What is AstroDreamwork?

What is AstroDreamwork?

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If you’re avid about interpreting dreams, you might be looking for different ways to find meaning behind these ephemeral scenes.  If that’s the case, you may also be asking, “What is AstroDreamwork?”  Read further about insights into this fascinating tool for understanding and interpreting dreams.

Do We Know What Dreams Are?

There is a large element of mystery surrounding what dreams actually represent to humans. There is no certain answer to date. However, what we do know with certainty is that dreams are a phenomenon that occurs to absolutely every person on this planet (as well as other animals) regardless of sex, ethnicity, age or any other possible influential factor. Dreams are an amazing phenomenon that absolutely everyone gets to experience.

What Happens When We Dream?

What is AstroDreamwork?
What is AstroDreamwork?

There are many theories about what is occurring when you dream. Some common theories are as follows;

  • Making the conscious aware of our unconscious wishes and desires
  • A method for the body to process information gathered during the day
  • Mother nature’s natural psychotherapy for us
  • Space for interaction with the divine

Although it’s not exactly explicit what dreams are, almost all major theories agree that dreams offer us some form of access into our psyche and self-awareness. They offer amazing, magical opportunities of wisdom bestowed upon us during our moments of rest or sleeping.

Sometimes messages in dreams can be overtly obvious.  However, sometimes they leave us feeling baffled.  We may wonder about what on earth the dream we had means from the apparent random imagery we find throughout it.

This is where we can use AstroDreamwork to better interpret what is actually going on in the bewildering imagery, feelings and visuals we experience.

What is AstroDreamwork?

“AstroDreamwork? You’ve lost me, please explain.”

Gladly! AstroDreamwork sheds light on what is occurring in your dreams with the use of elements in astrology.

It is essentially a mix of astrology and dream analysis. This can give you a fantastic opportunity to clarify what the perceived random symbols in your dream could be trying to alert you about.

According to astrology, fundamentally, elements are what dictate how you compose yourself in life and what affects your temperament throughout the day. The elements are broken up into the four main categories;

  • Fire Signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius)
  • Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)
  • Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)
  • Earth Signs (Tarus, Virgo and Capricorn)

Simply put, AstroDreamwork correlates the symbology of what is happening in your dream to the elements found within astrology and linking it back to your star sign.

For instance, if there was a lot of negative violent imagery throughout your dream, it may be an indication that some lower elemental aspects could be presenting themselves in your life. It may also indicate that you are currently in a situation that is not in your best interest.

Simply put, AstroDreamwork correlates the symbology of what is happening in your dream to the elements found within astrology and links it back to your star sign.

Top Tip: Make sure to pay close attention to any dreams that arise during a new moon. This is because new moons are known to present themselves in times of new beginnings.

Your dreams could be hinting at certain seeds of growth you could plant during this time. Pay heed to what messages are unfolding and set your intentions in accordance with the astrological advice you derive from your AstroDreamwork conclusions.

Interpreting Astrological Elements of a Dream

Now that we have a good understanding of what dreams, astrology and AstroDreamwork are, let us uncover how to spell out the mystical imagery and visuals we receive when we visit the dream world.

We must admit, figuring out what element the symbology or sensations we gather from our dreams actually falls under can be quite challenging at times. Luckily, we have broken down some key attributes that come with each element in dreams for you to follow below. It should make uncovering the AstroDreamwork messages in your dreams a cinch.


AstroDreamwork - Water Element
AstroDreamwork – Water Element

When water pleasantly shows up flowing in your dreams such as in swimming pools, when you’re drinking beverages you enjoy or if you are gliding down some beautiful waves surfing and you associate it with good sensations, this is a strong positive water sign indicator within your dream. Keep flowing with life.

Alternatively, if you see volatile, stressful water such as hurricanes, broken water pipes dripping, imagery of drowning, and so forth, it can be a symbol of a water sign warning you of rough patches ahead. You may be resisting the flow of life energies from fear of letting go. It can also mean you are holding onto old aspects of yourself in life they do not serve you any more yet you might be rigidly attached to.

