Symbolic New Moon Meaning

New Moon Meaning and Stuff to Do

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Exploring New Moon Meaning and Things to Do During the New Moon

Every phase of the moon has a special, symbolic meaning and offers grand opportunities to tap into energetic momentum. The new moon meaning speaks to us of total potential, new beginnings, and a vastness of opportunity that is unfathomable. Our ancestors knew this, and we know it too, on various levels.

The new moon reminds us of the void, the gaping space that is nothingness…that’s full-on, total potential because nothing is yet determined with the new moon. Opportunity lays in wait until we marry our intentions with the light and watch potential manifest into reality (during the waxing moon when development occurs and the full moon signifies the full manifestation).

Symbolic New Moon Meaning Keywords

  • The first step.
  • Another beginning.
  • A new revolution.
  • Total potential.
  • New opportunity.
  • Total purity & purification.
  • Starting over & forgiveness.

With so much change going on in our lives, yet another new beginning can seem overwhelming (particularly on a cosmic level which will compound our mundane levels of change).

What’s more, a sense of empty-ness tends to prompt one to start finding stuff to fill the void. Consider that sentence – it’s vague, but astounding in its implications.

Is this true for you? If a sense of empty-ness is detected, do you go about trying to “remedy” it by filling the void? Sometimes I do. My Western socialized mind scrambles to fill up – not empty out.

So, when encountering the newness proffered by her highness the new moon, I sometimes find myself anxious and edgy – scrambling around trying to do, do, do, (gathering up, filling up, plugging the holes) instead of be, be, be.

Whether we’re filling the void with thoughts or things, there’s a time to cease the stuffing.  This is that time. Simply being is what the new moon, in her infinite wisdom, invites us to do.

Symbolic New Moon Meaning
Symbolic New Moon Meaning

The New Moon Encourages Us to…

  • Just be.
  • Stop stuffing.
  • Swim in the void.
  • Settle in the emptiness (resisting the urge to fill it).
  • Relish beginnings for what they are: Fresh opportunity & potential.

“The moon does not fight. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course and gently influences. The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished.”

~ Deng Ming-Dao

Things to Do During the New Moon

Because the new moon is about new beginnings, this is a great time to start new moon intentions, projects, quit bad habits, etc. Here are a few ideas about what to do during the new moon…

Start Something New:

Have you been thinking of starting a new business? Tinkering with writing a book? Because the new moon meaning is about fresh starts, this is a perfect time to start a new project. It’s also a good time to set new intentions, goals, affirmations…establish your dreams upon the new moon, and make a commitment to do at least one thing towards achieving that dream every day after the new moon.  The waxing energy as the full moon approaches will help the seeds of intention you planted at the new moon grow and become manifest.

Symbolic New Moon Meaning
Symbolic New Moon Meaning

Quit Something Old

If you’ve got a bad habit, the new moon is a great time to quit it.  Perhaps there are old ideas or inner voices that no longer serve you, this is the time to set an intention to drop these unnecessary thoughts.  You can reinforce this by cleaning up your home or office area. Cleaning and clearing is a physical act that supports the mental act of cleaning up our bad thoughts, bad habits, or crummy emotions.

Start Over:

If something in your life has stalled for whatever reason, the new moon provides excellent energy that supports starting over. Whether it’s a failed diet, the forgotten practice of meditation, it’s never too late to start again, and the new moon is the great launching point to do just that. This is also a good time to mend fences with friends, family co-workers that have gone dormant. This might require forgiveness if a relationship was severed due to misunderstandings or arguments. That’s okay too because the new moon meaning is all about ‘tabula rasa’ – a clean slate, so forgiveness is encouraged during this special moon phase.

Symbolic New Moon Meaning
Symbolic New Moon Meaning

Closing Thoughts About the New Moon Meaning

I hope these ideas for what to do during the new moon, and new moon meaning help you take advantage of all Lady Luna has to offer during this time of total opportunity.  However you choose to harness the power of the new moon, I am sending you all good vibes and best wishes! As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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