falcon tattoo ideas and falcon meaning

Falcon Tattoo Ideas

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Falcon Tattoo Ideas and Falcon Meanings

Meaningful Falcon Tattoo Ideas: Vision, vision, vision. That’s what falcon tattoo ideas say to me. What kind of vision? A passionate one. An imperial aim for a higher ideal.

Why? Because the falcon is a noble bird whose acumen for reaching greater heights is legendary.

The Egyptians knew it. That’s why the falcon is a noble companion and consort of their sun god, Ra.

Its association with solar power, Ra (and the falcon) is tantamount to superior vision. Falcons weren’t just one step removed from god – they were god. We’re talking divine embodiment here – tapping into raw, primal energy. Egyptians were savvy about the ways of the falcon, sure – but they were more aware of the spirit of the falcon which seemed to circle the sun with ferocious determination and ceaseless courage.

falcon tattoo ideas and falcon meanings
Falcon tattoo ideas and falcon meanings

That’s what I’m talking about when that concept of “vision” keeps flying through my observations about the falcon. Falcon tattoos ideas, in my mind, encourage us to scale the heavens of our own potential, fly fearlessly into the power of the sun, and keep reaching higher – reaching for more – keep rising to hit the target of personal vision. -Something to keep in your heart as you consider falcon tattoo ideas.

We get the sense of this in ancient Europe too where the falcon is a symbol of obtaining the “prize.” The sport of falconry – training a raptor in the art of the hunt is highly honorable (when executed in the authentic tradition). Training a falcon takes time, devotion, commitment – it requires focus on the skills and talents inherent in the bird too.

True, the falcon does what it does naturally: Hone in on the prey, and master the capture. However, it takes the vision and focus of the falconer to refine these primal impulses in a falcon. It also takes cooperation. That’s one of the reasons falconry is relegated to royalty – because it recognizes respect and honor between man and beast.

That spirit of collaboration between human and raptor is key in a falcon tattoo. It talks about communion with a divine essence with a bird of indomitable courage and ceaseless gumption.

falcon tattoo ideas and falcon meanings
Falcon tattoo ideas and falcon meanings

Some other keywords to consider while doing research for your falcon tattoo ideas are below listed.

Symbolic Falcon Meanings – Keywords

  • Focus
  • Vision
  • Freedom
  • Royalty
  • Devotion
  • Nobility
  • Honor
  • Strength
  • Skill
  • Strategy
  • Vitality
  • Clarity
  • Aspiration
  • Higher Ideals
  • Determination
  • Divine Messages
falcon meaning and falcon tattoo ideas
Falcon meaning and falcon tattoo ideas

If you’re thinking of getting a falcon tattoo, know that it’s more than a statement of power. Know that you’re invoking the fine-bright, blinding power of the sun within that tattoo. Know that the falcon can aid in your journey of commitment to your highest vision. Know that in your flights of higher ideals, the falcon is a companion in your vision. A true, revolutionary ally on your path to clarified focus.

These are just a few (rather passionate) thoughts about the falcon tattoo meanings.

Fly higher into your falcon tattoo ideas by visiting like-minded links at the end of this page. As always, thanks for reading!



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