Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign (From an Astrologists Perspective)

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Astrology and horticulture have gone together like traffic and weather for centuries. In fact, the practice of agricultural astrology is still in use today.  Our ancient ancestors have been gardening, harvesting, pruning and planting by the movement of the sun, moon and stars ever since they’ve needed to feed themselves and their families.  But what about plants in the home?  Believe it or not, there are certain houseplants according to your astrology sign that can boost your mood and boost your environment better than others. 

Houseplants and Astrology Signs? Is That Really a Thing?

While there are loads of resources on the internet about houseplants according to your astrology sign, most of these are provided by plant growers, distributors, and sellers.  There’s nothing wrong with the information I saw, but there wasn’t a whole lot of information about this subject from the perspective of an astrologist.  Thus, this article was born. 

I used my knowledge of plants, along with my decades-long experience as an astrologist, to draw comparisons between houseplants and your astrology sign.  Moreover, I consulted with some of my plant-savvy friends and astrologist colleagues to round out my research.

And are houseplants, according to your astrology sign, really a thing? Yes indeedy, it is!  When you realize that all life is interconnected, you begin to understand that bonds can be forged between humans and plants.  Moreover, you’ll discover that plants have energy – the same as humans – and they respond to human energy in different ways.  Therefore, different plants jive better with certain astrology signs as apposed to other astrology signs (which may pose some conflicts).  It’s about determining the symbiotic energy between a houseplant and a human’s zodiac sign.  You can read further to learn some of the techniques I used to make these astrological-plant associations.

So without further ado, here’s a good go-by guide to help you pick the perfect, perky houseplant based on your zodiac sign. But before we get into the nits-n-grits of each sign and their plant-partners, here’s a bit of houseplant wisdom you might enjoy exploring.

Why Have Houseplants?

Learning About Houseplants According to Astrology Sign

If you know anything about me, you know I’m wild about nature.  Nature has been the single-most savior in my life for its calming, stabilizing, and energizing influences.  Getting out on a nature hike or getting grimy in the garden is my therapy, as it is for many others.  With this in mind, what better way to maintain harmony and experience joy than by bringing nature inside the home or office? 

Houseplants are scientifically proven to improve mental health and even enhance the air quality of the room within it lives.  Here are a few ways houseplants are a good idea to have in your home or home office.

Houseplants Can Enhance Mental Focus

A study conducted by the Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea, showed that students who studied among live houseplants were five times more likely to excel in academics.  The controlled studies took a group of high school kids who studied for an exam in a room without plants and compared them to another group who studied with live plants in the room.  You guessed it.  The kiddos cramming with houseplants scored higher on their tests than the kids who studied without plants.  Brain scans on these kids showed that their brain chemistry changed, becoming more focused with higher levels of concentration than the kids who were not exposed to plants.

Plants Can Ramp Up Productivity

A journal published by the American Society for Horticultural Science revealed that people who had houseplants in their office space performed far better than those who didn’t.  Folks who tend to plants in their work cubicles, home offices, or business offices also reported fewer sick days, and expressed they felt more positive and energetic on the whole.  There’s something to be said about the healing and restorative power of houseplants, apparently!

They Might Help With Depression and Mental Unrest

Struggling with a bout of ennui? Or, maybe you’re plagued by tension and anxiety.  Houseplants have been known to help with depression, reduce stress and assist in balancing emotional disharmony.  A research study published by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology revealed that houseplants can render a sense of tranquility, comfort, peace and satisfaction.  The study showed that people living with plants in their homes or home offices were less stressed and experienced reduced blood pressure and heart rates than the other group who had no plants. So, while house plants might not replace antidepressants, they can certainly provide a benefit to mood and emotions.

Welcome to the Jungle: Exploring Housplant Varieties & Astrology

Whether you’re a veteran gardener, crackerjack green thumb, a newbie, or a self-confessed plant-killer…there is a houseplant for every personality under the sun.  Seriously! Houseplants come in a bewildering variety. Some can handle neglect for folks who claim they can’t hack taking care of plants. Other plants need constant TLC, for the more expert horticulturalists. 

When it comes to houseplants according to your astrology sign, I took all types of common varieties into account and compared them with astrological personality types.  I also considered how some plants resonate at certain frequencies than others.  Some houseplants vibrate in harmony with certain astrology signs.  In other words, some plants paired with some signs can actually form a relationship. Sounds silly? It’s not.  In the same way some signs mesh with other signs in love relationships, the same holds true with astrology signs and certain plants.

