Aromatherapy oil meanings

Aromatherapy Oil Meanings and Uses

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Exploring Aroma Therapy and Essential Oil Meanings: Sniffing Symbolic Aroma Therapy Oil Meanings Aromatherapy is a perfect companion to any symbolic lifestyle because using aromas to enhance our well-being is a great way of connecting with the essence of nature.

Symbolic Living and Aromatherapy

Living a symbolic life is all about observing, taking cues from, and participating with our environment to bring about desirable shifts in our lives. Using aromatic oils calls for participation with our environment.  Incorporating these essential oils into our daily lives will adjust our moods, impact our physiology, and cause various other beneficial shifts to our being.

If you think about it, exploring symbolic meanings in our lives does the same thing.  By default, knowing the meaning and purpose of essential oils and partaking in aromatherapy is a great new level of enhancing symbolic awareness. Furthermore, aromatherapy holds hands with the realm of symbolic meanings because we are prompted to use our own inner guidance as we submerge ourselves in the scents of nature.  The use of aromas is all very intuitive and organic.

How Does Aromatherapy Work?

Just as the most popular perfumes are used to allure and enhance our overall mood and attractiveness, aromatherapy works kind of the same way. Aromatic oils have been utilized since ancient times to elevate mood and stimulate the senses. Ancient Egyptians were among the first to recognize the benefits of fragrance and aromatherapy.  They, along with other naturally savvy aroma practitioners observed aromatic oils as penetrative allies.  The scent and essence of essential oils are known to trigger responses within our minds, bodies, and our environment. Certain oils will inspire a certain response.  The idea is to utilize the right oil and scent in order to elicit the desired reaction.

What Do Essential Oils Do?

♦ Certain essential aromas penetrate the olfactory system which activates sensors in the brain.  This sparks emotional/mental responses such as tranquility, vitality, and even elevated consciousness.

♦ As we breathe in, the aroma penetrates our lungs and some aromas actually stimulate respiration, enhance air circulation and clear out congestion.

♦ Aromas captured in essential oils can penetrate the skin. These oils are absorbed into the body and their essences stimulate blood flow, ease tissues and muscles, and much more.

Aromatherapy oil meanings
Aromatherapy oil meanings

Fragrance is all about sensations and imagery, and can evoke visions, feelings and thoughts.”


Which Oils to Use in Aromatherapy?

There are seemingly infinite smells in our world, and each of them is integral to aromatherapy.  So where do we start?  We can start by exploring common essential oils and observing their effects on us and our surroundings.

Although these aromatic essences are common, their impact can be quite uncommon.  Pay attention to the effects these oils have on your body and psyche.  It might be a good idea to keep an aroma journal and record different responses you have to various oils.  Huh? Yeah! I’m serious! Recording your reaction to various scents and oils…how you applied them…for what purpose and then recording outcomes can be a great way to track progress; it allows you to know what works for you, and what doesn’t work.

You can obtain these common aromatic oils from any store that carries a line of organic, holistic, health-related, and/or magical products. 

Oh, and it’s nuts I even have to mention this…but you all should know this article on aromatherapy does NOT replace any kind of professional, medical advice.  If you’re sick, see a doctor. Also, if you are allergic, don’t mess with it. If it’s not your bag baby, then read no further. Common sense, but I’ve got to cover my back cheeks. 😉

Symbolism of Aromatherapy and Common Essential Oil Meanings

If you’re looking to spice up your life, refresh your energy, and encourage tranquility – then check out these uplifting aromas. We also include symbolism and essential oil meanings for each of these sensational scents.


Aromatherapy oil meanings chamomile meaning

Enhances calm, peace, relaxation.  Prevents nightmares and insomnia.  Chamomile essential oil is made from distilled fresh flowers and has been used since medieval times to treat ailments from eczema to asthma.  Alchemists appreciated the deep blue hue from the azulenes contained in this oi. Azulene is an organic compound, an aromatic hydrocarbon. I’ll spare you the techie, geeky details…just know it produces the cool blue tint. It was thought these azulenes were magical for subduing irascible behavior and anxiety.  Add chamomile oil to a steam bath before bed to help get to sleep, or to loosen up chest congestion.


