodiac sign will render focus on physical pleasures, money issues and values. It’s a time to assess trust issues, and redefine our ideas of happiness and satisfaction. It may also pose a period of inflexibility, so be patient with yourself while the moon is in this sign for its two’ish day stay.

Stuff to Do When the Moon is in Taurus

  • A good time for starting long-term projects, particularly around the home.
  • Take the day off, rest, relax and savor the simple pleasures of life.
  • Change your look, or rearrange furniture, indulge and buy something special for yourself.

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
Moon in Gemini


This moon visitation is a great time to get social and go exploring.  It blesses brainstorming, communication and travel. This moon influences zodiac signs affiliated with the air element (such as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) that highlight all kinds of movement. This could mean mental movement through communication. Or it could be physical movement like travel. What’s go to know is that exploration, expression and growth is a big deal when this moon is visiting Gemini.

Stuff to Do During Moon Time in Gemini

  • Take a trip and submerge yourself in the local culture.
  • Pay close attention to how and what you are communicating
  • Mentor someone by sharing your wisdom, you both will benefit from learning.

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
Moon in Cancer


This moon encourages focus on relationships, emotional support systems and matters of the home. You may feel unsteady or restless during this moon transit, to re-connect with things that make you feel safe, comfy and stable. This is also a great time for mending fences, forgiving and sharing emotions in a healthy way with others.

Stuff to Do When Moon Transits Cancer

  • Get more in touch with feelings, and exercise your intuition.
  • Do gardening or do something physical that makes you feel satisfied.
  • Make time to spoil loved ones, plan a fun dining date or party with friends or family

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
Moon in Leo


The time the moon spends in Leo lends itself for generous devotion to you. This is a time to toot your own horn. It’s also an auspicious time for self-reflection, self-improvement, and indulgence.  This moon favors your chances to gain the attention you deserve and it’s also a great moon for igniting your love life.

Stuff to Do With the Moon in Leo

  • Ask for a raise, go for that promotion, or seek recognition for your accomplishments.
  • Pay it forward by sharing your resources with others.
  • Do something you love, especially if it’s something you haven’t done in a long time.

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
Moon in Virgo


This moon encourages tidying up your environment as well as your personal life. These two’ish days illuminate order in how the moon influences zodiac signs such as Virgo present promise in getting things in order and defining details. This is an especially good time to clean up loose-end details that have been neglected.

Stuff to Do While the Moon Visits Virgo

  • Double-check your plan, details, and arrangements. Whether it’s travel or a board meeting, make sure all the ancillaries are covered.
  • Spend time in nature, especially around animals.
  • Take time to read that book or take that art class you’ve been wanting to check out for awhile.

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
Moon in Libra


This time of lunar influence in Libra might feel a bit chaotic, but remember it’s only for a few days. While this might be erratic energy, it’s a great time to gain focus and self-reflect.  You may feel like withdrawing for a bit during this time enjoying quiet, reflective moments alone.  While this is a good time for social fun like dinner parties with a balanced group of engaging people, be aware that these activities might incite conflict during this moon visit.

Stuff to Do When the Moon is in Libra

  • Meditate, journal, enhance personal awareness. 
  • Make a game plan for a goal. Work out the steps and make order out of lofty ideas.
  • Avoid stress, stay neutral and try to keep away from situations that may cause conflict or confrontation.

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
Moon in Scorpio


The moon influences zodiac signs when passing through Scorpio in interesting ways. It can feel like a very heavy or intense time. You may find these few days to be quite revealing. Meaning, the moon has a tendency to expose secrets and hidden truths. This is a good time for enhancing psychic perception and getting in touch with your intuitive side.

Stuff to Do When the Moon is in the Sign of Scorpio

  • Walk down memory lane. Peruse old photos, talk to family members about ancestry and your family tree.
  • Get stable and grounded by taking a nature walk, go canoeing or camping.
  • Think about attending a drum circle or a sweat lodge ceremony to tap into your inner wisdom.

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
Moon in Sagittarius


This is a great time for self-expression, getting crafty and exploring creative pursuits. These few days, while the moon is in Sagittarius, are ideal for expanding the mind as a means to get re-inspired and rejuvenating the soul.  The point to this moon influence is broadening perspectives and getting jazzed about new ways of experiencing life.

Stuff to Do While Moon Travels Through Sagittarius

  • Go traveling to expand the mind. If you can’t take a trip, consider lucid dreaming or astral travel.
  • Take a course in something that’s always intrigued you, but never got around to doing.
  • Start writing that book, or painting that portrait. Go for creative endeavors.

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
Moon in Capricorn


This is a great time to solidify plans and nail down details that win the deal.  Thoughts tend to focus on matters of responsibility, especially financial issues.  The moon influences zodiac signs like Capricorn in ways that beg for order, structure and definition.

Stuff to Do When the Moon is in Capricorn

  • Getting your affairs in order and make inroads in planning for the future.
  • Take a look at your finances, balance your checkbook, and remove needless monthly subscriptions you no longer use.
  • Start a new health routine and commit to a better, healthier lifestyle.

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
Moon in Aquarius


This is a great time to shake things up, make some changes and break away from the routine. This moon has a funny way of inspiring us and providing unique ideas we might not have thought of a few days prior when the moon was hanging out in another zodiac sign. It’s a ‘big picture’ kind of vibe that can be very exciting.

Stuff to Do While the Moon is in Aquarius

  • Get the gadgets. If you’ve been craving the latest tech doohicky, this is a good time to buy it.
  • Get to the truth. If there’s something that you’ve been curious about, do research and uncover the knowledge you seek.
  • Make some changes. Adjust your routine, and do something out of the ordinary.

How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs
Moon in Pisces


This is another great time for intuitive enhancement.  Also, touch base with your dreams and feelings during this time. You may feel protective walls crumbling during this brief time when the moon is traveling through Pisces. That’s a great time for healing, forgiveness, and focusing on things that honor who you are.

Stuff to Do When the Moon Visits Pisces

  • Follow your bliss. Devote time to projects that inspire and augment your imagination.
  • Do a cleanse. This is a good time for a detoxification of impurities both in your body and your emotions.
  • Pamper yourself with water-centric excursions such as a spa, a boat trip or a retreat to the beach.

Final Word About How the Moon Influences Zodiac Signs

The brief two to 2.5 days the moon lingers in a zodiac sign could mean big shifts in moods, thoughts, or even physical status. That’s why it’s a good idea to know what sign the moon is in, so you can be more mindful and prepared about its influence on your life. 

Also bear in mind the moon’s power will shift according to your own astrological natal chart.  Ideally, getting the details of your full birth chart while following the moon through the zodiacs can equip you in innovative ways.  I hope you find these insights helpful, and as always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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