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Meditation and Symbolic Meanings

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Exploring Meditation and Symbolic Meanings

Meditation Symbolism and Meditation Meaning: There are millions of different forms of meditation. I’m betting there are as many different meditations as there are hairs on your precious pumpkin head. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Well, consider this: Every single action you take can be converted into a meditation. From breathing to walking – it’s all meditation. If you think on it, life is a form of meditation. Living it, loving it, being aware of it – life is absolutely a big, fat, hairy, holy-moly meditation!

What Does Symbolism Have to Do With Meditation?

So what in the world does meditation have in common with symbolic meanings? Plenty. I’m of the mindset that everything is symbolic. And, as mentioned – just about everything we do can be turned into a meditation. This kind of pervasive, omnipresent, ubiquitous aspect of symbolism and meditation means something powerful. It means symbolism dovetails into the act of living life – and therefore it is married to the practice of meditation.

Have I got you intrigued? I hope so. I talk a big talk about living a symbolic life. I’m also a huge fan of meditating. Joined together, symbolism and meditation can be a dynamic catalyst for epic change and transformation in your life.

Never meditated before? No sweat. Or maybe you’re not even sure what meditation means. No worries there either. Drop all the hype and media surrounding the word meditation. It isn’t complicated. There’s no ‘woo-woo’ involved. It isn’t weird juju. Meditation is simply being aware. That’s it. Simple, right?

meditation symbolism
Meditation symbolism

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness.

If you are attentive, you will see it.”

~Thích Nhất Hạnh

Mindfulness, Meditation and Living a Symbolic Life

Whether writing about symbolic meanings or tattoo symbolism – I always start an article by kicking it around in my head. In essence…that means I meditate about it. I’m aware of the subject matter. I’m aware of what I might write. I am aware of how my writing might help those who read it. This article is no different. I meditated upon what I would write to you sweet peeps. I focused on how I could simplify the concept, inspire you and move you to a higher plane of awareness.

So when I started thinking about this article, my inner dialogue first defined meditation as ‘mindfulness’. But other voices in my head argued this (don’t worry – the voices in my head are all friendly and mostly sane, lol). So my head said: “Meditation is mindfulness”. But that’s not accurate. It’s not even true. So I struck it from my musings and readjusted. What meditation really is, is awareness. I’ve already said that, but it’s worth repeating. Meditation is being purposefully aware.

Living a symbolic life is about being aware too. Let’s face it. We’re never going to get a blessing from a hawk, a dream, a ladybug or whatever if we aren’t aware. Nope. If we’re always muddying our spiritual waters with the past or the future, or the bills or stress – we’re missing out. We’re not aware. We cheat ourselves out of a message from the great Divine. 

If we can’t pay attention to the lovely oddness that begs us to wake up, then I’m not sure we even deserve the messages given freely from the Divine. The earth shakes with the desire to speak to us. Mother Nature’s creatures fall over themselves to invigorate us, and prove to us there is music and language beyond the five senses. All it takes is awareness.

More about meditation and symbolic meanings

Benefits of Symbolic Meditation

Forgive me. I’ve yammered on about symbolic meanings and meditation ad infinitum. It was bound to happen. Get me on topics that have ways of unlocking human potential, and I’m like a top that never quits spinning. Meditation and symbolic awareness are gateways into extraordinary potential.

Put into practice, living a symbolic life and meditating has an effect that makes our potential explode all over the place.

Healthy bennies? You betcha. Prosperity? Yep, that comes with meditation too. Better relationships? Yeah, baby. It’s all in your awareness. Peace of mind? Yes! Focus is foundational! Dr. Joseph Murphy (whom I am totally cray cray over, and have been for years) says it succinctly and perfectly: “Attention is the key of all life.” All can and will be gained through purposeful awareness. The art of meditation married with symbolism is an invaluable tool to launch us into superhuman awareness (and superhuman potential).

Ok. Enough of my yadda yadda ya’ing. Now to the nitty-gritty. What’s this thing called meditation, and how do we dive into it?

How to Practice Symbolic Awareness

As mentioned, it’s real simple. You don’t have to throw your legs over your head to meditate. There’s no need to pretzel yourself into a lotus position to meditate. You don’t have to go to Tibet and pray on a big mountain or in a temple. You don’t have to be Neo from the Matrix and contemplate obtuse wisdom like: “There is no spoon”. Nope. Nada.

Meditation symbolism
Meditation and symbolism

All you have to do is be aware. Like…What’s your body doing? Move into your body and let your mind become one with it. Feel your body as you never have before. You can move awareness into your body in ways that can lower blood pressure, relieve headaches, calm anxiety. Be aware that you were created in the spirit of love. Every cell in your body follows Universal Law. That law is about expression, connectivity, creativity and love. Sink into that. Inject your awareness into your skin, your heart, your liver, your toenails! Feel every inch of your physical-ness and have a party of awareness within it!

While you’re blissing out in body awareness, consider the symbolism behind your magnificent organism. What’s the symbolic meaning of skin? I’ll give you some hints: Protection, Sensitivity, Feeling, Security, Insulation, Absorption.

How about your heart, what does that mean to you on a symbolic level? Sure, it’s a big muscle, but what else? Heart is a beat. Consider rhythm. Think of drums. Contemplate the seas of blood moving through your heart and moving out to energize your entire system. It’s a very cool concept. Our bodies are ground zero. They can serve as our very best launching pads into big awareness and clarity. Contemplating the body with keen awareness is akin to opening the greatest mysteries of creation. You are such a miracle! There is no better way to invoke enlightenment than to contemplate the miracle that is you. No joke.

Body Awareness

The body is just one gateway into heightened awareness. Mother Nature is replete with contemplative treasures. Consider a flower. Crikey! A flower has such elegance – it has so many secrets to share – if only we pay attention. And how about trees? Not just what you see of a tree, either. Granted, branches and leaves are pay-dirt for consciousness, but many times it’s what we overlook that can rocket us into elevated awareness. Like roots. Be aware of roots running deep in moist soil. Wonder at the life that demands to expand and find what it needs to grow. Maybe even give thought to the little wormy-worms that curl around a tree’s roots. Then give a care about the symbolic meaning of these things in Nature. What does a flower mean? What does a tree symbolize for you? Dance with that in your mind. Play with it. Journey into that untapped realm of consciousness.

This train of thought…this intense and purposeful discipline of awareness can work magic in your life. It’s rare when I make guarantees. But I guarantee you this. Elevated awareness, meditation, mindfulness of symbolism will move mountains in your life. It will open you up from the inside out. It has the power to grant peace and unlimited possibility.

Meditation symbolism
Final Thoughts About Meditation and Symbolic Meanings

Closing Thoughts about Meditation and Symbolic Meanings

Parting thoughts to you, my dear reader. Ditch the How-To books about meditation. Cast off the idea of setting up a perfect space before meditating. That’s all bunk. Just be aware. Relish this brilliant moment. Savor the sensation of breathing. Get giddy over gardenias. Do mental cartwheels over the smell of cardamom. I dunno. But I hope you get my drift. Enlightenment is as simple as having appreciative awareness. No kidding.

As always, thanks so much for indulging this article on incorporating symbolic meanings with meditation. I’m thinking about writing more articles about the subject. If you like that prospect, I’d be delighted if you shared this on your social nets!

Big love, and may all your meditations be spectacularly illuminating.

Mighty brightly,

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