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Confused About My Animal Guides

Last Updated on November 10, 2020 by Avia

Confusion About My Animal Guides: Answers About Your Animal Totems

Answering Questions About Animal Guides: This article is built around a question about animal guides. Avia answers the following question from Kendra… “I’ve always been told several different things about animal guides.

First, your animal guide comes in your dreams. Second, it’s an animal you’ve been attached to since childhood. Third, you have more than one animal guide, and last your animal guide is the animal that shows itself to you regularly.

Personally have been emotionally attached to sea otters for as far back as I can remember. But I always see Raccoon’s and when I feel like I’m having a bad day and hear an owl coo, my day is gonna be alright.

Plus on your site, the owl and the crow fit my personality pretty much perfectly. Whenever I look at either of these animals I feel a connection, but how do I know if these three animals are all my animal guides?

“Within our very cells, we carry genetic memories of ancestral incarnations. If we awaken these atavisms to conscious life, we can take on their attributes and qualities. These atavistic powers have been known for millennia as animal totems, animal guides, and helping spirits.”

― Laurence Galian 

Beyond Duality: The Art of Transcendence

animal guides
A question about animal guides

Avia’s Response to
“What’s My Animal Guide?”

 Hello Kendra,

Thanks for sharing your story!

I would be wary of anybody who has pat, hard-and-fast rules about identifying an animal guide. That includes me.

When I write about animal meanings, it’s never cut-and-dry. You’ll never catch me saying “this is the way it is – and that’s that.”


Because linking up with our animal guides is a personal thing. The experience varies from person-to-person.

Think on it…there are 6 billion people on this planet – each one as different as the next. Furthermore, there are goodness knows how many animals on this planet – and they are all unique too.

No wonder you’re experiencing confusion.

This is my experience…

Animal guides show themselves when we are open to receive them, when we ask, and when we consciously make an effort to communicate/connect with the energy of the animal realms.

knowing your animal totem and animal guides
Knowing your animal totem and animal guides

I have talked to many people who have several totems throughout their lives – myself included. Others tell me they have multiple animal guides – myself included. Still others share that some animals come-and-go throughout the years of their life – I ditto that experience too.

So, Kendra, I would love to say “this is the one – this is your animal totem for sure!” But I just can’t. It’s not how I was taught. My education in the realm of totemism formed my belief that totem identification is like choosing a friend, or a mate – it takes heart, soul, thought – it takes an investment in time and energy. It’s a partnership.

Coming to know our totems is also a two-way street. It takes an openness to receive information from our animal guides, as much as it takes our reaching out to know them.

Please don’t mistake this response as harsh or unkind. Far from it. It comes from a place of concern and care that I write these thoughts.

And hey, please check out the links I’m going to give you below – I wrote them with the intent to eliminate confusion about our animal guides, and help with understanding how these neat relationships work on an energetic level.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your post. And feel free to comment over time – updating me and other readers about your progress.

Brightly yours,

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what is my animal totem

Meditation and Animal Totems

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animal totem meanings

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