How to Interpret Flower Meanings

Interpreting Flower Meanings

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Symbolic Blooms and Interpreting Flower Meanings

Digging Into Interpreting Flower Meanings: At the time of this writing, Spring is burgeoning – the Earth and all her consorts are tempestuously twisting in a transitional dance of new growth, new life and celebration at slipping from Winter’s stronghold.

What better time to discuss the interpreting flower meanings?

There are tons of resources available to clue you in on the symbolic meaning of various flowers.

Avia’s Video on Interpreting Flower Meanings

Check the web, go to your library, talk to an earth-based spiritual practitioner or a passionate gardener.

All these sources will give you an amplification on the deeper meanings a certain flower is whispering in your soul.

But what if you don’t even know the name of the flower seizing your attention?

Great question.  If you don’t know anything about a flower, I have a few tips to help with interpreting flower meanings even without knowing what kind of bloom is beckoning for your closer attention. 

A quick glance at these fundamental points of floral wisdom should pollinate your dreaming mind to see a functional message presented by the blooms in your midst.

“A flower’s appeal is in its contradictions — so delicate in form yet strong in fragrance, so small in size yet big in beauty, so short in life yet long on effect.”

~Terri Guillemets
Interpreting Flower Meanings
Interpreting Flower Meanings

Four Quick Tips on Interpreting Flower Meanings

Now that we’ve talked a bit about the importance of interpreting flower meanings, how do we go about gaining answers, wisdom, and messages from flowers? Here are some neat tips that have helped me over the years when it comes to decoding secret languages of flowers…


Perhaps the most telling tale is expressed in the vibrancy of hue.  Different colors are going to trigger specific sensations within your being.  It’s what colors do.  Each shade of color is intended to elicit something magnificent within your soul.  Pay close attention to gentle motions within you as you gaze upon the technicolor glory of this Spring’s floral bouquets.  Take note of sensations welling up within you as you contemplate electric-azures, high-voltage-violets, mystical-magentas.  Your reactions to these eye-popping colors will cue you in on the messages a flower has to share with you.  If you need help identifying meanings of flower colors, I recommend matching meanings with the ancient chakra system.  This is what I do, and it’s served me very well over the years.  Here’s a brief summary of the chakra colors and their messages that can be applied to the blossoms in your awareness:

♥ Red:       Passion, Virility, Heat, Love, Action, Radiance, Energy
♥ Orange: Sociability, Cooperation, Warmth, Acceptance, Perception, Assurance
♥ Yellow: Creativity, Intelligence, Protection, Inclusion, Confidence, Vitality
♥ Green:  Health, Healing, Adoration, Wealth, Prosperity, Life, Rejuvenation
♥ Blue:      Inspiration, Communication, Freedom, Imagination, Self-Expression, Clarity
♥ Indigo:  Dreaming, Persuasion, Depth, Spirituality, Intuition, Vision, Observation
♥ Violet:   Bliss, Joy, Laughter, Encouragement, Hope, Ascension, Balance, Nurturing
♥ White:   Purity, Promise, Cleanliness, Exoneration, Potential

Interpreting Flower Meanings
Four Tips to Interpreting Flower Meanings

Petal Symbolism

Petals are like the facial features you recognize in a best friend.  The contour of the cheek, the fullness of lips, the sweep of the brow.  Petals will tip their hats to a flower message because they offer flavor, personality and depth.  How?  Observe the shape of petals.  Are they tubular? What kind of sensation does that ignite within you?  Maybe they are round petals, looking very cheerful like a chubby-cheeked baby in a fit of giggles.  Petals are the emotional expression of a flower, and will tell you tons about the message that bloom has just for you.

The number of petals can be telling too.  Look to numerology and the esoteric meaning of numbers to help you out with your flower messages. For example: A five-petal flower can be a harbinger of protection as well as a sign to consider all your resources (rather than just the few your familiar with) and join these resources together for a unique culmination of divine design.

Growth Conditions

An environment in which a flower is thriving can also give you hints as to its message for you.  It’s no different than expanding our understanding about a person after acknowledging the environment in which he/she was raised.  If a flower explodes with beauty in the midst of a an arid heat wave, you might perceive messages of: Determination, Heartiness, Passionate Persistence and a will to bloom against all odds.  Vice versa, if a flower shimmies in lush tropical settings, it could be an encouragement to shift your own environment around.  Create more healthful situations for yourself so you too can thrive as that Amazonian blossom does. 

Interpreting Flower Meanings
Interpreting Flower Meanings

Time of Growth

Early bloomers often carry messages of renewal.  They are the first to unveil their faces to our searching sight, and so they are the trumpeting of a new phase in life.  These brave frontier flowers will remind us of the promise inherent in all life: Everything moves in a regenerative circle.  Flowers that bloom later in the year will carry messages too.  Contemplate the month in which a flower is at its peak of perfection.  For example, April is typically a rainy month.  Rain-loving flowers might remind us of purification, spiritual cleansing and refreshing the soul on our journey. 

Conclusion About Flower Interpretations

There are endless ways you can interpret symbolic messages from the world of flowers.  The key is to connect with the blossoms that really sing to you.  Listen for their unique song, and begin to contribute your own harmony to that vital orchestration.  To be sure, flower meanings and messages are a cooperative venture.  Listen closely.  Observe with wonder.  Contribute as a child would (with imaginative verve). 

I hope you enjoyed this article on a few ways to interpreting flower meanings. As always, thank you for reading. Oh, and check out the links below for other flower meaning articles!

Happy blooming!

Mighty brightly,

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