celtic meaning vine meaning in the ogham

Celtic Meaning Vine

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Celtic Meaning: Vine Symbolism In The Celtic Ogham

Celtic Meaning: Vine Meaning According
to the Celtic Ogham

The Celtic meaning of the vine in druid lore is ripe with symbolism. The vine is a theme repeated over and over in Celtic art. Interconnections and winding vines are commonly seen on tapestries, writings, knot work and carvings. This indicates the symbolism of connection, eternity, and diversity (branching and expanding in new directions). Other symbolic associations of the vine in Celtic wisdom include the following:

Symbolic Celtic Meaning of the Vine

  • Regeneration
  • Continuation
  • Opportunity
  • Connection
  • Expansion
  • Fertility
  • Bounty

The druids classified anything with a woody stalk as a tree, and so therefore it is listed vines among the sacred Ogham ranks. Further, grapevines typically come to mind when discussing vines, but it was more likely the blackberry vines that captured the hearts of the ancient Celts.

In the Druid perspective, the vine earned its symbolism from its growth patterns.They recognized the vine grows opportunistically, and would dig in wherever feasible in order to gain a strong foothold to assure its own growth.

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This is a powerful metaphor of “going with the flow” or “growing where you are planted.” In other words, it is a message that when we observe the best of our environment/situation and stay in a relaxed, flowing state of mind, will likely gain our highest advantage.

“A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one.”

celtic meaning vine and vine meaning in the ogham
Celtic meaning vine and vine meaning in the Ogham

Nevertheless, in spite of the philosophical encouragement to take things as they may come, the thorns of these vines are symbolic of defending or protecting ourselves when necessary.

Lastly, the ever-watchful Celts also recognized the vine’s predominant growth formation is in the shape of a spiral. This has long been considered a sacred symbol for:

Spiral Meaning Associated with the Ogham Vine

  • Consciousness
  • Development
  • Renewal
  • Growth

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