Leaders and Scientists Who Believe in Astrology and Divine Guidance

13 Leaders or Scientists Who Believe in Astrology or Divine Guidance

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The astrological tradition is ancient, with roots in many cultures, including the ancient Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, and Mesopotamian civilizations. Astrology has been dated to at least 3000 BCE. Some cultures developed elaborate systems for predicting terrestrial events from celestial observations. Most professional astrologers rely on such systems, known as horoscopes, to identify such events. But what you may not know is that there are some surprising world leaders and scientists who believe in astrology and/or unique divine guidance.

Thoughts About Leaders and Scientists Who Believe in Astrology

Throughout history, scientific geniuses and world leaders have often believed in some pretty wild things. From astrology to alchemy to bonafide magic – there’s no telling where some of our leading thinkers have drawn inspiration. Some of their ideas may seem a bit baffling, but these geniuses (more often than not) have contributed to powerful benefits and improvements in our global society today. Therefore, we might not be so quick to poo-poo world leaders and scientists who believe in astrology or unconventional spiritual guidance.

For example, the Wright brothers might have been geniuses, but their ideas of flight seemed a little crazy to most people when they first came up with them. But that doesn’t make their beliefs any less strange. I don’t know if the Wright brothers believed in astrology – but when they first started their engineering experiments, most people thought they were up to antics and delving into the realm of impossibility. With this in mind, what’s to say that certain beliefs (while not traditionally scientific) are any less relevant or helpful in exploring the mind and progress in human development and culture?

Leaning Toward the Benefit of Doubt

It’s true; we have the benefit of hindsight today-which gives us a major advantage over these geniuses. Nevertheless, there’s something to be said about “thinking outside the box.” With that cleared up, here are a few world leaders and scientists who believe in astrology (or did in their day) that might give you a new, eye-opening perspective into the realm of scientific thought and strategies for global leadership. If nothing else, some of these well-known figures who consulted astrological data might surprise you.

Powerful and Prominent Figures Who Believed in Astrology and/or Divine Guidance

While many folks in the scientific community don’t believe in astrology, many influential people still acknowledge it. Below are some famous world leaders and scientists who believe in astrology. 

1. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is among the most famous scientists in history and is well-known for believing in astrology. He was a theoretical physicist and cosmologist who worked in cosmology, general relativity, and quantum gravity. 

He was also an author, professor, and researcher. While Stephen Hawking suffered from a rare motor neuron disease known as ALS, his health did not limit him from pursuing his ambitions and believing in astrology.

Leaders and Scientists Who Believe in Astrology and Divine Guidance
Image of renowned scientist, Stephen Hawking, courtesy of PhysicsWorld.com

“The reason most scientists don’t believe in astrology is because it is not consistent with our theories that have been tested by experiment.”

Stephen Hawking

2. Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama is the 44th President of the United States. He became the President in 2009 when he was elected and won at a landslide rate. Barrack Obama is among the world leaders who believe in astrology. 

In one of his speeches in 2008, he talked about his concerns in séance and that he did not try to get in touch with Nancy Reagan and speak to dead former presidents. 

3. Julie Payette

Julie Payette is the 29th Governor General of Canada and one of the most famous scientists who believe in astrology. Because of her strong urge to know more about astrology, she began her career as a payload specialist for NASA. 

She later became an astronaut and was assigned to various missions until 2012, when she retired to become a chief operating officer for the Montreal Science Centre.

4. Vira Rubin

Vira Rubin is a famous scientist known for her tremendous achievements in studying space and her belief in the astrological connection between celestial bodies and human life. She is a physicist and astronomer who has contributed much to studying dark matter. 

Her work has helped advance our understanding of the universe, especially dark matter, and energy. 

5. Amy Mainzer

Image of research scientist Amy Mainzer is courtesy of ReelRundown.com

Amy Mainzer is popularly known for her contributions to NASA’s recent success in space exploration. She was a senior research scientist in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) department. 

Her belief in astronomy and knowledge of its impact on life sets her apart from other scientists. Amy Mainzer also deeply understands space and planetary bodies, which explains why she believes that astrology is real and can be used for forecasts.  

6. Donald Trump

Donald Trumps is the 45th president of the United States of America and is famous for his controversial speeches, which sparked a series of love-hate scenarios worldwide. 

Even so, he is among the most popular world leaders who have been known to consult unique divine guidance. Donald Trump is known for having a personal divine counselor and psychic, Paula White, who helps him in spiritual matters. 

7. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a famous American astrophysicist, cosmologist, renowned author, and a great scientist who highly believes in astrology. He is also the Hayden Planetarium director in New York. 

Wanting to know more about astrology, Tyson attended Harvard University, where he studied astronomy and astrophysics and earned his doctorate in 1991. Neil still firmly believes that astronomy, space, and time are significantly intertwined in determining our destiny. He is known to indulge ideas and connections astrology pose, but ultimately, he proffers this sage advice when it comes to the public and scientists who believe in astrology:

“If you want to believe in astrology, go right ahead. Just don’t base any decision, that relates to your health, your wealth, and your security on it”.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

8. Ronald Reagan

Reagan is the 40th US president; he was born in 1911 and died in 2004. Former President Reagan is known for believing in astrology and its connection with human life. He is also famous for his conservative economic policies and strong opposition to communism. Well, in truth – it was his wife, first lady Nancy Reagan who introduced President Reagan to the benefits of astrology.

In his book “For The Record,” Ronald Reagan’s chief of staff, Donald Regan, writes that almost all major decisions President Reagan made were in line with astrology. He had a woman in San Francisco who studied horoscopes and gave him advice based on the best planetary alignment. 

9. Galileo Galilei

Image of Galileo Galilei courtesy of Wikicommons

When you talk about astrology, the first person that should be considered is Galileo Galilei, the father of astronomy. He deeply understood space and interstellar planets, making him the most advanced observational astronomer of his time. 

His astrological journey was faced with many challenges including being criticized by the Catholic Church and his publications being banned even years after his death. Galileo’s belief in astrology is also iconic, as it helped shape humanity’s fate and compelled more scientists to gain interest in space studies. 

10. Warren Harding

Warren Harding is another world leader known for his deep belief in astrology. His wife, Florence Harding, mainly did this astrology by using astrological studies and horoscopes to keep him safe and forge a path that led to success. 

She was so good at it that many publications mention her ways of protecting the President using astrology and supernatural powers. 

11. Dolly Madison

First Lady Dolly Madison was married to the 4th US president James Madison. She undertook thorough astrological and psychic interpretations, which helped them govern the country well. 

She also used her astrological readings to advise the President on sensitive matters and the best decisions to make. In one of her letters to Mary Cutts, she talks about Sybil’s predictions and the existence of a greater power that helps people forge their destinies. 

12. William Lilly

William Lilly was a famous astrologer who was popular for making early publications and translations of astrological manuals from Latin to English. 

He was well-versed in predicting life events that came to pass and helped many people make the best decisions about the future. Lilly’s astrology was sensational and gained popularity to the point of being adopted by many universities. 

13. Hildegard von Bingen

Image of Hildegard von Bingen courtesy of Wikimedia

Known as a pioneer in medicine and science, Hildegard was also an avid Christian, but she has also been hailed as a powerful mystic. Through her herbal theories, mystical writings, and otherwordly musical compositions – she carved a way to serve her community (and the world in many respects) that distinctly defined her spiritual devotion. In fact, Hildegard produced a legacy that endured for hundreds of years following her death.

Today, Hildegard is known across several fields of wisdom, including mysticism, medicine and music. As a mystic, Hildegard was known to have revelational, unique, mystical experiences. So, the woman we all know as Hildegard of Bingen is known as a mystic, as she was confirmed to consult with non-physical, divine energies to obtain higher wisdom and knowledge.

Whether through her faith in a divine source, being so completely tuned into the world of nature, or even because she experienced mystical events from a young age – Hildegard heeded experiences in her awareness that many of us cannot fully understand.

She was also able to break down barriers that always prevented women from doing what they felt was their duty to the divine. By sharing her visions, she made mysticism and consulting with divine sources a benchmark for her time, and she also served as a juggernaut in leading underestimated populations into a more seen segment of society. To catch a glimpse of Hildegard’s fathomless vision, refer to her quoting:

“For as a person’s body exceeds the heart in size, so even the strength of the soul exceeds the might of the body. And as the heart is hidden in the body, so the body is surrounded by the powers of the soul, which extended throughout the entire world.”

Hildegard von Bingen

Last Word on Leaders and Scientists Who Believe in Astrology

Astrology has been practiced for many centuries. While it is still not scientifically proven how interstellar objects and space are related to life, spiritualists have been able to use them to predict the future successfully. 

All the above world leaders and scientists are known for being vocal about astrology and the existence of a spiritual connection between space and humans. 

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