Life is Not Linear Dealing with Life Challenges

Life is Not Linear

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It’s irritating, isn’t it? I mean…when we set out to accomplish something, we set a goal. It seems logical that we make steps to achieve that goal. It also seems logical that those steps go from point A to point Z until the goal is accomplished, right? Uh-uh, Oh noooooo, that’s just way too easy. The fact is, life is not linear and we’ve got to learn how to be flexible enough to still follow our dreams without crushing the potential on our path.

It’s Okay if Life is Not Linear

If you’ve ever been in pursuit of a goal or achievement, only to be blind-sided by weird hairpin curves upon the path, consider yourself common. Why? Because it happens to all of us.  The reality is, life simply is not linear. It’s complicated, and it rarely lays down for us as neatly or compliantly as we might like.  

In truth, life is messy. It’s a twisty, topsy-turvy thing and all our progress is riding on this weird roller coaster. Some folks (me included) really rely on a formula…you know…simple: 2+2=4 and BOOM…goal accomplished, answers received. Nope. It just doesn’t work that way. What a drag!

Life is Not Linear
Life is Not Linear

Things Get Wonky

Now don’t get me wrong. I may sound like a cry-baby about this….but in full disclosure poop happens to the best of us.  Jinkies, I’ve had so many setbacks in my so-called straight-lined path to success…it would make your hair curl. Heck, I’m still not seeing the results I set before me. But that doesn’t mean failure.

All this means that life is replete with curlicues, spirals, and alternate routes that we may have never considered.  It’s important to see the necessity of the (sometimes) nauseating twirls and swirls upon life’s path. I’ve made peace with the bottom dropping out just when I think I’ve got the plan in place. I hope you can too.

At the end of the day, I think the crazy gyrations we must endure while going forth with the plans in our lives are supposed to be a wee bit disruptive. Huh? Yeah.

When our path takes us two steps back or catapults us on our backsides, we’re forced to overcome. In other words, we’ve got to learn this bullspit had to happen in order for us to see some things to prepare us for the next step, the next launch, the next phase.

Life is Not Linear
Life is Not Linear

What to Do When Life Gets Sideways

We’ve already established that life is not linear, and things get funky. So what do we do? When we’re striving for a goal that (should be) simple as moving from point A to B, but influences and complications make goals seem impossible to attain, here are a few pointers.

Step Away From the Issue: I don’t know about you, but I have a huge resistance to stepping away.  I want to hammer, hammer and hammer away at a problem until I’ve chipped a curveball into submission. Maybe you’re the same way. I’m here to tell you, when life throws you a switcharoonie, that’s the best time to remove yourself from the challenge. Rather than beat the problem into submission, it’s often best to gain stability by simply turning away from the issue and returning to it when your mind is in a better place.

Reevaluate the Issue: There is a reason for roadblocks in real life, and in our pursuit to achieve goals.  Sometimes the best gift we can have is the blessing of a detour.  Have you ever been on a road trip, only to get lost…but yet you found that crossroads often lead you to the most phenomenal experience? Through a combination of synchronicity and happenstance, detours can lead to big insights and growth.  Keep that in mind.  Be flexible enough to reevaluate your position in terms of your destinations.  And remember that sometimes the roadblocks offer crucial inspiration that can launch you into entirely different (and awesome) directions.

Life is Not Linear
Life is Not Linear

Life is Not Linear, and That’s Why We’ve Got to be Cool With it.

In closing, the next time you’re chugging all nice and tight on your tidy life-plan….only to be slingshot into the stratosphere along the way…consider these sidetracks as a valuable lesson required to learn before you can go further.

Then consider yourself blessed by that knowledge posed by that hairpin curve in your life…you might get seriously screwed in the future from not being prepared to go the distance with your goals. At the end of the day, you may wish things are better, but in truth, life demands preparation and understanding to maneuver through challenges. Just thinkin’. What do you think? As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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