How to Attract Love With Feng Shui

How to Attract Love with Feng Shui

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Take a look around the internet, and you’re bound to get inundated with a ton of tips on how to attract love.  From rituals to ceremonies, writing affirmations to prayer, meditations to casting spells – you get the idea.  There’s a slew of practices and methods out there, all with a goal to snag a soul mate.  With all these different ways to coax loving vibes in your life, which do you choose? The answer is completely up to you.  Whatever works with your sensibilities and feels right to you is the best way.  In the spirit of exploring different practices to lure more intimacy and connection in your life, here are a few ideas about how to attract love with feng shui.

What is Feng Shui?

In a nutshell, feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice based on a system of archaic geometry, esoteric laws and energetic vibes.  The point of practicing feng shui is to attain order, harmony and balance between you, your home or office and the cosmic energies abounding through the universe.

The first evidence of feng shui dates back to around 5000 BCE in China with the Neolithic Yangshao culture.  This early society understood that establishing order and alignment in their environment according to direction, geography and cosmic affiliations produces some pretty stellar results.

Since those early years, feng shui has really taken off, and it’s seen many different developments and advancements of the centuries.  The term feng means wind, and shui means water – so we’re dealing with “wind-water” energy when we’re practicing feng shui.  I rather like this.  Why? Because both wind and water are about flexibility, fluidity, movement and flow.  On a philosophical level, that’s what feng shui is really about.  It’s a practice of being open, getting sensitive to your environment, and going with the flow in order to create fabulous energy in your home or office.

How Does Feng Shui Work With Love?

When you’re utilizing alternative or unorthodox methods to attract love, you’ve got to get in an energetic groove.  That’s really where feng shui thrives – with vibration, attraction and energy.  In my world, I grew up with an understanding of sympathetic magic, and feng shui works similarly. 

To explain, if you want to attract love, then surround yourself with loving energy.  Candles are powerful in both feng shui and sympathetic magic because

a) It centers on the “love light” you want to be ignited in your life and,

b) It is a warming feature that conjures up the heat of passion.

Feng shui takes this attraction or sympathetic philosophy to the next level. Why? Because to attract love with feng shui, you are using coordinates and quadrants within the home or office that align with the type of energy you’re trying to attract.  To elaborate, add elements to your environment that radiate with love.  Alternatively, remove items that might thwart love.

Those who practice feng shui are well aware that the atmosphere in one’s home affects one’s luck, wealth, and, of course, love. It’s not difficult to learn how to attract love with feng shui. And it’s really worth giving it a try – especially if your love life is on the fritz.  At the very least, practicing feng shui for love purposes can boost the energy in your environment, make you feel better, and refresh your home or office.

Where Do I Start With Feng Shui and Attracting Love?

First off, get familiar with the Bagua map. What’s that? Well, a Bagua map is a feng shui energy map. It’s typically a chart in the shape of an octagon (Bagua means “eight areas” in Chinese).  Each segment has symbolism and meaning.  Some feng shui Bagua maps can be extremely ornate and complex.  For the sake of simplicity, here is a Bagua map that can help you get started as you attract love with feng shui.

Attract Love With Feng Shui Chart
Attract Love With Feng Shui Chart

As you can see, each direction corresponds with energy, emotion, and an element.  When you’re assessing your home, refer to this Bagua energy map to get a better idea of which areas in your space you should enhance in order to augment the energy of love.

What’s the Next Step? The Biggest Tip to Attract Love With Feng Shui

The next step is the most mammoth tip in how to attract love with feng shui.  Some of you might be keen on this tip, and others of you might not be.  Okay, enough with the drum roll.  According to the best Feng Shui masters in Singapore, the most powerful thing you can do to attract love with feng shui on an intense energetic level is to clean your house.  Yup.  That sounds super-simple, but I tell you what – it makes a tremendous difference in shifting energy.

To elaborate, clearing out old crap and stagnated energy in your space makes room for new opportunities, love and energy.  Cleaning, cleansing, and re-ordering your home is the number one way to allow pure energy (and love) to flow in your home.  Remember the literal meaning of “feng shui”? It means wind-water, which points to the symbolism of fluid, flow, movement, and flexibility.  Positive energy and good love juju ain’t gonna flow in your home when its crammed to the rafters with clutter and junk.

So, if you’re ultra-serious about attracting better relationships (with feng shui or otherwise), the most crucial step is to toss out the old and make room for the new.  I’m not talking about trashing everything.  But, I am suggesting dropping off unused items to charitable causes such as a homeless shelter or Goodwill.  I’m also suggesting doing a bone-deep cleaning on your house.  Get the scrubbies out and really go to town to get everything spic and span. 

After you’ve cleared out old stuff, and cleaned your home thoroughly, you may want to take your efforts a step further by doing a smudging ceremony or smoke cleansing in the rooms in your home.  This further

Other Things to Consider When Cleaning and Prepping Your Home for Feng Shui Love

It’s important to know that everything you own and in your home has its own energy.  Therefore, it leaves an impression, influence, or impact on you and others in your home. As a result, it is vital to clear the house of all unnecessary items as soon as possible. Cracked, shabby, and broken things should be repurposed or given away since they could potentially convey bad energy.

Also, consider negative periods in your life as your prepping and cleansing your home.  For example, some photos, pictures, etc. may remind you of rough times or bring about painful memories.  Or maybe you have memorabilia from an ex-partner. It might be a good idea to remove these items in order to move forward into new loving potentials.

