May Horoscopes and Astrology for May

Horoscopes for May

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The month of May will have us all rocking and rolling. The planets, in their infinitely dizzying dance, are influencing all the signs of the zodiac. We’ll feel the impact of Mercury retrograde, but we’ll also feel the frenzied energies inherent in the springtime month of May. Most of the signs will experience a great amount of change both physically and emotionally. Furthermore, the majority of signs should encounter some sort of epiphany or clarifying understanding about future directions to take. Here are in-depth horoscopes for May for all the zodiac signs. Enjoy!


(born March 21 – May 19)
The beginning of May might see you stuck in a creative rut. Communications might also not be going the way you would prefer. You could find yourself having some confusion around a few issues, and your ability to clearly express your feelings about what’s going on is off-kilter. What’s more, there are details about a certain situation that you may not have all the facts about. You’re very perceptive, dear Aries, and you know when you’re not being told the whole truth. Dig for the truth if you can, but if it doesn’t come out, don’t let it get under your skin. Take the events at face value and don’t take other people’s behaviors personally. Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree. Trust your intuition about what’s going on, and don’t let appearances worry you. This little bit of stuck-ness and miscommunication will pass. Look to the third week of May for a time of clarity, easier communication and a more fluid state of being.


Astrology Forecast for May - Taurus
Astrology Forecast for May – Taurus

(born April 20 – May 20)
There could be a lot on your plate right now Taurus! It’s time to consider whittling down your to-do list. Simplify and narrow your focus. These past few weeks have likely been a whirlwind with so much going on, and find you turning around to think “where has the time gone?” All this activity and rapid paces have a tendency to leave you feeling like you’re on an emotional roller coaster. You’re incredibly gifted at knowing what makes you feel at your best (even when you choose not to listen to yourself about what’s best for you). So, I’m asking you to take time out this month for you. And, pick one of the many creative options and activities available to you right now and focus on that. Remember that letting the other options slip away is not shirking responsibility. It’s honoring the strength within you. Dividing your attention to a barrage of people and opportunities isn’t the way to get you back to sacred ground. Pick a path that inspires you, focus on it, and see where it leads. The new moon will give you better perspective about that creative choice.


Astrology for May - Gemini
Astrology for May – Gemini

(born May 21 – June 20)
I sense you’ve planted some seeds as of late – new ideas, creative endeavors, business plans – this month should see some of those seeds sprouting results. The energy of May should buoy you to strut your stuff, act on impulses and walk the red carpet when it comes to debuting your ideas to the world. This won’t be anything new to you, because you’re a natural over-achiever. However, this time you’ll be incorporating a more colorful flavor to your activities. Goals you’ve been working on will blossom in a way you hadn’t planned on. Relationships will continue to thrive with your nurturing. Let May be a month of self-discovery too. This is a time for you to reacquaint yourself with activities that make you feel more powerful. Perhaps it’s time to consider going back to school? Or at least taking a few classes of interest. You are certainly an authority in many subjects; I get the feeling you’re going to be called to task, and your expertise is requested to lead a larger group of people. Just think on it during this auspicious month of May.


May Horoscope for Cancer
May Horoscope for Cancer

(born June 21 – July 22)
Where there was once strain in partnerships, the month of May will show you new understandings. This month should provide a beautiful unfolding in your relationships. I see people will be more honest and open with you. This will prompt you to respond in kind with equal candor and transparency. There will also be new growth this month, especially in your intimate relationships. If you’ve been thinking about starting a family, this is an auspicious time for such matters. This doesn’t necessarily mean a traditional family – this month might also see you branching out and adopting unlikely but vital souls into your clan. If you have a family, May will give you opportunities to spend more time with your beloveds and re-devote your attention to familial connections. The month of May should also see you prosper in business affairs, not necessarily monetarily, but the networking contacts you make this month will pay off for you in the future.


Horoscope for May - Leo
Horoscope for May – Leo

(born July 23 – August 22)
The month of May is pregnant with opportunity for you. I get the feeling you’ve been through a bit of a dry spell. Now it’s time to be prepared to quench your thirst this month, because I feel the rain waters of opportunity falling your direction. This is potentially a time of incredible harvest for you in matters of health, wealth and the heart. Your renewal is nigh, and it never hurts to coax things along a little bit. Keep your positive attitude in place. Recognize the beauty surrounding you. Take heart of the little kindnesses you’ve been gifted with. Be aware of the natural flow of things in your life, and how elegantly everything is falling into place for your well-being. It’s going to feel like the entire world is conspiring on your behalf. And, it is! This month will see your winds of fortune shift in a very pleasing direction. Pay close attention to last quarter moon towards the end of the month – that time feels like the cherry on your ice cream sundae.


Astrology for May - Virgo
Astrology for May – Virgo

(born August 23 – September 22)
Cue John Paul Young’s song, Love Is In The Air. At the very least, let your love for socializing and experiencing the finer things in life come to the forefront this month. Parties, weddings, social shindigs and reunions abound for you in May. Enjoy, and savor every moment. Go all out too. Make a fuss with your fixin’s and cater to your whims. There’s an ebullient quality to this month for you. Drink it in with verve. In the midst of all your high stepping, people are taking notice of you. They should see the sparkle in your eyes, and a vibrancy that is enchanting. I find it amusing that you know they’re watching too, so flaunt it. You’re scintillating with charm and exuberance for life, so share it with everyone around you! Be infectious with your vitality! Realize that your energy can be contagious – so make it good, and inspire others in your wake!


