Knowing Your Animal Totem

Knowing Your Totem Animal

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Exploring ideas and suggestions about knowing your totem animal: This page on your knowing your totem animal is in response to a question from someone newly exploring the realm of animal energy. Specifically, she wanted to know more about how to more clearly identify and communicate with her animal counterparts.

knowing your animal totem
knowing your animal totem

Intro to Knowing Your Animal Totem

The following article is part of my response. As we make our way through this new realm of understanding, you’re going to find a lot of information about animal totems, power animals, animal symbolism, shamanism. This is a time of massive expansion and subjects like these are exploding with revitalization. Sometimes it can be hard to sift through all the info, getting the good stuff and avoiding the fluff.

My best piece of advice is to follow your own impulses as you sift through the perspectives available to you. Your own perspective & opinion is always the best one.

Our best guides in life help us develop instinct while also grounding us in natural wisdom.

knowing your animal totem
Simple tips to knowing your animal totem

Tips for Knowing Your Totem Animal

Now that we’ve talked a bit about why animals are important to connect with, here are some tips on knowing your totem animal

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Take Time for Silence

The majority of our non-human counterparts exist in present-moment simplicity and quietude. If our goal is to expand our awareness of the bountiful wisdom our animal queen/kingdom offers us, it makes sense to energetically meet-up on their level. Whether you call it meditation, or just settling into a still moment of awareness, be present to the potential that is present within the collective animal realm. This one small step into stillness engages something within the human mind that brings us face to face with our animal counterparts.

Empty Out

Vessels need to be emptied out before they can be filled. The capacity of the human heart is no different. Animal energy is expansive and must have room to flourish. We can allow that room for the fullest animal expressions (and allowing rich animal relationships) by emptying out. What do I mean by this? To encounter the animal parallel, we must make a clearing within the woods of our souls that is suitable and attractive to our energetic animal counterparts. Empty out judgments, preconceived notions, limitations, emotional clutter, and doubts. These limitations are easily replaced with the wisdom and virtues of our animal kin.

knowing your animal totem
Knowing your animal totem is a deeply personal journey.


Whether in a moment of silent clarity, or as an intuitive surge – your animal attraction will happen. When your totem surfaces through energetic waves to meet your awareness make the effort to learn moreabout this magnificent animal. The totemic way of life is a commitment requiring an energetic investment. An important investment of this energy is to research the animals that come into our awareness. We can do this by reading about them, watching videos about them, observing them in nature. Learn how they live their lives. Where do they live? What do they eat? How do they love? How do they behave? This is a clear signal of earnest and sincerity to your deepest self and your animal counterpart. This kind of invested interest will enhance your connection to the animal realm, and gather your animal energies more close to you.

Observation and Reflection

Totemic living is 95% observation. Observation of animal energy. Observation of Self. Observation of new flavors of experience that emerge as relationships are established between you and your animal(s). Observation of that relationship growing, and the changes both it and you (and your animal counterpart) undergo as time moves. The more we gaze into the steady pools of observation, the more clear our energetic reflections will become.


I hope you have enjoyed these tips on knowing your totem animal. Be sure to checkout the links at the end of this page for more ways to identify your totem animal, symbolic animal meanings and more. As always, thanks for reading. May all your animal encounters be inspirational and illuminating.

Mighty brightly,

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