Evergreen Symbolism

Energy Boosting Evergreen Symbolism

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I have a few evergreens around the house and they mean infinitely more to me than mere landscape features. They are particularly uplifting this time of year because while snow is on the ground and everything looks kinda withdrawn and blah, those evergreens are bright, perky, and delightful. That’s what got me thinking about the energy-boosting potential of evergreen symbolism.

Evergreens and Celtic Wisdom

Many pre-industrial, indigenous people brought evergreens into the home this time of year to introduce freshness and rejuvenating energy.  The ancient Celts observed evergreens as hugely powerful in symbolism. Evergreens stayed green through the ‘dark half’ of the year, which means they were symbolic of life in the face of a dead-like time of the season.  Here are a few other symbolic meanings evergreens held for the mighty Celts:

  • Hope
  • Life
  • Strength
  • Stoicism
  • Invincibility
  • Determination
  • Immortality
  • Purification
  • Revitalization

Unbending against heavy winter snows and brutal winds – the evergreen won a high place of honor among the Celts. In fact, these early clans brought evergreen boughs into the home as a reminder of the indomitable spirit inherent in all life.

Energy-Boosting and Evergreen Symbolism
Energy-Boosting and Evergreen Symbolism

Other Qualities of Evergreens

I observe the evergreens in my midst as heroes in this winter grip. Ever-bright and ever-clear, their likeness reminds me of the ever-green nature within the core of every human. And so, those glimmery evergreens remind me of the Anahata (the green heart chakra) qualities.

We too have the ability to stand strong in the midst of adverse conditions. Whether comparing them to heart chakras, or Celtic wisdom, evergreen symbolic meanings deal with life-loving qualities.

Evergreen Reminders in Daily Life

If the winter chips get you down, think about evergreen symbolism and all its influence upon our world.  Symbolically, evergreens are reminders of:

  • A reminder about our capacity to love in the coldest of times.
  • Evergreens point to our inner resources to feel warmth (empathy in spite of austerity.
  • They also point to the ability to feel deep magic in a sterile, fact-finding world.
  • Evergreens are reminders of how life and hope can always be found (even in the bleakest moments).
  • They also remind us that refreshment and renewal can be achieved in even the face of agregious situations or environments.
Evergreen Symbolism

Ways to Incorporate Evergreens for Mood Lifting and Healing

So, we’ve talked about how ancients used evergreens to stomp out wintertime blues. We’ve discussed evergreen symbolism and how it can positively impact our lives.  What are some other ways evergreens can wield their magical powers upon us? I’ve got ideas.

When in Doubt, Burn It

Maybe it’s the latent pyromaniac in me, or maybe I just love to burn stuff – but I love burning pine-scented candles this time of year to lift my blues.  There’s something so pungent and punchy about the aroma of pine that is incredibly uplifting.  You might also want to smudge your space with a juniper smudge stick (which is also an evergreen) to bring a bright, cleansing lift to your work or living area.

Drink to Your Health

Did you know you can drink evergreen tea?  Yup, pine needles steeped as a tea can be invigorating on a long winter’s night. Furthermore, this tea is high in vitamin C, helps protect eyesight, and is even thought to help with heart conditions and aid in reversing the aging process. I trust and love this vendor for organic pine needle tea. Give it a try!

Go Native

Do as our native ancestors did, and bring evergreen boughs into the home.  Buy a pine wreath, or better yet, make one and hang it inside. The fresh scent will surely shake any winter blues out of you and your home.  Who says pine wreaths or evergreens are only for Christmas? Just because the season might not be in full swing, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of evergreen branches, and introduce the freshy-fresh energy into the home well after the holidays.

Energy-Boosting and Evergreen Symbolism
Energy-Boosting and Evergreen Symbolism

Frequently Asked Questions About Evergreens

What does the evergreen symbolize?

Hope, renewal, faith, immortality, and strength are a few symbolic qualities. Many Native American tribes such as the Iroquois, held the evergreen as a symbol of peace. Ancient Celts recognized the evergreen as a symbol of resilience, longevity, and promise. Due to its ever-green nature (it remains green even in winter), the pine is often considered a spiritual symbol of everlasting life.

What does an evergreen Christmas tree symbolize?

It symbolizes many things, such as hope, promise, and the triumph of life/light over darkness/death. The practice of bringing evergreen boughs, branches, and trees into the home in the midst of winter is an ancient tradition established by early European people. Over the centuries, the practice caught on, and we see the Christmas tree every year in our homes and spaces. Bringing evergreens into the home illustrates how life can continue – even in the grips of so-called death (the darkness and cessation of life we see in harsh winter months in northern regions).

What is a good evergreen quote?

“Laughter is the joyous, beautiful, universal evergreen of life.” ~Abraham Lincoln

What does the word evergreen imply?

It means ever fresh and ever vibrant. For example, I’m always adding new content to this website because I want to keep it evergreen. Meaning – it is not stagnant. It is always growing and evolving over time with fresh new insights.

The Last Word on Energy Boosting Evergreen Symbolism

Whether you clean the house with Pine-Sol or hang a pine-scented Tiny Tree in your car, the fact remains…evergreens have the power to clarify, purify and restore our senses when we’re befuddled by winter blues.  Maybe evergreens aren’t your thing. That’s cool.  But I can tell you from experience that bringing in these fresh, vibrant beauties into my home has helped alleviate depression and really helped me get through the moody winter blahs. 

Those are some of my thoughts on the evergreen, and how they remind me of emerald potentials forever glistening within the strongholds of our souls. I hope these insights help you, and as always, thank you for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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