Astrology for May - Libra
Astrology for May – Libra

(born September 23 – October 22)
This month has you searching for balance by way of shifting your focus. This change may be brought about by moving out of your current environment. If you’ve thought of moving, now might be a time to give it more serious thought. Just bear in mind – wherever you move, you take yourself with you. That is to say – if you’re considering making changes just to avoid something or escape a difficult situation – I guarantee the scenario will repeat itself. Don’t use a bandage to fix the wound. Rather, use this month to do some soul searching. If you want to change the scenery in your life, look into the deep waters that run within you, and start purifying there first. The thirteenth of this month will offer you a time of more clarity and introspection will lead to a better balance for the rest of that week.


May Astrology - Scorpio
May Astrology – Scorpio

(born October 23 – November 21)
You’ve been on one hell of a ride lately, Scorpio. It feels like your world has been topsy-turvey, and you’ve been working your tail off to keep some semblance of order. The month of May is geared to give you the blessed opportunity to press the pause button on your life. You really need solitude to operate at optimum levels, and you haven’t been getting enough of that lately. If you’ve been avoiding alone time, cut it out, and make the space you need to revitalize yourself this month. You’ve got watery depths that really need to be stilled in order for you to churn out the kind of productivity you are accustomed to. Take time to calm your waters dear Scorpio. In so doing, you’re going to come across some major epiphanies. I’m talking about soulful awakenings that will rock your world. Rest up now, so you can be better prepared to reap the whirlwind later.


Horoscope for May - Sagittarius
Horoscope for May – Sagittarius

(born November 22 – December 21)
The door is right there in front of you, why aren’t you opening it? Whatever it is that’s holding you back, the month of May is going to give you a gentle kick in the pants, prompting you to answer the opportunities knocking at your door. From out of the blue, a shift will come in your work that will set you on the path you’ve been working towards (so, actually, it’s not “out of the blue” at all, but when it happens, it’s going to feel like a major stroke in luck). You’re just going to get more clarity about your path and journey in life. Don’t overthink it. Try to run with this directional epiphany in stride. Just keep your balance, Sagittarius. Don’t let flattery put you off-kilter. Keep your philosophical motto close to your heart, and let that guide your footsteps these coming weeks. Look to the full moon (May 9) in expectation for awesome happenings. Be present. Be ready. Prepare for changes, and relish the flexibility and advantages that are presented before you for the month of May.


Astrology Forecast for May - Capricorn
Astrology Forecast for May – Capricorn

(born December 22 – January 19)
I get the feeling you’ve been fighting for something lately, and you’re simply unable or unwilling to back down. The thrill of achievement, success, or accomplishment might be a blinding factor for you in the month of May. While your drive for a better way of live, and advocating for improved situations is admirable – don’t let your ambition cloud your judgment. Now, I’d never tell you to back down, dear Cappy (because that would just compel you to ram harder at your endeavors). However, I am suggesting that the energy in the month of May is more attuned to letting things flow naturally. That’s why I’m softly suggesting to take baby steps, be in the present moment, consider words before speaking them. You know that taking a rigid or stubborn approach has gotten you caught in the barbed wire a few times. The month of May should inspire you to take a more subtle approach to meeting your needs. Furthermore, your patience is likely to pay off, because this month will hold a great deal of possibilities and opportunities for you. So, don’t be shocked that whatever you’ve been fighting for starts to wiggle loose and provides you a windfall or clearing so you may go forward with better navigation.


(born January 20 – march 18)
Would you believe justice will come to you this month? I see you’ve been rallying for reform and change (either in your life, in the community or even in politics, perhaps). That said, the changes you so deeply desire to come to fruition should likely come to a head this month of May. Circumstances in the previous month of April have not yet cycled out of your system. It’s going to be a challenge to hold to convention and remain reserved for much longer. But, I get the impression you won’t have to play conservative too long. It may seem like you’re between two polar forces, and being pulled between separate influences. However, rest assured, this month is going to give you the clarity you require to make the best choices. I want to encourage you to do some independent research too. I feel like there’s something behind the veil that’s been concealed from your view. Do some innocent poking around, find some facts and clues on your own. Mid month will find you more clear about your footing.


Pisces Horoscope for May
Pisces Horoscope for May

(born March 19 – March 20)
Cue Mary MacGregor’s song, Torn Between Two Lovers. The lovers for you are the dueling aspects of work and home. I feel you’re torn between two career paths, one may even see you relocating. There’s lots of duality going on with you right now. Sail the duplicitous waves as best you can, but I’m not going to sugarcoat it, these decisions you’re making now aren’t easy ones. On the positive side, May is going to challenge you to the point where a remarkably creative side of yourself will be revealed. Like a diamond forms under pressure – so too will you in the coming weeks of May. You’ve got nothing to worry about – you’ve been prepared for this kind of polarity for awhile. It’s just “go time” right now and choices need to be made. That can be scary for some…but I don’t think you’re concerned about it. You know you’ll be alright.

I hope you have enjoyed these forecasts and horoscopes for May. It should go without saying these messages are given with best intentions. Disclaimers are a real bummer, and I hate to dampen the fun with strict fine-print. Just know these horoscopes for May are from my personal perspectives and insights. You are 100% responsible for everything in your life….not me, not these horoscopes. As always, thanks for reading and I’m hoping your month of May is replete with promise.

Mighty brightly,

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