Tips of How to Raise Your Vibration

Good Vibes: How to Raise Vibrations to Improve Your Life

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I was a socially awkward kid with a brooding, gloomy disposition.  My social status wasn’t improved by the fact I had some pretty hideous physical challenges growing up.  So when I discovered alternative thinking at a young age, it changed my life for the better.  For example, in my early teens, I read a book called Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. It was my first “real” exposure to how to raise vibrations to improve life, and even change reality.

Avia’s First “Real” Experience With Raising Vibrations

When I say that book was my first “real” exposure to alternative ways of thought, I mean it was the first time I saw this kinda stuff in writing.  As a kid, I was always dreaming – even meditating, and directing my thoughts – but I didn’t know there was an actual science or structure to it. I was just “going where the busses don’t run” and having fun with my own ruminations.

At any rate, Maltz’s book lent structure and value to my fluffy mental meanderings. His book laid out how an efficiently working mind can revolutionize our reality.  Maltz was a forerunner among thinkers in the 60s who were researching how self-image and positive thought can raise vibrations and change outcomes.  His book, Psycho-Cybernetics helped me apply a fundamental strategy to achieve goals, raise vibrations, and manifest some pretty impressive stuff throughout my life.

But, that’s my experience, and my way isn’t right for everybody. And my ways have changed as my life has changed and I’ve grown older – so while I still use Maltz’s fundamentals, it looks a lot different today than it did at 13 years of age. Furthermore, Maltz’s book can be a bit of a stodgy read. Maybe the updated version is better, but the 1960s original (what I read as a kid) was very much written for the era. 

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Tips of How to Raise Your Vibration
Tips of How to Raise Your Vibration

 “Raising Vibrations” What’s It All About, Alphie?

Maybe I jumped the gun with all the psycho-cyber talk. Let’s get to basics. At its simplest, raising your vibrations is about boosting positive energy.  To live a happier, healthier life, requires glomming onto good vibes and staying in that higher vibe zone as long as possible. This, in turn, manifests with better mood and more positive synchronicities in life. 

It’s essentially a Law of Attraction thing, but it’s a bit more touchy-feely because instead of simply thinking positively, you can actually feel your frequencies lifting when you work to raise your vibrations.

The theoretical physicist Einstein really had it right when he said…

“Everything in life is vibration.”

Albert Einstein

Einstein nailed it.  Everything resonates, has a frequency, and is alive with vibrations. I guess you could equate vibrations with moods.  If you’re sad, you’re stewing in low vibes. If you’re happy – yup, you got good, good, good vibrations (to quote the Beach Boys, lol).

Getting Aware of Your Vibrations

Before you can even start to raise vibrations, you’ve got to get in touch with your set-point.  To explain, take time to go within, and assess whether your vibes are high or low. Much of this can be done by examining how you feel, and what your daily life is like at this moment. When you have high vibes, you experience a sense of gratitude and pure joy at the moment.

Have you ever spontaneously felt extreme happiness? It’s like a wave of love and joy and elation flooding over you, and you can’t help but smile and appreciate life. That is a sign that you are in a high vibration.

Alternatively, if you suddenly get all gloom & doom, edgy, cranky, or downright angry, or you hate just about everything and can’t get past these negative feelings, your vibration is obviously at a big-time low.

Of course, this is a pretty simplified explanation, but you get the idea.  It may seem like a no-brainer, but identifying your vibes first is crucial to adjusting them.  Furthermore, life is full of ups and downs, so how do we keep on the high side of vibes and resist succumbing to low vibes? Read on, ‘cuz I got thoughts!

How to Raise Vibration
Raise Your Vibration

Basic Guidelines on How to Raise Your Vibrations

I truly wish I could say, just think a bunch of happy thoughts to raise your vibe and everything will be unicorns and rainbows for the rest of your life.  Regrettably, it takes effort, commitment, and perseverance.  I know, those can be icky words – but that doesn’t mean the actions they imply have to be hard.  If you really want to raise your vibe, you’ll be hunky-dory with committing to the process.  Here are a few ground rules to raising your vibes.

1. Go Within:  As mentioned earlier, get in touch with your current present state. Identify where your vibrational frequency is, whether low or high.  This gives you a starting point.  Then, close your eyes and get in the present moment.  Feel your “Greater Self” (your soul, spirit, guides, god, whatever you call that powerful, sacred force within you that animates, inspires, and renders good juju) indwelling you. 

