Morning Spiritual Rituals

Ideas For Morning Spiritual Rituals

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My morning ritual is all about the dogs, and I’ve got no complaints about that! Once my babies get some snuggles and love, they go out.  Then it’s chow time.  After that, my regular morning routine can begin. Of course, my morning spiritual rituals might look a lot different than yours, but I’d love to share some ideas that have helped me over the years.

What Does A Morning Spiritual Ritual Look Like? (You Might Be Surprised)

But in all honesty, even playing, loving, and feeding my dogs is a morning spiritual routine for me (I just love those fuzzy babies!). Oh, and then there is coffee!  A morning isn’t complete with that percolator working its magic on the kitchen counter.  The first sip of java is a sensational start to the day. 

But this (I think) is at the core of morning spiritual rituals.  Is tossing a bone with my three sons (also known as my dogs) a spiritual event?  I think so.  Or is savoring that first cup of the elixir known as coffee a spiritual ceremony?  I rather think it is too! 

My point here is that morning rituals don’t always appear to be spiritual, but they are, nevertheless.  It’s what we do, and the thought we invest in the movements and actions we make every morning that galvanizes a spiritual routine. 

In other words, you don’t necessarily need to meditate for 2 hours every morning to solidify a spiritual morning regime.  I believe something as simple as watering a houseplant in the morning or taking out the recycling every Monday at 7 a.m. can be as spiritual as doing yoga or anything else. 

Morning Spiritual Rituals
Morning Spiritual Rituals

Morning Spiritual Rituals Improve Inner Growth

All that said, sometimes we might want to establish morning routines to set ourselves upright for the day.  There are many different types of morning routines that can prepare your mind, body, and soul for success throughout the day.  Some help you with better productivity while others can assist you in focusing on crushing your best day.  There are even morning spiritual routines that can improve your physical wellbeing and sustain better health throughout the day.

A spiritual morning ritual is simply one that enhances your sense of connection with your spirit and soul. Many morning routines to get you in spiritual gear are similar to what you would do during any morning – and that’s the beauty of establishing morning rituals. These should become as seamless and habitual as pouring your morning cup of coffee or brushing your teeth.  A few small adjustments and additions to your morning can make all the difference in your spiritual journey.  Here are a few tips and ideas to get your day off on the right spiritual path.

Get Serious About Keeping a Dream Journal

Before you do anything else in the morning, write down your dreams.  Keep a notepad and a pen by your bedside so it’s super-convenient to write down your nighttime adventures.  Use this journal to record any details you remember about your dreams the night before. Details from your dreams will start fading within a few minutes after waking, capture these fleeting visions as soon as you wake.

What are the spiritual benefits of this morning ritual? Well, dreams are mirrors into the soul.  Keeping a record of your soul’s messages, imagery and impressions is a powerful way to connect on a deeply spiritual level.

Morning Spiritual Rituals
Morning Spiritual Rituals

Gratitude and Morning Pages

If you claim you don’t have dreams, or a dream journal isn’t your thing – then at least write something.  Writing is a profound morning spiritual ritual that helps solidify goals, clarify the mind.  Writing morning pages is a fabulous way to purge the mind of needless fluff so you can get laser-focused and function optimally throughout the day.  Consider morning pages as kind of a dumping ground – a place to drop off junk thoughts so you are liberated from negative thoughts. Trust me on this one. Writing is therapy, and doing it first thing in the morning can really work magic in your life.

Another style of journaling you can add to your spiritual morning ritual is with gratitude pages. Giving gratitude in the morning is a perfect way to boost your energy and ignite your spirit.  Writing about what you are grateful for is an excellent way to enhance positive manifestations and it has a miraculous way of rendering sublime outcomes in your daily life.

Start Your Day Out Right With Meditation

After you have written in your dream journal, consider doing a short meditation session. At this point, if your mind is still a little anxious from the dreams you had, it might be a good idea to grab another journal to do some brain dumping. This allows you to get all of those thoughts and feelings out so you can clear your mind better during meditation.

Meditation in the morning is ideal as you are in a more relaxed state.  It helps you clarify your mind, purify your soul and leave you better equipped to deal with potential conflicts that might happen throughout the day. It can be a really illuminating time for you, plus it helps you to set intentions for your spiritual day.

Morning Spiritual Rituals
Morning Spiritual Rituals

Morning Mantras and Affirmations

Select some affirmations or mantras and utter them during your morning spiritual ritual.  Say them out loud, because this will galvanize the message in your heart and mind.  Speaking affirmations and mantras isn’t a new thing – but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Repeating morning mantras, mottos and affirmations is another way to set positive intentions for your day.

Think about what is on your mind in the morning.  Maybe it’s a big meeting, or an intention to keep your cool during the hustle and bustle of the day.  Then select affirmations that help you align with intention of staying calm, being confident, retaining awareness – or whatever your daily goal might be.  The point is to choose affirmations that align with your intentions.  Keep them in your mind and repeat them throughout the day for an added punch and better results.

The Last Word About Morning Spiritual Rituals

These are just a few ideas about morning rituals that can boost your spirituality.  Keep in mind that it’s important to be consistent. So, do try to make good on your long-term commitment to this or any morning routine that can enhance your soulful outlook.  That said, try to avoid making morning rituals a bore.  Too often, an overly rigid spiritual practice can defeat the purpose of soul growth.  If your morning spiritual rituals feel like drudgery or boring – it’s time to shake things up. 

Lastly, remember these or other rituals are meant to uplift, not to burden.  Try to keep them light, and do incorporate them into your everyday morning routines.  For instance, say your morning affirmation in a sing-song way while pouring a cup of coffee or tea.  Or, try different types of meditation such as dancing or walking a labyrinth in the morning instead of traditional meditation.  There is no right or wrong morning ritual – what’s important is that you stay stimulated and inspired every morning and throughout the day.

Mighty brightly,

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