Placing Crystals Under Your Bed or Pillow

Placing Crystals Under Your Bed or Pillow

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Crystals hold the profound potential to improve our lives when properly utilized. They can lend powerful energizing influences, clear your head, help you with healing as well as assist in protecting you.  Placing certain crystals where you sleep can help improve your dreams, make you feel more enlightened, and even dispel negative spirits and energy. That’s why I’ve cooked up some tips on placing crystals under your bed or pillow for your total well-being.

My Experience With Using and Placing Crystals Under the Bed

Benefits of Putting Crystals Under Your Pillow or Bed
Benefits of Putting Crystals Under Your Pillow or Bed

My last husband (rest his soul) suffered from horrible sleep.  He ran the whole gamut of challenges.  Physical pain, nightmares, night sweats, plaguing thoughts – the poor guy didn’t have a chance.  He was like that for years. 

When I first met him, he claimed he was an insomniac.  When I got him to open up about his sleeping issues, I quickly realized it wasn’t really insomnia – he was just beleaguered with a ton of challenges that thwarted his sleep.  I made him a medicine bag filled with powerful crystals I had charged (some of those same crystals are on this list).  Wanna know what happened?  He proclaimed he got the best night’s sleep ever!  My trick?  I placed my hand-picked crystals under his bed. 

I didn’t tell him about it.  Why?  Because he thought crystals, tarot cards, astrology, and such was a bunch of hooey-horse-hockey.  He didn’t want to know anything about that stuff because he believed it was all hokum. I reckoned what he didn’t know wasn’t’ going to hurt him.  Plus, I crafted my medicine bag with high intentions, quality crystals, and powerful affirmations.  In other words, I knew what I was doing, and I also had confidence that this process would benefit him. 

Placing that medicine pouch under his bed in secret might be considered an act of trickery – but sometimes a non-believer can thwart their own healing if they suspect “woo woo” stuff has been employed.  I don’t recommend sneaking in crystals beneath the beds of people who are unaware.  You’ve got to know and love them as well as understand what you’re doing and the effects these crystals can have.

Why Would You Put Crystals Under Your Bed or Pillow?

Why Consider Putting Crystals Under Your Bed or Pillow
Why Consider Putting Crystals Under Your Bed or Pillow

Crystals got game when it comes to amping up the energies within you and in your environment.  They are like little miracle batteries.  They exude vibrations and frequencies that, when utilized, you can tap into and benefit from. 

Furthermore, crystals can be extremely protective.  Have bad dreams or nightmares?  The right crystal under your bed or pillow can help with that.  Or maybe you have restless nights due to illness, physical discomfort, or health problems.  Popping a crystal under your pillow can potentially help you with that too.

Crystals can help alleviate stress, facilitating better sleep.  They can also aid you in feeling better, more safe and secure, and uplift your spirits.  Using crystals can render you feeling more relaxed and positive as well as increase your vibrations as you sleep. 

This is why it crystals under your bed or pillow can be so useful for your sleep, wellbeing, and overall balance. Crystals provide extraordinary benefits They offer all of these benefits and more when cleansed and charged properly.

Amethyst For Healing and Better Sleep

One of the most beneficial (and arguably the most popular) crystals you can put under your pillow is amethyst. Amethyst has effective cleansing and purifying properties.  This unique crystal can help you sleep better by tackling whacked-out energies associated with insomnia, restlessness or even thwarting bad dreams. 

Amethyst emits a calming, jubilant, tranquil, joyful vibration.  If you’re looking for sweet dreams without interruptions from physical ailments or blockages from an overactive mind – amethyst might be your go-to crystal under your bed or pillow.

Howlite For Calming an Active Mind

The advantages of keeping a howlite crystal under your bed or pillow are very similar to that of amethyst. It is a soothing and pacifying crystal used to ward off negative energies. It helps to protect you from bad juju that may lead to nightmares. Howlite may also calm your mind and body so that you can fall asleep quicker and easier. 

Personally, I use howlite when I’m overstimulated or excited about something in the future.  For example, I was ridiculously excited about hearing a call-back from a publisher about a book deal.  I was so manic over that phone call, I found it hard to fall asleep.  Howlite came to my rescue.  I put this crystal under my pillow, and sleep came quickly and seamlessly. 

How Crystals Under Your Bed Can Help
How Crystals Under Your Bed Can Help

Flourite to Eradicate Negative Vibes at Night

With its calming energy and soothing emissions, fluorite is a great option for a peaceful night’s sleep.  Fluorite enhances feelings of harmony and tranquility in the mind when you keep this crystal under your bed or pillow while sleeping.  If you’re prone to night terrors, overactive thoughts at night, anxiety, or stress – fluorite is a great companion for your sleep-time success.

Flourite has a way of purifying the mind of negative, nagging thoughts.  For many people, getting good sleep is more about mental frustrations and a hyperactive mind than physical issues.  That’s where fluorite comes in handy because it helps you fall asleep faster and easier. It can relieve stress, and quiet your mind so you can get the rest you deserve. Oh, and if you’re into lucid dreaming, fluorite can help with that too. 

Lepidolite for Converting Anxiety

If you’re not familiar with lepidolite, then you should consider making friends with this glorious crystal. It’s an ace for protection spells, and it stops bad dreams in their tracks when placed under your bed.  If you struggle with bad dreams, this is the crystal for you. Lepidolite is an amazing conversion crystal.  This means it will absorb negative energy, purify it and help convert it into positive energy. Not a bad companion under your pillow, eh?

Furthermore, if you are susceptible to absorbing toxic energy from others – lepidolite’s energy can cast a brilliant bubble around you as well as help you avoid sucking in toxic vibes.  Not only can it protect you in your dreams, but also protect your energies from turning too negative from stress or anxiety when you’re dealing with other people in public. For this reason, you might want to carry this crystal with you throughout the day. This is especially true if you feel vulnerable or need extra protection.

Rose Quartz For Self-Love and Healing Sleep

Rose quartz is often associated with love, which is totally accurate. Its powers are harnessed when wanting to find romantic connections and manifesting that special someone you wish to be with.  But most people don’t realize rose quartz is a champion at obtaining peaceful sleep. 

Because this crystal is associated with love and healing, it can be a great force to use for self-love.  If you’re anything like me, you might recapitulate the events throughout the day.  Sometimes when I do this, I scold myself – thinking “Oh! I should have done this. Or I could have handled this better!”  These thoughts can plague me when I try to fall asleep.  In truth, I’m doing the best I can – and so are you. 

When you know you’re living with integrity – these guilty voices need to shut up.  That’s where rose quartz can help.  It will auger a sense of self-love and assurance that you’ve lived your day as compassionately and thoughtfully as possible in the moment. 

If you have self-esteem or confidence challenges and want to muster up more self-love while you sleep, rose quartz is a great choice. It is also fabulous for giving you more emotional warmth, healing, and love, as well as enhancing feelings of self-acceptance and positivity while you sleep.

The Last Word On Crystals and Better Sleep

Hopefully, my experience and tips on putting crystals under your bed or pillow inspire you to give it a try.  If you do, be sure to infuse good intentions into your crystals. Charge them, and energize your crystals with belief and positive affirmations.  While some may say these are just rocks and stones – others (like myself) say they are genius little powerhouses of massive energy and potential.  I hope these insights help you towards healthier, happier sleep.  As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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