That Greater Self is your engine – it’s your energy center that helps you volt up the amps on your positive vibes.  Visualize yourself connecting and deeply feeling your inner, greater self.  Encourage it to grow, lift, and sense it vibrating a happy pulse within you.  Embrace this inner power within you, and coax it to expand within you to the point of radiating throughout your entire being, and even piercing out in high vibrations and light out into the world.

2. Be Consistent:  Do this vibe-boosting practice often.  Keep at it.  The more you practice, the higher your vibes will become.  Furthermore, if you’re set-point is usually on the low end, you may need to work on inner amping regularly in order to counteract the habit of staying in the low-vibe boggy blues.

3. Keep it With You:  Once you connect with your inner, greater self and consciously begin to crank up your inner light & vibrational frequency – you’ll notice uplifting sensations.  You might even experience tingling, and you should definitely feel lighter, brighter, and happier.  Once you experience this – keep it with you.  Recall that stellar state and those weightless sensations and remember them throughout the day. 

Doing this is kinda like positive reinforcement, and it works to build a beneficial habit.  Eventually, you can trigger this high-vibe state just by taking a moment to close your eyes, get conscious and recall the sensation.  In other words, by consistently recalling higher vibe states, you are reinforcing that positivity and ultimately you’ll be able to invoke the higher vibe in an instant.

How to Raise Vibration
How to Raise Vibration

Other Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

Now that we’ve gone over what vibrations are, why they’re important, and how to get your vibe-juices jumping, let’s get real.  I know not everybody has the time or even the desire to get mindful and meditate consistently every day.  If you can (or already do) – that’s awesome, because consistent mindful meditation and connection with your inner source is the #1 best way to raise vibrations. 

But life gets lifey, and sometimes doing conscious work isn’t always an option.  Heck, I’ve had times where everything was so nutsy fagan that my meditation (and my vibes) really suffered. Ironically, those are the precise moments when I should have run into my meditative mind, as it would have given me relief far better than beating about luggage like the Samsonite gorilla. Not pretty. All this to say – there are other ways to peel this banana of raising vibrations, and here are a few ideas.

Get Grateful: An attitude of gratitude is a gateway for higher vibes. Yeah, I know it sounds cliche, but it’s so true.  And if you think life is so bleak, you have nothing to be grateful for – try to rethink that.  There’s always something existing in life to savor and squeeze appreciation out of. 

Even if it’s as simple as having running water, or finding a penny, or observing a majestic peregrine falcon soaring through cerulean blue skies – there’s something to cherish for everybody.  Getting grateful is key to boosting beneficial vibrations and it’s just a great all-around good everyday practice to follow.

Get Helpful: If you constantly struggle with the low-vibe blues, then think about helping others. There’s no better cure to misery and negativity than giving others help.  Why? Because helping and volunteering pulls us out of ourselves – the focus becomes on others rather than our own quagmire of gloom.  Plus, the side-effect of helping others is that…well…you’re helping! And, the appreciation from others is often a big mood booster too. 

Oh, and if you’re a hard-core hermit like me, you don’t necessarily have to volunteer in traditional ways.  Sure, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or reading to seniors at a nursing home is a phenomenal way to give back.  However, sometimes these options aren’t ideal for everybody.  So, consider helping out at an animal shelter, or volunteering at your local garden community.  You can even start a blog with helpful posts that assist others in living a better life  The ways to give back are endless, and it’s a win-win way to get sky-high vibes.

Get Nature:  If you know anything about me or the mission behind this website, then you know I’m always touting how Mother Nature is a go-to for any kind of enrichment in life. Nature is exceedingly generous in providing comfort, wisdom, insight, and inspiration – even during our lowest of low moments.  I’m not suggesting a week-long camping trip in the deepest forests you can find (although that would be ultra-cool!). 

However, I am suggesting simple communion with Nature where you find Her.  Sit on the front porch and commune with sparrows, robins, or crows.  Take a walk and appreciate the way the sun casts its amber glow upon the emerald green grass.  Get attuned with the dancing leaves upon mighty oaks, aspens, and maple trees.  You get the idea.  Mindfully connecting with the restorative power of Nature’s energy is a sure-fire way to raise vibrations.

The Last Word on How to Raise Vibrations

You know, I work really hard on providing practical information and insights to help improve lives without getting all woo woo.  For some, the concept of raising vibrations might sound a bit like an airy-fairy thing.  But I promise – it works. 

We all have a vibrational frequency, and when we mindfully work to enhance the levels of our vibes, it results in life better lived and experienced more fully with joy and more ease.  Give it a shot. I’m willing to bet my buttons you’ll find benefits from raising your vibrations. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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