Astrology and the Seasons

Astrology and the Seasons

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How Astrology and the Seasons Influence Our Lives

Exploring Astrology and the Seasons: The beauty of astrology is that it pokes its figures into many different pies. Meaning, astrology looks into a myriad of different aspects of our universe and makes a connection to form pretty impressive conclusions.  At its simplest, astrology is a study of how the stars and planets influence humanity. But astrology goes so much deeper than that. Astrology is a dynamic system that collects diverse data in the cosmos. It then takes that data and weaves a tapestry that helps define and create inferences about life, community, weather…even politics.

Astrology and the seasons is just one of the many lenses astrology looks through to perceive and relate to the world around us. It may seem basic, but sometimes the most profound systems of meaning and understanding are the simplest. If you think about it, the seasons are at the heart of every human life and have been since the dawn of humankind. The cycle of life revolves around the cyclical nature of the seasons.  The very first humans on this earth based their lives on the ebb and flow of the seasons. From hunting to agriculture, industry to community, the seasons governed human progress in early times and even to this day.

Astrology and the Seasons
Astrology and the Seasons

“The coming and going of the seasons give us more than the springtimes, summers, autumns, and winters of our lives. It reflects the coming and going of the circumstances of our lives like the glassy surface of a pond that shows our faces radiant with joy or contorted with pain.”

~Gary Zukav

Seasons play an integral role in human life and they play an equally crucial role in astrology.  In fact, the seasons give order to the zodiac. All 12 zodiac signs are divided into four quadrants, and these quadrants are based on the four seasons, and each season lends a special quality to each zodiac sign.  Most of these qualities are common sense. For example, the Leo zodiac sign is born in the summer season. As a result, Leo’s disposition tends to be bold, bright, and powerful just as the energy of the sun is in full force during summertime.

Not only do the personality of the seasons influence zodiac signs, the changes of the seasons are also a big factor.  If you think about it, seasons are in constant flux. They march to the beat of time, continuously moving towards progress. For example, from the first moment the winter solstice begins, time ticks forward towards spring. It is the transitions from light to dark and back again that imbue meaning into zodiac signs.  To help explain this further, here is a neat chart illustrating astrology and the seasons.

Astrology and the Seasons
Astrology and the Seasons Chart of Associations

Zodiac Signs & Associations for Each Season

I mentioned earlier that all 12 zodiac signs are equally divided among the four quadrants of the seasons. This means each season governs three astrology signs. Additionally, each season is connected with ruling planets, elements and personality  traits.  Below is a list of the four seasons, each of their zodiac signs and associations.

Astrology and the Seasons
Astrology Signs for the Spring

Zodiac Signs for Spring
March 21 – June 21

Spring SignsSign SymbolsRuling PlanetsElements
Aries:The RamMarsFire
Taurus:The BullVenusEarth
Gemini:The TwinsMercuryAir

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Astrology and the Seasons
Astrology Signs and Summer Associations

Zodiac Signs for Summer
June 21 – September 23

Summer SignsSign SymbolsRuling PlanetsElements
Cancer:The CrabMoonWater
Leo:The LionSunFire
Virgo:The VirginMercuryEarth

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Astrology and the Seasons
Astrology and Autumn

Zodiac Signs for Autumn
September 23 – December 21

Autumn SignsSign SymbolsRuling PlanetsElements
Libra:The ScalesVenusAir
Scorpio:The ScorpionPlutoWater
Sagittarius:The CentaurVenusFire

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Astrology and the Seasons
Astrology Signs of Winter

Zodiac Signs for Winter
December 21 – March 21

Winter SignsSign SymbolsRuling PlanetsElements
Capricorn:The GoatSaturnEarth
Aquarius:The Water BearerUranusAir
Pisces:The FishNeptuneWater

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Closing Thoughts About Astrology and the Seasons

When it comes to zodiac signs, the influences of the seasons are profound. The two solstices and two equinoxes are an elegant construct that beautifully organize the zodiac signs. Additionally, we can learn a lot about the personalities of all the zodiac signs when we consider the season in which each was born. I hope these tips to astrology and the season is helpful to you as you continue zodiac sign meanings and more. As always, thanks for reading!

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Autumn Zodiac Signs, Astrology and the Seasons

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Autumn Zodiac Signs, Astrology and the Seasons

Symbolic Meaning of Seasons

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