Raven Meanings for Celtic Tattoo Ideas

symbolic raven meanings for celtic tattoo ideas

Symbolic Raven Meanings
for Celtic Tattoo Ideas

Raven meaning for Celtic tattoos is based on Celtic myth and legend. Tales of the heroic Chuhulian, Bendegeit Bran, Lugh all speak of the raven in a prophetic capacity as well as power and protection. Meanings of retribution come into play with female Celtic figures of power such as the raven goddesses Morrigan, Macha and Badbh.

When considering raven meanings in connection to Celtic wisdom, there area few potent themes to contemplate...

Symbolic Raven Meanings

  • War
  • Magic
  • Memory
  • Secrets
  • Oracle
  • Shadow
  • Prophecy
  • Military
  • Protection

Legend conveys the powerful Celtic goddess, Morrigan descending upon battlefields in the shape of 100s of ravens. Morrigan, in the form of these shimmery black winged legions, would consume the souls of fallen warriors in battle and carry their souls appropriate spiritual realms.

Raven meanings of wisdom, prophecy and knowledge-keeping is connected with the Welsh hero Bran, the Blessed whose name means raven.

Bran was the holder of ancestral memories, and his wisdom was legendary. So much so, that he had his head (the vessel of his powerful wisdom) removed and interred in the sacred White Mount in London.

Ravens are still roosting there (in the Tower of London), and they're thought to keep Bran's wisdom protected and alive by their presence. This plays in nicely with symbolism of protection the raven has in Celtic symbolism.

symbolic raven meanings for celtic tattoo ideas

Raven meanings are also associated with the Celtic high king, Lugh who is considered a masterfully skilled in smithing, crafting, prophecy, swordsmanship, art and generally, an all-wise king.

In their association with the mighty Lugh, ravens take on a prophetic capacity. Ravens were an oracle for Lugh, forewarning him of invasions and other information that allowed him to lay clever military strategy.

To be sure, raven meanings speaking of keeping and protecting sacred wisdom and mystic law. It is thought ravens consume the soul upon physical death so that soul-knowledge will not die with the body - but rather lives on while carried aloft raven wings.

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