common dream meanings

Common Dream Meanings

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Common Dream Meanings and Dream Interpretations

Common Dream Meanings and Suggested Dream Interpretations: As this article is a series of dream meanings, I thought it might be helpful to include the top seven most common dreams and offer interpretation suggestions. So here are some common dream meanings and suggested interpretations.

Where did I get these specific dream symbol meanings from? Over the years, these are the symbols most commonly asked of me for interpretation.

Other common dream meaning can be found here, and common animal meanings in dreams are here.

Meaning of colors in dreams can be found here.

More dream meanings will likely be added as time allows.

Enjoy! And sweet dreams!

“I dream. Sometimes that’s the only right thing to do.”

— Haruki Murakami 

dream meaning dream interpretation
Dream meaning dream interpretation

“I dream my painting and I paint my dreams.”

~Vincent van Gogh

Common Dream Meanings

Common dream meanings

Anyone who has experienced flying in dreams can tell you it’s a spectacular sensation. Dreams have a way of making everything feel so real, and flying “for real” (even if in dreams) is a superior experience indicating a sense of freedom in your life. That’s right if you’re dreaming of flying give out a shout for joy as you are experiencing a personal liberation in your life. Flying dreams convey messages of limitless potential, freedom from bondage and “thinking outside the box” kind of disposition. Get more about the meaning of flying in dreams here.

Common dream meanings

This one is awkward. Ever dreamed you were standing nude in front of a crowd of onlookers. Yikes! Here again, these dreams can be so vivid, and will leaving you feeling quite vulnerable upon waking. That’s the prime message of the dream. Dreaming you’re naked in front of others conveys a message of vulnerability or feeling unequal to those around you. It also offers a message that you are feeling overly exposed to the elements. We have these dreams when our feelings are raw and we may need to take action to protect our emotions.

Common dream meanings

Ever dreamed of your teeth falling out? It’s a common dream, and gives the dreamer a terrible feeling of helplessness – not to mention insecurity. These are the underscored emotions behind these dreams – helplessness and insecurity. We have dental-damage dreams when we are overly concerned about how we appear to others. This could mean we lack confidence in public settings. This could stem from feeling physically inadequate (not feeling attractive) or even socially or mentally unequal to the social groups in which we are circulating.

Common dream meanings

Trapped Dream Meanings
As with many of the dreams on this list, dreaming of being trapped deals with the most primal fears within the human saga. Trapped dreams are messages that we are stuck in our waking life and have an intense need to shift ourselves out of a limiting situation. Dreaming of being trapped will also hint to a feeling of helplessness in our real lives. Depending on the dream-scenario, these dreams may indicate a huge burden, or point to the dreamer being overwhelmed in his/her daily life.

Common dream meanings

Being Chased
Being chased in your dream may indicate a need to take a break, vacation or holiday in your waking life because the stress and pressures are starting to catch up with you. Chasing dreams point to a “snow ball effect” – meaning undesirable events are stacking up in our lives and we feel like we cannot escape from all the things we must attend to. These dreams are particularly telling if you have very high-stress lives. Dream chases may also indicate a need to run away from the truth. In this light, the dream may be an invitation to face the truth, be honest and come clean about some issues in our lives.

Common dream meanings

Death or Dying Dream Meanings
Commonly, these dreams indicate a chapter in our lives will soon be, or has already come to a close. Dreaming of our deaths is typically a signal of transformation in which a part of ourselves is receding to make room for new aspects to come more to the forefront. These dreams can also be quite literal in that people we have known come to pay us a visit in dreams after they have passed on. These visitations from the deceased will always contain a message for you – pay attention. In either case, these dreams are messages of renewal, rebirth, recycling and transition.

Common dream meanings

Dream meanings of falling are similar to flying dreams. These dreams speak to us about letting go of control and surrendering. We often have these dreams when it feels like we have no control over our lives. These dreams will surface too when we want more freedom in our lives. Falling dreams also point to issues of faith and might reflect the condition of our spiritual walk. How you feel, and the condition of your environment in these dreams will more clearly indicate the meaning of this dream.

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on common dream meanings. Keep exploring the world of dreams by checking out the links at the end of this page. You’ll find more articles on dreams from dreaming of numbers to animals and more! As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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