Your Astrology Sign Aspects and Selecting Houseplants

Of course, there’s no way I could run comparisons of all the houseplants available today against each astrology sign.  However, I did look at the most common and easily accessible houseplants anybody can adopt and bring home.  When ciphering the best houseplants according to your astrology sign, I called upon my knowledge of each astrology sign, with a big emphasis on elements. 

To explain, every sign resonates with one of the four natural elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.  Each of these elements are like building blocks that construct our entire bio-verse.  When we take the time to make connections between a plant’s overarching personality & element and connect them with astrology signs, we get a neat simpatico – a great relationship between human and flora that can be win-win, and super-beneficial. 

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign

Hopefully I didn’t bore you with all the preliminaries, but I thought the benefits of houseplants and how I picked these houseplants according to your astrology sign was worth sharing.  If you’re digging my vibe, or even if you’re just thinking about adopting a gemmy green goodie – scroll on for best houseplants according to your astrology sign.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) – Bromeliad

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign - Aries
Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign – Aries

As an Aries, you are a high-energy fire sign, and you need a plant that matches your enthusiasm and zeal.  You can also be a little “all over the place” sometimes.  It’s not always easy to stay in one place, because adventure is always calling.  That means you need a plant that can survive the occasional lapse in attention or watering while you take a spontaneous trip or get consumed with a new project.  Introducing the bromeliad.  These plants are from the monocot family of flowering plants, and they are just the ticket to keep Aries’ personality engaged. 

What’s striking about bromeliads is that they flower. This is especially intriguing for Aries, because getting them to flower (which doesn’t happen often, and it takes effort to nurture their blooms) is like a competition (which Aries love!).  The bromeliad speaks the same language as Aries too.  Their blooms are spiky and vibrant, reminiscent of bright flames reaching for the sky.  Even better, bromeliads don’t need a whole lot of work (which can get tiresome for an Aries after a while).  They’re pretty hearty and relatively drought resistant. Bright light, well-drained soil and an occasional dose of fertilizer will make for a meaningful Aries-bromeliad partnership.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – Spider Plant

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign - Taurus
Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign – Taurus

My experience with Taurus folks is that they typically already have houseplants.  You love a welcoming home, and interior decorating is very likely one of your strong suits.  Furthermore, you tend to be a natural-born nurturer – especially with your family.  Once you adopt anything, you do your utmost to care, nurture, and make it safe in the world. So, the perfect plant for Taurus is a spider plant. Now, don’t let the name put you off.  I don’t think they look like spiders at all.  Instead, these perky babies look like fireworks in a pot.  They are ideal for Taurus signs because they like a lot of love, and they can take occasional overwatering. 

To explain, I’ve known a lot of Taurus’ who tend to love their plants to death with overwatering.  Spider plants can take that as long as they’re not drowning and have good drainage.  Spider plants also reproduce these delightful little babies. They’re like “mini me’s” shooting from the mamma.  For a Taurus, this is a total gas.  Spider plants grow fast, and become root bound in their pots fairly quickly.  This is another plus for caring Taurus, as supporting growth is a big theme for these astrology signs.  While the spider plant can handle an abundance of love, it can’t handle a lot of direct, bright sunlight. Think of earthy, moist, tropical conditions when adopting a spider baby and indirect, moderate light is best.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) – Orchids

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign - Gemini
Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign – Gemini

Naturally curious, attentive, affectionate, and mentally agile – Gemini needs to have a plant that matches that kind of vitality and high-energy.  Luckily, most Gemini’s can care for even the most fussy plants.  They like the idea of coaxing life in challenging situations.  As a Gemini, you also have the deep (and impressive) ability to see multiple aspects and benefits of taking care of houseplants.  Gemini’s also have a knack for observation, and will quickly drop everything if they see their green baby is struggling.  Gemini’s also have good taste, and they love beautiful things – very often, the more exotic-looking pieces in their homes are some of the most beloved. 