Aromatherapy oil meanings eucalyptus meaning

Enhances activity! Eucalyptus is a very stimulating energy. It has been known to be an elixir of rejuvenation. This oil can clear out stale chi and focus on awareness.  Eucalyptus oil is made from moisture emitted from eucalyptus leaves, the resulting product is one of the most antiseptic oils on the herbalist’s shelf.  Antiseptic? Yeah, this oil has been used since ancient times for its cleaning properties – like clearing out infections.  Use as a massage oil to help with rheumatic or arthritic pain. Or just take a few whiffs to get a jolt of energy…you might find it better than a cup of coffee!


Aromatherapy oil meanings jasmine meaning

Sensuality sensation! Jasmine essential oils are admired for their association with fertility, love, passion, sensuality, and desire.  Jasmine is also good for calming and has an all-around groovy feeling.   Jasmine is considered an ultimate love flower to the Eastern Indian way of thought and is often incorporated into many celebrations to elicit adoration, fellowship, and harmony.  This aromatic oil also claims to clarify thoughts and enhance intuition. Put a few drops of jasmine oil on your skin for an intoxicating delight.  The smell will trigger passion – but the oil is also great for the skin too.


Aromatherapy oil meanings lavender meaning

Lavender has been considered the grand pooh-bah of oils. It is credited for seemingly all ailments…from silencing a fussy child to curing whooping cough..lavender in one form or another (including its essential oil) has a long history of healing properties. It is often utilized as a calming element. Lavender oil is said to enhance friendship, love, communication, family unification, loyalty, and gentleness. Lavender has been common in every household first aid kit since ancient times because of its wide range of benefits and uses.  The aroma loosens up nervousness, enhances sleep, and augers a sense of security/comfort.  A dilution of the oil massaged into the temples has been known to alleviate headaches.  You can also massage into muscles to release tension.

Lemon Balm and Lemongrass

Aromatherapy oil meanings lemon balm meaning

This oil is known to boost mental clarity. Its aroma rejuvenates, renews, and offers refreshing energy.  Lemony oil also offers a youthful feeling. The herb itself was said to be an elixir of youth in medieval times.  It is famed for having a calming effect and has been thought to serve as an anti-depressant as it soothes anxieties and worries.  Lemon balm and lemongrass is protective oil too and is credited for warding off negativity.  A few drops in an ointment base will help clear up insect bites and even serve as an insect repellent.  You can also use the oil as a spray; a few squirts in a room can clear and renew the energy of the room. As a massage oil, it will relieve tension and chest congestion.


Aromatherapy oil meanings pine meaning

This is another biggie in the realm of aromatherapy. Pine is a great essence for triggering inspiration, creativity, and psychic illumination.  Our ancestors recognized pine as an outstanding protective agent and claimed it would purify almost everything.  Put a few drops in an infuser or saucer within your home to clear out negative energies or clear stagnated chi.  It’s also a good agent to incorporate into blessings (house blessing, baby showers) because it kicks off new beginnings with positive energy. Pine aroma also helps rejuvenate and reduce depression.  Use pine scent in massage oils to activate stiff joints.


Aromatherapy oil meanings rose meaning

Such an alluring aroma! As you might expect, rose oil is the go-to essence to enhance lovey-dovey things like: Affection, comfort, love, passion, dream-states and beautification.  There’s got to be some merit to this. Why? Because rose petals are steam-distilled and used in almost 95% of all women’s perfumes.  Rose scents have been used since ancient times to help heal sorrows of the heart. It was also considered an effective anti-depressant.  Put a few drops in bath water to relieve grief, anxiety and prevent insomnia.  Add a few drops to creams and lotions for dry and inflamed skin.  Use in an aromatic diffuser to amplify erotic or romantic settings. Get more about symbolic rose meanings here.

Closing Thoughts on Aroma Therapy Oil Meanings

These are just a few of the common oils in aromatherapy. Ideally, knowing the history and traditional uses of each of these oils might expose the subtle symbolic meaning behind each aroma. I hope this article inspires you to discover aromatherapy, the history of these oils, and the symbolic meaning behind each. Hopefully, the combination of oil meanings and oil therapies will be super beneficial!

And I already mentioned this, but it bears repeating. You’re smart. You’re savvy. You know the information in this article should never replace professional, medical consultation and advice. If you’re sick, seek professional help. It grinds me I even have to put this disclaimer in because I know you know better…but it’s the way of this day and age. *sigh*

All that said…as always, thanks so much for reading!

Smelly salutations!

Mighty brightly,

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