Rainbow Meanings

Magical Rainbow Meanings

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Symbolism about Rainbow Meanings

Rainbow meanings …what’s that all about? Well, let’s start with the rainbow being one of the most quintessential symbols of hope, promise, and unity. I love how rainbows require the perfect concoction of temperature, moisture, and light in order to create their lovely arches.

As a symbol, rainbow meanings are vast, profound and even revolutionary for the soul.
Before science squashed the magic out of how rainbows are formed, they were thought of as epic features in almost every cultural myth.

For example, in countless cultures around the world, the rainbow is considered the bridge between earth and heaven. It is a powerful symbol of the divine and the connection the divine has with us earth-bound humans.

In many Native American myths, the rainbow is evidence of the direct link between Sky gods and Sun gods. It was a sign that harmony has been established by these two influences, and so it was also a promise of bounty, plentiful harvest and peace within the tribe.

In ancient Greece, rainbow meanings are connected to the goddess Iris, who was a messenger of the gods. Here we see another theme of bridges and connection with the divine. In the world of Greek gods, the goddess Iris and the rainbow is a symbol of divine communication and messages from celestial sources.

Rainbow Meanings
More Rainbow Meanings

“Rainbows apologize for angry skies.”

~Sylvia Voirol

In several African myths, the rainbow is considered the protector of great treasures. Interestingly, this ties in with finding the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow in Irish lore. I love how myths can be so varied yet so similar – even if the myths originate at polar opposite ends of the world. Essentially, in this golden myth, the rainbow is a symbol of the promise of great prosperity.

Buddhist wisdom suggests rainbow meanings as a sign of the clearest state of consciousness. It is a symbol of pure light and spiritual reflection…a unification of mind, body, spirit and emotion. It is considered a sign of Nirvana…the highest attainment of soul-realization.

In Christianity the rainbow is featured as a symbol of pardon and reconciliation. After the great flood (as in the flood Noah built the ark to avoid), a rainbow was sent when the waters receded. This is typically regarded as a sign of forgiveness and hope…kinda like a message saying “Hey, it’s gonna be okay now that everything has been annihilated in your life except what you had on the boat.

symbolic meaning of rainbows
symbolic meaning of rainbows

This Christian aspect about the rainbow is also symbolic of starting over and new beginnings. Apparently, the rainbow is a sign of a ‘do-over’. 

Have you ever played hoops? I have. When I was a kid, the local hooligans would gather to shoot basketball hoops…when one of us missed the hoop, sometimes we would cry “DO OVER!!!” and we were allowed to take a second shot at the basket.

Maybe I’m weird, but this is the most powerful take-away point (for me) about rainbow meanings. When I see a rainbow, it reminds me that there is such a thing as a ‘do-over’. Second chances exist. Clean slates can happen. At any moment (no matter how dark the moment seems) there is always an opportunity for clearing, cleaning and starting out anew. 

That’s the beauty of the concept of promise and hope (and the rainbow). It’s available to all of us. Sure, the promise of starting afresh life is contingent upon the choices we make…but maybe that’s why rainbows seem so magical…they hold the promise of pure potential and opportunities to recreate our lives.
As always, thank you for reading!

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symbolic meaning of rainbows

More Symbolic Rainbow Meanings

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