So, the best plant for a Gemini is one that makes a bold statement, and thrives under a caring, attentive hand.  With all this in mind, orchids would make a beautiful partnership for Gemini’s. These plants aren’t the easiest beauties to maintain, but Gemini can handle the responsibility.  For their patience and gentle care, Gemini’s will be rewarded by bedazzling blooms that are so exotic and luscious looking.  Grow multiple orchids with various different colors – for a Gemini, this is so inspiring, and you’ll be so proud that something so glorious has grown under your watchful care.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – Boston Fern

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign - Cancer
Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign – Cancer

Caring, sentimental, soulful, insightful – as a Cancer, you need a unique plant to match your unique personality. Odds are, you probably already have houseplants because you have a deep affinity for making your home warm, welcoming, comfortable, and safe.  You probably love tradition, and the ritual of watering and caring for plants is likely a welcome activity.  I’d even bet my buttons you might even do a little gardening, because most Cancers really get a kick out of starting something from a seedling and watching it grow under your watchful, helpful care.   Because you probably appreciate your alone time (and need that time to feel balanced), plants can be a beautiful companion in your more contemplative moments.

Most plant websites recommend lucky bamboo for Cancerians. I pretty much agree with that because of the water association between Cancers and this water-loving plant (because water is Cancer’s element). However, I’m leaning more towards Boston ferns as the perfect plant companion for Cancer signs.  Why? Because they are still water-centric, and appreciate damp environments, so that’s a good connection for Cancers.  They are also a traditional plant, beloved in the Victorian era.  One of these ferns lushly and luxuriously gracing a Cancerian home is a lovely accent and gives off a beautiful traditional feel that is reminiscent of Queen Anne style homes and gardens. Keep it well watered, mist occasionally and set in indirect light and this fern will appeal to your Cancer sign tendencies for sure.

Leo (July 23 – August 22) – Croton Plant

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign - Leo
Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign – Leo

As a Leo, you’ve got a strong, bold presence about you.  You don’t shirk from responsibility, and you love getting the recognition you deserve for doing a job well done.  You also appreciate family and connecting with them in the home.  In some ways, houseplants according to your astrology sign might seem more like a hindrance than a help.  You’ve typically got a lot of irons in the fire, like being a leader in the community, running your own business, or just managing your home life.  That said, there’s a beauty that I think is perfect for your Leo personality – and it won’t take a lot of effort to keep it flourishing in your home.

Allow me to introduce you to the croton. This plant produces brilliantly crimson-gold leaves that appeal to the Leo fire-sign disposition.  It’s a sun-lover (also like many Leo’s) too. Just stick a croton plant in front of a sunny window and water it every once in a while (it’s not fussy, and can tolerate a few forgotten waterings).  As a Leo, you’ll appreciate how this fiery, festive houseplant makes a striking statement in the home.  Like you, the presence of a healthy croton cannot be denied by others. Additionally, crotons get big – making them bold, beautiful, and bad-ass – just like you!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) – Ficus Tree

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign - Virgo
Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign – Virgo

I’m willing to wager a wad that most Virgo’s reading this already have a slew of fabulous foliage already in your home.  You’re one of the most powerful supporters, nurturers, and care-givers in the zodiac.  You love to defend the defenseless – always standing up for the underdog.  You are naturally reliable and responsible, so having houseplants is just another responsibility at which you excel. Not only do you have a perfect disposition for tending to green beauties – you also deeply appreciate the aesthetic plants provide both inside and outside the home.  If I’m right, and you already have a fair share of houseplants, then what would be the most perfect one out of the dizzying array of houseplants to choose from? 

I’m going to give you a challenge here, Virgo.  I’m recommending a ficus tree. Also known as a weeping fig, the ficus is a brilliant pick for you because they are all about establishing solid roots.  Like you – the ficus tree appreciates a supportive environment. They like order, and they don’t appreciate a whole lot of fussing about.  In terms of rootedness, ficus will take root and once they feel safe and happy, they will shoot into a freaking tree (yes, up to 6-7 feet tall!) That’s pretty symbolic of the Virgo personality. When you feel rooted in the right spot, you truly thrive and shine – just like the ficus.  The reason it’s a challenge is because it can be extremely particular about its environment. One slight move, or change in the air, and it could lose its leaves. Don’t worry, as a Virgo, you’ll bring it back to health.  Just remember, it’s not dead – it’s just hibernating and recovering – something you should do every once in a while too, dear Virgo!

Libra (September 23 – October 22) – Peace Lily

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign -Libra
Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign -Libra

We all know you, as a Libra, have a knack for balancing the equation and equalizing the status quo.  We also know you’re wicked-smart, and can run circles around just about anyone in a rousing debate. You also have a deep sense of understanding, and pick up on feelings and emotions from others.  You appreciate quiet times, and I’m pretty sure nature is commonly a place you turn to when things feel out of control.  Given all this, a houseplant is a brilliant companion because it will help you maintain balance – even in the most crazy moments.  Libra’s need to focus on something in order to fulfill their maximum potential.  What better way to do that, than to focus on a plant that is wholly dependent upon you?  But what kind of plant?

