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Symbolic Violet Meaning: A True Symbol of Love and Harmony

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Symbolic Violet Meaning

The violet belongs to the genus viola which includes a lot of different kinds of violets, including the pansy.  Digging into symbolic violet meaning is a fascinating practice. Why? Because violets have a lot of deep wisdom to share, and we can learn a lot from these delicate, fresh bloomers.

One of the most intriguing points about symbolic violet meaning is that some types of violets manifest twice in one year.

Huh? Yeah! First little babies pop up in early spring. These first blooms in spring are intoxicating in aroma. Their alluring scent is a magnet for pollinators like bees, hummingbirds and such.

Then as the season comes and goes, certain violets in the viola genus do an interesting thing…they bloom again.  Yep.  Some violets are known to self-pollinate and then they come back in late summer…even as late as early fall!  Their reason for doing so is to ensure their legacy is left behind for next spring.  They take an elegant yet aggressive approach to procuring their lovely position and prestige in the realm of flora for next spring.

How cool is that?!  I think that’s a ginchy lesson the viola (violet) teaches.  Are you serious about your legacy?  Are you committed to not just your initial goals, but your long-term goals?

This particular symbolic violet meaning also reminds me of reinventing ourselves. The first bloomers in spring are tender, graceful things. The second troupe of violets tends to be more hearty, focus-driven…they know they are the last, best chance for survival.

What does that kind of behavior from the violet say to you?  In my world, this behavior reminds me there is a time for being soft, sweet and alluring. There is also a time for gritty, warrior chutzpah too.  Both sides of the behavioral coin can work to our advantage in reaching short and long-term goals.

“Nature is so powerful, so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy. It takes you to a place within yourself. “

~Annie Leibovitz
symbolic violet meaning symbolic flower meaning
Symbolic violet meaning symbolic flower meaning

More About Symbolic Violet Meaning

A few keywords about the symbolic meaning of violets

  • Love
  • Goals
  • Dreams
  • Honesty
  • Healing
  • Transition
  • Survival
  • Protection
  • Connection
  • Memorial
  • Remembrance
  • Determination

The symbolic violet meaning is associated with love for many reasons – from appearance, color and fragrance, all its facets elicit an amorous quality. In fact, the violet has long been a key ingredient for perfumes for its ability to woo and attract suitors.

The violet color (as violet in color…altho the viola comes in various shades) is reminiscent of the  Sahasrara, which is  the C\crown chakra, whose energy is focused in matters of awareness. This chakra deals with concepts such as enlightenment, divinity, peace and liberation from limitation. In other words, the violet colored violet is a great reminder for us to embrace growth and expansion in our lives. Meditation upon the violet flower and its violet hues can trigger these timeless beatitudes.

Violets are also symbolic of temperance and mental clarity in Native American culture. There is a Haudenosaunee legend that claims the violet is a child born from both earth and sky.  As such, it’s considered symbolic of balance and harmony. It is the mediator between heaven and earth. This makes the violet a symbol of ‘liminal’ spaces…you know… those spaces in-between….neither here nor there.  So, the violet is sacred to twilight (neither day or night) and other moments that hold that magical spaces that are neither this or that. I think that’s very switched on! Why? Because the ability to walk in-between is a lovely space of being fully present, and that’s where all the potential is. The Haudenosaunee recognized the violet meaning as a sign and symbol of the rich, powerful essence of opportunity.

symbolic violet meaning symbolic flower meaning
More about symbolic violet meaning symbolic flower meaning

This idea of homeostasis brought forth from the violet is also found in other beliefs. For example, the violet is symbolic of Jesus in many sects of Christianity. The violet is compared with Christ’s ability to be an intermediary – one who strove to live in equilibrium between the mundane (worldly) and spiritual (heavenly).

In Celtic ritual and symbolism the violet was a sacred plant. Its blooms were used in weddings and love ceremonies.  The petals of the violet are edible and it was said the ancient Celts would eat the petals to stimulate and arouse the love juices. I’ll let you figure out what I mean by love juices. 😮

While we’re digging around in symbolism in culture in history…it should be noted that the violet is mentioned a few times in Greek myth.  One such mention had to do with Io and Zeus.  Io was the princes of Argos; she was a mortal. The immortal god Zeus was completely enchanted by her. He called Io his muse! So inspiring and lovely she was!  Unfortunately for Io…Hera (Zeus’ wife) was not equally inspired.  Eventually, Hera commanded Zeus to do something, and end his dalliance with Io. So of all things, Zeus turned Io into a dairy cow.  What a bummer.

What’s this have to do with symbolic violet meaning?  Well, Zeus felt pretty lousy about turning his human girlfriend into a cow, so he gifted her with endless pastures of violets.  The violets were said to keep Io fragrant, lovely, healthy and radiant.  I dunno…I’d rather be those things without having four stomachs and being milked every day. Just sayin’.

These are just a few brief thoughts on symbolic violet meaning. Hopefully, this will prime your curiosity to learn more about the violet and incorporate this flower into your devotionals!

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symbolic flower meanings

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