Chinese Symbol Writing

Chinese symbols writing

Chinese Symbol Writing

Common Chinese Writing Symbol Meanings

Chinese Symbol Writing
Common Phrases in Chinese Writing

Chinese symbol writing is a unique style of communication, primarily because it is as beautiful as it is functional. This is evident in the character shown above, which means love.

The Chinese written language is conveyed in characters. Earlier in the written language, each of these characters were pictures like animals or places.

Over time, writing became more stylized and seldom takes on a picture form.

There are tens of thousands of different characters in the Chinese writing system. Most of these have been dropped due to lack of use over the centuries. Today, knowledge of about 4,000 symbols conveys most messages.

Below are some words and phrases in English along with Chinese symbol writing for each. Note, these characters are shown are from Alexas, an artist on Pixabay. Much gratitude for the use of these Chinese characters and meanings.


Common Chinese Symbol Writing Meanings

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An Important Note About Signs, Symbols and Their Meanings

Signs and symbols cultivate their meanings according to culture, context, passage of time, and mass societal opinion. What’s cool and highly important is that signs and symbols earn their most powerful meanings from our own personal perspectives.

This website strives to provide you with the best, time-honored information when defining signs and symbols. However, in the final analysis, “Beauty (and symbolism) is in the eye of the beholder.”

Having said that, it’s in our best interest to invest the time to do personal research on symbolic events happening to us. This website is just one perspective in an ocean of variety and diversity in the realm of symbolism. So dive in! There is a whole universe of deeper meanings to explore! You can start your research by clicking on the links at the end or to the side of this page. Odds are good I’ve got a follow-up article about this symbolic topic. ?

As always, thanks for your willingness to learn more about the language of symbolism. It’s a language that is universal and everywhere. It’s super-groovy to travel with you on your symbolic path, and maybe offer a little translation along the way. Thanks for reading and exploring!