ladybug tattoo ideas

Symbolic Ladybug Tattoo Ideas

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Meaningful and Symbolic Ladybug Tattoo Ideas

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas

Ladybugs (also known as ladybirds) have tremendous symbolism from cultures all across the world. That makes them a brilliant subject for a tattoo. Here are some tattoo ideas revolving around ladybug meaning and symbolism. Enjoy!

In Christian symbolism the ladybug is often associated with the Virgin Mary. This connection comes about from the ladybug’s protection of plants (it’s a natural voracious consumer of pests in the garden).In Chinese symbolism the ladybug is very auspicious and considered very good luck. Asian lore indicates if a ladybug lands on your clothing, your true love is sure to come to call. The number of spots on the ladybug is an indication of how many months will pass until you meet your true love.

Some keywords to think about as you consider meaningful ladybug tattoo ideas…

Symbolic Ladybug Meanings

  • Luck
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Friendship
  • Protection
  • Good deeds done

The ladybug is a common symbol of friendship because it is a natural helper in gardens, and works in harmony with nature (and gardeners).

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas
Ladybug Tattoo Ideas

“Never underestimate the itty bitty beings found in Nature.

Often, the tiny bits are the ones that

will bite the bejeebers out of you!”


Ladybugs and Themes of Protection

Ladybugs are not all chummy and friendly all the time.  Do you know why the ladybug has spots?  It has to do with protection. It’s a warning against predators that sends an intimidating message.  Essentially, this bright, uniquely patterned bug is saying “bug off!” to would-be predators.

This is a very cool concept. Where most critters cleverly camouflaged, the ladybug (ladybird) is bold, bright and brassy by design. In essence, the ladybug’s flamboyant colors and markings are a challenge to potential threats. In terms of your personality and tattoo ideas, this is a neat connection. Are you okay with being brassy and bold? Are you fearless about showing your vibrant colors? If so, the ladybug is your energetic ally, and shares your same ballsy attitude about self-expression.

Another level of protection the ladybug possesses is body odor. Huh? Yeah. She’s stinky!  Ladybugs excrete funky smelling juices (they sweat alkaloids) that send their predators running for clothespins to clamp on their snoots.  In terms of symbolic comparison, I’m not suggesting we all go around reeking to high heaven. But, this clever tactic of self-protection is a ladybug lesson that reminds us to be bold, be beautiful – but also be equipped to defend yourself.

The keen thing about all these levels of protection is that the ladybug is not to be underestimated. She may be tiny and pretty – but she doesn’t fool around when it comes to surviving and defending herself. This is a fabulous lesson for us humans. Ladybugs should remind you that you are valuable. You are beautiful. You are so awesome, in fact, that you are worthy of the highest levels of protection. So protect yourself as if you are the most valuable asset on the face of this planet!

Common Ladybug Superstitions

There are several superstitions around ladybugs that enhance the meaning of ladybug tattoos, like…

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas
Ladybug Tattoo Ideas

♦  Finding a ladybug is very good luck and is a sign of good fortune coming your way.

♦  Killing a lady bug is (obviously) back luck.

♦  Number of spots on a ladybug is suppose to tell how many years of good fortune you will have.

♦  A ladybug landing on your hand is a sign of good weather coming.

♦  As ladybugs are commonly red in color, this is symbolic of vitality, love, passion, heat and energy.

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“Don’t ever think you are small.

You are the whole Universe in action.”

Ladybug love symbolism

Ladybug and Love Meanings

The ladybug (or ladybird) is commonly viewed as a symbol of love in many cultures. After I got a bunch of emails from folks asking about the ladybug as a love bug, I started doing some research. This article discusses the ladybug and its connections with love.

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