Also bear in mind that the water element (and water signs in astrology) tend to deal with issues like: Emotion, healing, cleansing and purification.  This element is about “going with the flow” and rolling with emotions.  When you consider your astrology sign and the water element, observe how the water in your dream is behaving.  This will clue you in as to whether your dream meaning is about emotional turmoil, or is sending you a message about healing or purifying emotions.


AstroDreamwork - Fire Element
AstroDreamwork – Fire Element

Moving onward from the flowing nature of water signs to the sparky exuberance of the fire element. Fire signs are associated with things that elevate temperature or have pure energy behind them. If there is imagery that overtly symbolizes raising the temperature in your dream or even metaphorically creates warm feelings within your dream, this is a strong indication you are on your right path to explosive excitement.

Pure trust in your inner spirit is in motion without over intellectualization getting in the way. This is a fantastic sign to see in your dream, if you see this positive message from a fire element, keep going on the path you are on.

On the other hand, if there is any imagery or feeling that evokes a disturbing amount of change in temperature or energy this could be a fire sign indicating caution or a need for concern.

Fire that is destructive incorporates hellfire-type imagery. If your dream fire burns and chars this may be an example of a fire sign sending you warnings. You may be placing self-destructive habits, negative people or dysfunctional situations in your life. It may indicate burning any progress you have made.


AstroDreamwork - Air Element
AstroDreamwork – Air Element

Air signs are known for being playfully light and gleeful. They demonstrate those qualities when inviting good news to you in your dreams. Think along the lines of balloons effortlessly gliding along the sky. Air signs in dreams are a fresh summer breeze tickling your skin or floating discussions with other people.

These are all positive air signs that could be interpreted from a dream. You are elevating in all aspects of life when you see this in your dream. Don’t forget gratitude for getting to this point, life is rewarding you, deservedly so.

Alternatively, air signs can become demonstrably frightening when giving you warning messages. If you experience uncontrollable gusts or heavy stormy winds in your dreams this is a sure sign of an air element letting you know something isn’t quite right.

Perhaps you are blowing off course like an aimless ship that proceeds along the path any next gust that comes along takes it. Rethink what your course is in life. Are there people or situations pulling you away from this? Are your actions abiding and serving this course?


AstroDreamwork - Earth Element
AstroDreamwork – Earth Element

Earth signs like to present themselves as images related to nature such as animals, trees, flowers and so forth. They are also recorded as showing up as anything that you may plant seeds in such as containers, soil or pottery.

When the imagery demonstrates freedom and oneness with the world, it is an affirmation. It implies you are taking the correct actions in life and to stay on this trajectory. Common positive earth sign visuals that people tend to experience in their dreams include running through wonderfully enchanting forests or encountering and interacting with different playful animals.

You will know when the earth sign is cautioning you if it feels like the weight of the entire world is atop your shoulders. Extreme pressure and heaviness with disturbed resonance are often felt.

For example, if the imagery in your dream is you trapped under a pile of rubble or if there are walls surrounding you it is time to take a minute for yourself. You are taking on too much in life. Pause and go back to nature where very few of the unnecessary burdens of daily life reside. Release that overwhelming pressure.

Why Not Give AstroDreamwork a Try?

Now that you have read this far and have a good understanding of deciphering dreams with AstroDreamwork, why not give yourself an introspective treat? Try it out for yourself the next time you recall having a dream.

All you need is a pen and some paper. Journal absolutely every facet of information you can recollect about what occurred in the dream. Once you do that, see what elements you can pick out and how they relate back to you. Good luck!

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Author’s Bio: Hi! I am Brandon Hall. Writer and content creator for Paranormal Authority, specializing in phenomena that is sometimes beyond normal scientific understanding. My mission is to help guide people seeking answers in a positive and enlightening way.

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