About Being Alone and the Advantages of Silence

About Being Alone

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The Advantages of Silence and Thoughts About Being Alone: There’s a big difference between loneliness versus being alone.  I live alone, but I’m not lonely. Some people aren’t so lucky to feel content keeping their own company and appreciating silence or isolation.  I imagine that’s why Netflix and video games are so popular. Today’s world offers tons of distractions. We could fill every hour of our life with some kind of gadget or mindless diversion.  But does that alleviate the loneliness? Hmmm, methinks not. That got me thinking about being alone, what it means, and the advantages of silence. These thoughts also prompted me to think about ways we can rethink solitude, and maybe even come to savor it.

About Being Alone and the Advantages of Silence
About Being Alone and the Advantages of Silence

What is Loneliness?

The death or departure of a loved one or the inability to mingle with people who understand you can leave you feeling isolated. In fact, Webster’s dictionary describes loneliness as “being without companions.” But I think Webster had it wrong with that definition about being alone. I know a lot of people who are surrounded by tons of people and so-called friends, but they feel desperately isolated. Loneliness, therefore, is an emotional state that can be felt whether you are physically alone or not.

It’s natural to feel emptiness while longing for acceptance or love from others.  But it’s unnatural and unhealthy to become someone else for the sake of other’s approval.  Trust me on this one. Standing on your head to gain the acceptance of others just to feel less alone is a fool’s errand. Alternatively, I’m suggesting ways we can cope and even come to love loneliness and the advantages of silence and solitude instead of having to orchestrate false relationships or avoid isolation like the plague.

Rethinking Loneliness

While some people genuinely need companionship, others do not. As mentioned, I live like a hermit, and love solitude. Of course, I have my dogs and speak on the phone every day to my closest friend, as well as enjoy the occasional company of family who lives nearby. But 90% of the time, I opt to stay in, working, reading, writing, meditating, and generally living a simple yet contented life day after day.

For me, it’s healing. Living alone has given me the ability to think, process, and grow. Distractions are gone and I’m able to focus on improving my websites, my writing, and doing good work. I have a few hobbies I enjoy, and these keep me content as well. But I know that’s not the case for everybody.   

About Being Alone and the Advantages of Silence
About Being Alone and the Advantages of Silence

Resisting Distractions in Coping With Loneliness

Today offers endless opportunities for distractions. While it may be tempting to fill the emptiness or silence with fluffy stuff, we’ve got to look at why we would do so – or maybe rethink our idea about loneliness versus being alone.  We turn to may turn to diversions as a means of escaping boredom or idleness. Or more likely we might try to avoid feelings of loneliness altogether. The fact is, solitude doesn’t have to be crippling or alienating.

All this to say, there’s no reason being alone or being submerged in silence should be off-putting.  Sure, it might be unfamiliar at first if you’re used to people around or the TV blaring all the time – but alone time and silence can become a special friend, extremely calming, and helpful in the journey of self-awareness.  

Advantages of Silence for Personal Growth

I read a book called Silent Power by Stuart Wilde. It’s a teeny tiny book, but as with most things in small packages, it packed a powerful punch, and I highly recommend it.  Wilde talks about a silent power that resides within each of us, and that force can be tapped for insight, enhanced intuition, and personal growth.  The funny thing is, in order to access that silent power, we ourselves must become silent – and that often requires us to be alone and free from distractions.

You may be familiar with The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle – another grand book for getting still, embracing silence, and diving into infinite, sacred wisdom from within. Both of these books encourage the importance of being present and savoring silence for self-improvement. These mindfulness practices entail living with ourselves, being okay with being alone, and accepting ourselves unconditionally.

Silence is an incredible thing – it shows us how to listen deeply and pay attention more acutely. And it’s only when we are alone and profoundly mindful that we can step into a space of peace that is revolutionary for the mind, body, and soul. Ultimately, quiet moments in a mindful solitude assist in making decisions, gaining clarity, and enhances inner knowing as well as deepens trust in intuition.

About Being Alone and the Advantages of Silence
About Being Alone and the Advantages of Silence

Benefits of Being Alone and Living in Solitude

I’ve mentioned a bunch of benefits about being alone.  Personally, I find a solo existence to be a truly gratifying lifestyle.  Perhaps being alone or living with silence is utterly foreign (or even abhorrent) for you. If so, here are a few tips and benefits that might be helpful on your solo journey.

Less Stuffing, More Satisfaction: The moment we put away the screens (phones, TVs, videos, laptops, etc), the less we are distracted. And the fewer distractions we have, the more our soul gains strength. Centering ourselves in the moment and reducing diversions, unifies our true self which is miraculously healing and calming.

Stillness Improves Intuition: As mentioned, having quiet time alone is an excellent way to boost intuition. It’s also a great way to crank up the volume on your inner voice. This, in turn, allows you to hear deeper wisdom more clearly. Meditation is a great way to do this – but if you’re not into meditation, that’s okay.  Reading a book, spending time in Nature, tending to houseplants, loving on your dogs or cats, taking a nap, enjoying a hobby – these are all opportunities to be mindful. These and other activities are active meditations and have remarkable healing powers for the mind, body, and soul.

Serenity Through Solitude:  I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes solitude can get a wee bit maddening.  Heck, we all got a bellyful of isolation with the whole coronavirus mess.  However, whether by choice or by edict, solitude is a gateway for serenity – if approached thoughtfully and purposefully.  If you think of silence and solitude as a living entity, give it a hug, love it, embrace it, listen to it. When you do, you will see you are giving yourself a hug. Solitude is one of the best ways to discover self-love, which can lead to intense serenity and inner peace.

Last Word About Being Alone and Advantages of Silence

Whether you subscribe to living alone and savoring silence, or rail against the idea – the fact remains, a quieter, simpler, distraction-free life has huge benefits.  Adopting this lifestyle may feel uncomfortable at first, but everything new tends to feel awkward in the beginning.  With time, consciously practicing alone-time in silence will become more familiar. And you may find you prefer your company more than anything else. I hope these thoughts about the advantages of silence and being alone offers solace and inspiration. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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