You know, as much as I hate agreeing with mass opinion, I’ve got to agree with many websites who say the peace lily is a winner for Libra’s.  Actually, I thought about this plant for you even before I started checking out what the plant-growing scene was saying.  The reason is, peace lilies encourage peace, harmony and tranquility. They are symbolic of renewal and homeostasis, which is something you need to thrive in this life.  Furthermore, as a Libra, you’ll appreciate the staggering beautiful blossoms these beauties produce.  What’s really interesting is that their blooms depend upon the right air conditions to manifest. As an air sign, you might be motivated to “clear the air” (symbolically and literally) in order to keep those blooms thriving.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) – Carnivorous Plants

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign – Scorpio

Scorpio, I love the way you are “all in.” Everything you tackle, you do it with passion, verve, and creative execution.  You also have an artistic flair about you that is a super-match when it comes to connecting to houseplants.  To explain, you often see beauty in the most wildly unexpected places.  The more bizarre something is, the more you can see the connections, loveliness, and inherent wisdom in it.  That’s where houseplants can be such a salvation for you.  Plants in your area can teach you the value of nurturing something to the point that it blossoms into an epic masterpiece – a creative opus – a glorious testimony to your efforts. So what kind of plant is best for you, dear Scorpio?

I’m recommending any carnivorous plant for you.  What? Yeah!  These things are ridiculously powerful, and they reflect the often unconventional & unorthodox mindset for which most Scorpio’s are renowned.  Moreover, most carnivorous plants are often water-centric (tropicals), which appeals to Scorpio’s water element energy.  Carnivorous plants such as the Venus flytrap or a pitcher plant also come with a bright bite that Scorpio’s can really get down with (considering your biting sense of humor, and your talent to “sting” with deft timing when you need to defend your position).  Just like you, they are effective hunters and have their own unique strategies when it comes to getting what they want. These plants take a little more attention and maintenance than most Scorpios might want to give. However, if you can form a bond with one of these sweet babies, the relationship will be truly rewarding.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) – Pothos Ivy

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign -Sagittarius
Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign -Sagittarius

As a dyed-in-the-wool Sag, I can talk a lot about our shared zodiac propensities and I’m definitely your go-to guide when it comes to selecting the best houseplants according to your astrology sign.  There are different types of Sagittarius (which is true of every sun sign – it variables in proclivities are contingent upon which timeframe someone is born within the construct of a sign). At any rate, there is one type of Sagittarius that could really care less about houseplants because they’re too busy jetting off to a new travel destination or undertaking a new adventure.  Then there are Sags who are more erudite, and prefer the solitude of nookish studies amongst dusty books and ancient knowledge (can you guess which one I am? Lol).  In either case, Sagittarius will always appreciate the beauty in all life, and they really get revved up when they see something elegant such as a plant growing underneath their attentive care.  Sagittarius (of either ilk mentioned here) are also intensely interested in the origin of things, and they really appreciate how a wee offshoot or seedling can grow into something brain-bogglingly beautiful with the right history and care.

Nevertheless, Sagittarius can be very prone to distractions.  They love getting into a zone to accomplish, achieve and succeed.  As such, their ability to focus (it might not look like focus to others, but it is!), is pretty amazing.  That said, a houseplant might become more of a nuisance than a needful thing – because Sags are often deeply involved in intense thoughts or excursions.  Now, with that said, any Sagittarius would benefit from keeping company from any kind of pothos.  Pothos (common name: Devil’s Ivy) are ivy plants that are practically unkillable.  With the most minimal care, they can flourish – making any Sagittarius feel good about being a good steward to this plant.  What’s more, they come in gemmy green, or variegated versions – both of which are gorgeous with the right amount of attention. Trust me. Sagittarius would do well to have a pothos in the home to remind them of their connection with nature as well as keep them focused on priorities.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 10) – Mother-in-law Tongue

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign - Capricorn
Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign – Capricorn

As a Capricorn, the actions you take need to be directly connected to results.  In other words, you really need to reap the rewards of your efforts.  Not only are you a results-driven kinda person, you also have a strong sense of responsibility.  In fact, in many instances, your ideal of self-worth stems from what you do, how you contribute, and how well you can perform in your community.  So, what does that tell us?  It tells us that any houseplant you have needs to render results in order for you to stay engaged with that botanical bond.  What’s more, you like a challenge.  Capricorns are notorious for being extremely shrewd, and intelligent.  The problem is, you’re not always sold on your own savvy.  Therefore, raising a sprout in the form of a houseplant can really groom you for big things (yes, I’m serious – plants can teach even the most inflexible or stubborn personalities to bend and grow!)

