Meaning of Carnivorous Plants

Meaning of Carnivorous Plants

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The longer I walk the symbolic path, the more it becomes evident that everything is up for interpretive grabs. This includes the spiritual meaning of carnivorous plants. You might be thinking, “What? Really?” But the truth is, I’ve had some pretty wild and wonderful insights, and it’s all due to tracking down the deeper meaning of carnivorous plants.

To explain, when I’m impressed with something consistently, more than once, I know there’s primo meaning in my midst. So, when carnivorous plants kept on creeping in my consciousness, I knew I had to start paying closer attention to the potential messages associated with their frequent appearances in my life.

Carnivorous plants first appeared in dreams (prime awareness), next in meditation (observing awareness), and lastly, I saw a pitcher plant in an ancillary exhibit whilst visiting the museum last week (physical awareness).  See the gradual surfacing of presence in multi-layers of consciousness?  That’s a sign to wake up and start interpreting.

So where does the meaning of carnivorous plants come in? Here are a few ideas about what my experience with these plants has revealed to me on a symbolic level.

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What are Carnivorous Plants?

Meaning of Carnivorous Plants
Meaning of Carnivorous Plants

Currently, there are about 630 different species of these plants. They are unique because their diet is primarily composed of protein. That means they are meat-eaters.  Some smaller carnivorous plants consume single-celled organisms like protozoa and bacteria. Carnivorous plants in the ocean eat tiny fish or small crustaceans. The plants you might be most familiar with, like the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) eat flies, beetles, ants, gnats, etc.

Adaptation & Survival

Perhaps one of the most profound points of carnivorous plant meaning is their extraordinary ability to survive.  All plants need nitrogen they suck from nitrates in the soil to survive.  The carnivorous plants don’t have this luxury because they live in marshy, boggy areas where nitrates in the soil are next to zilch.  To compensate, and get the nitrates they need, they adapted and started going paleo.  In other words, these plants get the nutrients they need by eating proteins.  On a symbolic level, this might look something like…

Bloom Where You’re Planted:

You may live in a bog, but that doesn’t have to stunt your growth. If the carnivorous plant can evolve and change in order to survive, so can we.  Am I being oversimplified here?  Maybe. But the symbolic message is there – and it’s worthy of pondering (I have).

Getting What You Need: 

The carnivorous plant adapted its diet in order to live and thrive. We can do the same. I’m not talking about changing our diets to be healthier – although that’s certainly valid.  On a deeper level, I’m talking about getting nutrients such as love, respect, recognition, trust, loyalty, etc. we need in order to live fully and healthily.

The Sensitivity and the Art of Allure

Meaning of Carnivorous Plants
Meaning of Carnivorous Plants

These plants typically catch their snacks (insects, primarily) by emitting wooing scents, shimmery bling, and psychedelic charm. They are irresistible to some insects. Carnivorous plants also have highly specialized sensory systems. They can catch the faintest movement, which allows them to snatch and grab their snacks. There is something to be learned from this behavior.  Between the magnetizing pheromones, they emit to allure and attract their prey to the sensitivity they possess in capturing their food – carnivorous plants remind us of the old adage, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” On a symbolic level, the carnivorous plant meaning in terms of sensitivity and allure might look like…

Kill ‘Em With Kindness:

These plants remind us that when we are attracting something we want in our life, it’s best to approach it with positivity. Just as the plant emit pleasing aromas, and present themselves in luscious colors to attract their prey – we can do the same when it comes to alluring what we want in our lives.  This tactic can be far more effective than spewing vitriol, slamming desks or stewing in vengeance to get what we want.

Unconventional Captures: 

The way carnivorous plants lure and capture their prey is unconventional at best, and downright bizarre to say the least. I like that. It tells me that in order to attain something I want, sometimes it’s best to go about it in unusual ways.  So, instead of hunting down your goals or dreams with traditional tactics, maybe do as the carnivorous plants do and bag your dreams in unorthodox ways. 

About Manifesting Dreams

Meaning of Carnivorous Plants
Meaning of Carnivorous Plants

Consider.  Carnivorous (as all) plants are closely aligned with water which is symbolic of dreams, imagination and emotion.   Carnivorous plants are masters of wild, dreamy presentation. Their entire design is built on an exotic foundation.  Otherworldly.  Extraterrestrial, almost. Fodder for the dreaming mind. It’s also fodder for a mind that can extend itself – reach out – and grasp beyond mundane reality. 

This is particularly important in terms of law of attraction. We use our mind, dreams and emotion in order to envision and magnetize our dreams into reality when using the law of attraction practices.

The call of our dreams is irresistible too.  You know what I mean.  We all have a dream.  It beguiles us. Calls to us. Charms us.  The call of our dreams is as irresistible as the narcotic-like trappings of the carnivorous plants.

But, like these plants, our dreams can be wicked in their demands.  It’s not enough to be lured in by the dream.  That dream needs to be fed.  And our dreams will not tolerate fluff for consumption.  No way.  Like the pitcher plant, our dreams need meaty sustenance.  Real food.  Protein.  The stuff that builds hearty growth and sturdy foundations. 

If not fed properly, our dreams can consume us.  Indeed, some carnivorous plants ingest themselves. Self-cannibalization. Tasty. So, when thinking of carnivorous plant meaning and manifesting dreams the symbolic connection might look something like this…

Feed Your Dream:

Whether you have a vague desire to be a world-renowned author or own your own business – feed that dream. The carnivorous plant reminds us that dreams need to be fed heartily in order to grow.  Feed your dream and let it feed you (in terms of inspiration) in return.

Be Inspired:

it goes without saying carnivorous plants are inspiring to behold and observe. I think they are grand reminders about how our dreams should be inspiring and glorious to behold too.  Without dreams, we don’t have much reason to grow beyond our current level of development. 

Stay Patient:  

A carnivorous plant doesn’t uproot, start on a warpath, and club its prey. Nope. It stays rooted and stands still. It waits patiently for its yummy treats to drift innocently into its waiting, gaping traps.  There’s a lesson in that. Getting what we want takes patience.  We might not like the timing of attaining our desires. However, we can look to carnivorous plants to see how running the long game, staying present and calm and being patient can result in catching the flies (err, well manifesting our dreams) as the flytrap does.

The Last Word on Spiritual Meaning of Carnivorous Plants

Now, you might think I’ve gone out on a limb by drawing these similarities. Maybe I overreached or got carried away.  But then again, I’ve had some huge epiphanies from the carnivorous plant.  They’ve taught me so much when I took the time to pay attention and observe the messages they share.  As always, these are just my observations.  You’ll have your own opinion, and that’s the way it should be.  I hope these insights on the deeper, spiritual meaning of carnivorous plants proved helpful and insightful to you. Thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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