Types of Full Moons

Types of Full Moons

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Full, blood, blue,  supermoon meaning, oh my!  There are tons of symbolism and power in every moon, but certain moons are booming with big juju.   While I’m not here to talk about the astronomical techie details about super-duper types of full moons, I am here to shed some symbolic suggestions about eclipses, blue, and blood moon meaning.

The moon is a symbol of subtle power. It represents mystery, magic, and extraordinary potential.  Compare the moon to a special secret. I mean, a BIG special secret.  The information is there, but it’s hidden. When we have a full moon that secret is like letting the cat out of the bag.  The power of the moon is exposed, and BAM! The truth is exposed, and the magic of the full-moon moment is revealed.

Types of Full Moons and Meaning
Types of Full Moons and Meaning

Exploring Different Types of Full Moons and Symbolic Insights

Blue Moon Meaning

Basically, there is always one full moon every month, giving us 12 full moons in a year.   However, every once two or three years, we experience an extra moon. It’s kind of an anomaly, so that is why we call rare occasions “once in a blue moon” events. A blue moon signifies a double-whammy of mystery. It’s symbolic of information that is super rare to come by. So, a super full blue moon will reveal big wisdom rolling towards us like a cannonball of insight.

Blood Moon Meaning

At its simplest, a blood moon is a way to describe the ruddy red hue the moon takes on during a total lunar eclipse. The blood-red color is owed to the moon blocking the light of the sun. What little light that does peek through is refracted by the earth’s atmosphere giving the moon a sanguine appearance. A blood moon holds a unique symbolic spin. The blood moon typically shows up around harvest time (autumn).  This is a time of committing to hard work in order to reap big rewards. Yet this crimson moon is bloodletting in the dead of winter. What’s up with that? It means we need to make some sacrifices in order to get what we want. Furthermore, it’s an indication it may be time to reap the harvest,  even if the timing doesn’t seem logically correct at this time.

Supermoon Meaning

A supermoon is a full moon that is closest to the earth. This is known as perigee. It’s known as a supermoon because the moon’s orbit so near the earth presents a walloping-awesome, impressive sight. Symbolically, a supermoon meaning speaks to similar impressive life events. These types of moons are full of potential for rendering connections, making partnerships and solidifying bonds. This full moon suggests getting closer and connecting with ideas, people, and goals.

Types of Full Moons and Meaning
Types of Full Moons and Meaning

Stuff to Do During All Types of Full Moons

♦  Forget the Peach Schnapps:  If you ever watched Seinfield, you’ll know about Elaine and her ‘vault.’  Sure, she could keep a secret in her solid fortress, but all those secrets are unlocked once you get a little peach schnapps in her. It’s the same with all types of full moons.  With this lunar moon, expect secrets to be revealed. Anticipate hidden stuff to magically appear. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Not all secrets are nefarious. Sometimes hidden things come to us as lovely epiphanies that help us grow and move forward.

♦  You Better Believe it Baby:  You can do magic, you can have anything that you desire. If that sounds familiar, then you know I’m quoting the pop song by the band America. This blue moon is all about dreams and wishes coming true.  This is the time to claim what you want. Set your intentions for your most intense dreams. A blue moon has a powerful magical force backing it, and it’s the perfect type of moon to make some major movements in changing your luck according to your intentions.

♦  Skin in the Game:  If you’ve got investments, be prepared to experience some shifts.  A blood moon is about sacrifice and harvest. If you’ve got skin in the game, be prepared to win the game, or lose your shirt. Various full moons imply wonky weirdness which means the coin can either be heads or tails when it comes to reaping what you’ve sown.

♦  Beware the Way of Henny Penny!:  Do you know the story? Henny Penny claimed the sky was falling and got everybody to believe her. Spoiler alert: Henny and all her followers get eaten alive by a sly fox.  What’s my point?  Funky lunar events may present some funky feelings that might make you think the sky is falling. Don’t panic. Blood, blue, super, and eclipsed moons are all about fluctuation and shifting.  Stuff is going to feel topsy turvy. That’s okay. Stay the course. Hang onto your bearings and beliefs. Hold true to that which anchors you.

Types of Full Moons
Types of Full Moons

Final Thoughts About Types of Full Moons and Meaning

Yes, different types of full moons and lunar events are rare and rocking on the lunatic fringe.  But the bottom line is this: Change is going to happen.

These changes are going to be potentially odd and unexpected. However, the thing to remember is whatever the changes, there will be other transitions to follow that lock the puzzle pieces together. Just hang in there. You might be surprised at how much positive can come from this unique lunar phenomenon.

In a nutshell, there’s no need to activate the bat signal.

This is a time to embrace your power, set your intentions, expect the unexpected and appreciate this very special moment. I hope these ideas and tips on stuff to do during different types of full moons were inspiring. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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