Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year

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Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning

Exploring the Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year: A truly auspicious Chinese zodiac animal – the Dragon is replete with unstoppable charisma. This sign is a recipe for success – that is, if all the ingredients are balanced. Dragons are all about knitting the immaterial into the material. The Dragon Chinese zodiac sign has an uncanny ability to create skyscrapers out of sand. They’re like the MacGyver’s of the metaphysical realm. I don’t know how they do it – I just know these signs have enormous ability to manifest.  What’s more, the sign the Dragon is high-voltage. I’m talking full-on energy here. Where this ceaseless energy comes from, I have no idea – I just know Dragons are super-charged.

This Chinese zodiac animal is endearing in terms of candor. Honest to a fault, most Dragon signs tend to tell the truth like it is without pulling any punches.. This can be incredibly refreshing. If stuff has being weighing on your chest, this is the year to spill the beans, come clean and be honest. This also means being honest with yourself. Too often we dupe ourselves into false beliefs.

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning
Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning

The Dragon also has a knack for setting those false beliefs on fire. Sometimes this is really awesome. For example, perhaps you’re wrestling with a false belief of unworthiness – the Dragon will blow that nonsense right out of your sails. Conversely, the Dragon’s penchant for honesty can easily go south. Meaning, these signs can be tactless, and less than diplomatic with their delivery. Just be aware of this if you’re a Dragon (or get the honesty-bug during the year of the Dragon). Honesty is indeed the best policy – but there’s a right and wrong way to get your candid message across.

Some other things to be wary of: Aside from brutal honesty, there’s an issue of balance to consider. As mentioned, the Dragon is utterly magical and charming. Sometimes this charm can get out of hand. Prone to whimsy, active imagination, and lofty ideas…the Dragon can get lost in the land of dreams. Even though they have a remarkable ability to turn fluff into real stuff – it’s a fine line Dragon’s walk. They straddle two worlds: Fantasy vs Reality. The key is balance.

Dragon’s require tempering and moderation. They also need a clear goal or focus to keep them balanced on the high-wire between what’s real and what’s not. If regulation and structure is not put into play – Dragon’s become erratic, petulant, impatient, and overly impulsive…not to mention cranky. Just keep this in mind if you are a Dragon sign.

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning
Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning

Mythology and Legends About the Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign

Myths about dragons are plentiful and powerful in the ancient Chinese culture. These creatures play a myriad of roles in various legends. Sometimes they fulfill the role of creator and even the reason the world exists.  Other times, they are symbolic of protection and they service as guardians over the human race.

Contrary to other cultural myths that often represents the dragon as a scary, destructive beast, the dragon in Chinese myth has a much more positive meaning. It is a creature of celebration, power, joy and exuberance. Like the dragon Chinese zodiac sign, they are positively charged, energetic and extremely effective at manifesting results in the world.

Chinese Year Of The Dragon
Chinese Year Of The Dragon

Sign of Dragon in the Chinese New Year of the Dragon

The year of the Dragon is infused with charm, enchantment and potential. This is a time when the seemingly impossible has the promise of becoming a reality. Quite magical, really. If you’ve ever dared to “dream the impossible dream” (as Sinatra so eloquently put it) – then the year of the Dragon for your Dragon sign is the year for you. There’s no better time to coax those fluffy bits and pipe-dreams into real-life. Because the Dragon Chinese zodiac sign is so adept at manifesting to begin with, the year of the Dragon facilitates a much easier environment in which to turn fool’s gold into sure ‘nuf, authentic nuggets of value.

Because the sign of the Dragon is so high-energy, the year of the Dragon is a great time to take advantage of that energetic octane. If you’ve been a sloth about projects around the house, or undertakings you’ve put off – this is the time to hitch a ride on the Dragon’s back and “get ‘er done”.

Also be aware of the crucial need for balance in the year of the Dragon if you are a Dragon sign. Dragon years can be very shifty in terms of upturning tradition and conformity. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep honed on your end-game through the Dragon year, stay stable and maintain balance.

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