Meaning of Flying in Dreams

Meaning of Flying in Dreams

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Interpreting Flying in Dreams Meaning

Have you ever had a dream in which you are flying? If you have, I’m willing to bet you remember it vividly. These dreams are so exhilarating! There is a sense of ultimate freedom that is hair-raising. Upon waking we almost weep at having to set our feet back on the ground. That’s a key point because flying in dreams deals with freedom.  Specifically, freedom to be creative and self-expressive.

I was talking to a friend of mine last night who told me she’s had flying dreams since her youth. However, recently instead of flying solo, she found herself in an airplane or helicopter.  I was inspired by her curiosity about learning the meaning of flying in dreams. I figured if she was interested in these flying dreams, then many of you might be too. So, I thought I’d share some suggestions about interpreting flying dream meanings.

Meaning of Flying in Dreams
Meaning of Flying in Dreams

Suggestions for Interpreting the Meaning of Flying in Dreams

Bring on the Birdseye View:  
When we conduct dream interpretation, flying dreams may indicate our subconscious desire to get above and beyond our circumstances. Moreover, many people who have a lot of flying dreams have a need to see the bigger, broader view of situations. Whether you have a knack for seeing the big picture or have a need to get more objectivity – a flying dream is your cue to expand your view of the circumstances or surroundings in your life.

Elton John Nailed It: 
You know that song “Rocket Man”? It describes a guy talking about launching off into space. For him, it’s just a job 5 days a week. He misses his home, he misses his wife. He feels burned out and all alone. I think this is why many of us conjure up flying dreams. Very often we get hung up in our jobs, or we feel stuck in our situations. Flying dream meanings indicate our deep desire to launch out of these ruts in life.  Sometimes these dreams indicate a need to take flight and rocket into a different way of living our lives. Ultimately, it’s your dream interpretation, but flying in dreams can indicate a need to escape current reality (especially when you’re fed up with the scene).

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Meaning of Flying in Dreams
Meaning of Flying in Dreams

Tools Rule!:
This pointer deals with our dreams when we are flying in vessels like planes or helicopters, etc. My friend recently started having flying dreams exclusively in some kind of flying device. I suspect this is happening because she’s got a lot of regulations she’s dealing with in real life. Flying in vessels in dreams indicates a need for safety, protection, or rules.  It may also imply a loss of self-confidence, or being timid when it comes to feeling big freedom.  It may also indicate a need for extra navigation in life situations. I’m not suggesting we pull the parachute cord in these dreams. No, I think these vessel-controlled flying dreams are important to interpret. They represent a level of control required in our lives. That’s great, however, great freedom often means taking a great risk.

Are You Mental?!:
No, of course, you’re not mental if you have a flying dream! But it’s important to note the realm of air is a mental element. Air is symbolic of the mind. Air deals with thoughts, intellect, and dreams.  That’s noteworthy because a flying dream might be a prompt to pay attention to our thoughts. Are we avoiding certain thoughts? If so, our flying dream might mean we are trying to escape stressful/negative thinking. The realm of air is also about communicating thoughts. So, a flying dream might ask us to investigate how we are expressing ourselves, our thoughts, and our ideas to others.

Meaning of Flying in Dreams
Meaning of Flying in Dreams

Closing Thoughts About Meaning of Flying in Dreams

In closing, I hope you enjoyed this post on flying dream meanings.  And many thanks to my friend for inspiring me to write it for you!

As always, I’ve got to give you kudos for interpreting your own dreams according to your own life situations. I’m glad you know these are just my observations after interpreting dreams for many years – but that doesn’t mean these pointers are the end-all-be all.  You be you!

Thanks for reading!  If you liked this, you may also like these other articles about dream interpretation below listed.

Mighty brightly,

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