While you may want to keep some of these images due to fond memories of the past or nostalgia – remember that this is about bringing in new energy into the home.  If you can’t bear to part with old stuff, then consider putting it in storage for a time, and see how you feel.

That said, objects that are especially dear to your heart, and prompt positive emotions – are allowed to be left in the home, even if they might be worn out or rough around the edges.  With all that said, here are some key areas in the home where you can start attracting love using feng shui power.

How to Attract Love With Feng Shui
How to Attract Love With Feng Shui

The Southwest Sector and Your Bedroom

As mentioned, feng shui connects different elements with different directions in the home (such as north, south, east, etc) to produce affinity, alignment, and harmony.  Traditionally, the southwest sector is the feng shui powerhouse of love, marriage, and intimacy.  The south sector of the home is cool too because it is symbolic of passion, its element is fire, and it is a great place to light the fire on your romantic mojo.

But what if your bedroom isn’t in the southwest sector?  That’s okay.  You can certainly rearrange your entire home, but the better idea is just to start with the bedroom – no matter where it is positioned.  In other words, it doesn’t matter if your bedroom is in a northwest designation or a western direction. 

What’s important is to prep the bedroom as best as you can to attract love with feng shui.  However, you can augment loving vibes by paying attention to the southwest sector of your bedroom.  Try to fortify your bedroom (especially the southwest sector) with elements that resonate with comfort, ease, and sensuality.  Imbue the room with romantic elements such as candles and crystals that align with love. 

Other Tips to Feng Shui Your Boudoir for Love

The very appearance of the bed also reveals a lot. A messy bed with unattractive linens indicates that you might not be ready for love, or maybe you don’t even care.  Alternatively, if the bed is neatly made, pleasing to the eye, then this is more of an attraction for loving vibes.

Furthermore, spiky plants and sharp corners tend to break up positive energy in feng shui bedrooms.  Therefore, consider moving these rigid elements from the bedroom.  Also, artificial flowers aren’t the best thing to have. They are thought to interfere with the birth of a new relationship. Instead, think about placing a live orchid plant in your bedroom, which is symbolic of abundance and sensuality in feng shui.  The chrysanthemum is also a great live flower for bedrooms and attracting love with feng shui. 

Additionally, (if you can) try to clear out the space under your bed.  Yes, I realize under-bed storage is a must for many people (self-included), but if at all possible try to remove it.  Remember, feng shui is about allowing the energy to flow easily.  A bed with a ton of stuff crammed underneath it isn’t very conducive to letting love flow into your space.

You might also think about preparing a place in your bedroom for your future beloved. To do this, you can review the closet and free up a shelf in the closet or a drawer in the dresser. The energy of love is attracted by various accessories with romantic connotations.  Some ideas might be a beautiful silk robe, scented candles or trinkets you think your future loved one will appreciate.

Think About Aesthetics

While we’re talking about shifting around your home and bedroom, we’ve already discussed the necessity of clearing out and making space.  But what about making it pretty in terms of attracting love with feng shui?  Here are a few ideas.

Feng Shui Flowers for Love

Do incorporate live orchids and chrysanthemums in the bedroom and/or the southwest sector of your home. Cherry blossoms are also symbolic of love and prosperity in Chinese feng shui.  However, it’s not easy to have a live cherry tree growing in the south or southwest sector of the home.  While having a fake cherry branch is a bad idea (like I said earlier) – you could definitely profit from cherry blossom paintings or pictures. Peonies and the lotus are also feng shui flowers that attract love.l

Tips to Attract Love With Feng Shui
Tips to Attract Love With Feng Shui

Feng Shui Love Colors

As you might guess, colors such as pink, maroon, rose, rich red are highly effective hues for attracting love with feng shui.  Play around with these shades.  Even if these colors are your aesthetic, you may find a lighter or darker hue might tickle your fancy in combination with complementary colors.  You don’t have to paint all your walls.  Just an accent wall, or a few accent pieces with a red-centric color can make a big difference for your love life.

Feng Shui Animals to Attract Love

Ancient Chinese practitioners of feng shui were big into animal totems and energy.  As such, there are definitely certain animals that are more effective at attracting love with feng shui than others. Here are a few

  • Peacocks
  • Love Birds or Doves
  • Mandarin Ducks
  • A Pair of Fish (such as koi)
  • Two Geese Posed Together
  • Phoenix or a Dragons (even better: a phoenix and a dragon paired together)

Create Positive Intentions

Practitioners of feng shui, often recommend creating a map of desires in order to attract a partner.  This ritual is quite simple, and it’s kind of like creating a vision board.  Find pictures of happy couples and place them in the love sector of your home. 

Also, think about writing a romantic love story to include with your map of desires or vision board.  You could create this yourself, or recruit the help of a top essay writer if you’re not adept with the written word.  Include a list of hopes, dreams and expectations for your future relationship.  Also, include positive affirmations.  Write them down and keep them in places that resonate with love, according to your Bagua map. 

Last Words of How to Attract Love with Feng Shui

The feng shui philosophy has a lot of potential for wooing and attracting love in your life.  At the very least, making these and other slight adjustments to your living area can make room and facilitate a better energy flow so that you are better positioned to welcome love into your life.  Just bear in mind that igniting a new relationship and cultivating that partnership requires a lot more than interior design or feng shui tips. 

Remember to be mindful, purposeful and meditative about your pursuit in love.  Also, continue to maintain clear energy and high integrity as you seek love.  Lastly, recognize the first and finest relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself.  The more you improve yourself, the better odds you have to attract the ideal mate.  Just thinking. 

Mighty brightly,

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