All this considered, I’ve thought long and hard about the best houseplants according to your astrology sign. I’m recommending a special plant for you, dear Capricorn. Today, I see most plant providers are calling these snake plants, but in my day, they were called mother-in-law tongue plants.  This is a sword-like succulent that requires very little effort, but it will appeal to almost any Capricorn personality.  They grow strong, erect and proud, just like a Capricorn disposition.  These plants will also ground Capricorns (an earth-centric sign), and yield great beauty in your life.  A bit of sun, well drained soil, semi-frequent watering (succulents aren’t like cactus, they need a bit more water than their counterparts), and this snake plant might even bloom. What’s lovely about the Capricorn-snake plant connection is that these energies are both strong, true, resilient, and survivalists.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) – Air Plants

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign - Aquarius
Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign – Aquarius

As a winter-born baby, Aquarius’ understand the powerful transformation found in the changing of the seasons.  You know how winter can (seemingly) lay waste to the land, and just around the corner – spring brings new life to the landscape.  This has sculpted your mindset and personality in a way that is very unique to the zodiac. You have a ravenously curious mind. You like to understand how things work, and what triggers changes in the world.  As a result, you appreciate the efforts you make for change – and (ideally) you would like to know that your efforts make a difference for good in the world.  With this broad and sweeping outlook, you might think a houseplant might be a minimal influence on your life. Think again.

I’m putting down the plant gauntlet for you Aquarius, and presenting you with the air plant. Tillandsia or epiphytes, are wholly reliant upon their atmosphere to live.  What I mean to say is they do not require soil.  As an air-centric sign, any Aquarius can appreciate the air-reliant nature of an air plant.  These unique plants come from the tropics, and often latch onto an anchor (such as a tree) and just soak up the moisture in the air in order to survive.  As a Capricorn, you know what that means.  You know what it takes to survive, and you reap mega-info from your environment to do just that. You sense the atmosphere in unique ways – just as air plants do, and you make shrewd choices in order to excel in life.  Even better, air plants are a cinch to care for – they don’t need much, and you’ll be super-satisfied by how they evolve and thrive under your stewardship.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) – African Violets

Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign -Pisces
Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign -Pisces

Every time I connect with Pisces energy, I always send you all big, positive juju.  You don’t have it easy.  Super-sensitive, extremely intuitive – it might often feel like the world is caving in on you, because you feel the intensity of energy moving through the ethers – but it’s hard to identify.  Plus, in today’s world, there is an erratic emotional turmoil stirring up and you detect it – but it’s often challenging to identify it.  You know what I mean. Your waters run deep, and you need substantial nurturing to keep you grounded, engaged, intrigued and connected.

That’s why I’m suggesting African violets for you. Yes, these can be ultra-fussy. They need their conditions just right – but when properly orchestrated, a tight environment will manifest into blossoming brilliant violet blooms all year round.  Yup, they might need extra light.  Indeed, they need fertilization.  And yes, they are finicky about how they are watered and cared for.  But aren’t you too, dear Pisces?  You know you need just the right environment and ingredients to make you bloom wherever you’re planted.  Without the essential factors in play, sometimes it might feel like you might just die on the vine.  This is why the African violet is such a lovely symbiotic plant for your sign.  It needs you, and you need it.  Together, you should thrive and shine with the right elements in play for superior growth, evolution, and enlightenment.

The Last Word on the Best Houseplants According to Your Astrology Sign

Of course, with thousands of plants available to us – you’ve got to know this is just a smattering of top potential houseplants according to your astrology sign.  Plus, you’ve got your own tastes and proclivities. That means that your own preferences in houseplants might vary from the ones I picked for you in this article.

The main purpose of this feature is to expose you to the infinite opportunities houseplants (or any plants and natural beauty) can provide to our souls, hearts, bodies and minds.  From cleansing our air condition to making us feel more jovial – or giving us responsibility to inspiring our creativity – plants of all sorts are a source of renewal and growth.  I hope this article hammers that point home, and motivates you to adopt (and nurture) any kind of plant today!  As always, thank you for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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