Tips on Crystal Mistakes to Avoid

5 Crystal Mistakes to Avoid

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With their increase in popularity and an increase in spiritualism of various forms, crystals are now commonplace in most homes.   However, there may be a few mistakes that you might be making without realizing it.  Here are five crystal mistakes you should avoid when working with crystals.

Making Crystal Water that Could Be Dangerous

Crystal charged water is popular and there are many sites that allow you to order specific crystal water bottles.  However, you need to do research before you make or buy.  There are several crystals that will disintegrate in water or rust when placed in water.   In extreme cases, some crystals are toxic to humans when ingested.  Quartz products tend to be the safest option; amethyst, rose quartz, citrine etc.  No matter what  – you should check that the place you are purchasing a water bottle from is a trusted and reputable seller.  You should also take the time to do your own research.

Buying a pre-made water bottle is not the only option for crystal water either.  You can make your own, most sites with tutorials for this even take in mind the potential ill effects and suggest placing crystals around the outside of your bottle once filled for a bit before drinking in order to allow the water to absorb some of the energy.

Tips on Crystal Mistakes to Avoid
Tips on Crystal Mistakes to Avoid

Leaving Crystals in the Sun

Many crystal practitioners have done this at some point. We have that beautiful dark amethyst that we want to charge and leave on the windowsill only to discover that the crystal has lost its color when we go to pick it up.  Some crystals naturally fade over time in color, but this is particularly common if you have left them in the sun without doing research.  More colorful crystals can be faded by the photons found in UV rays.

Most resources suggest sunlight for cleansing and charging your crystals, but you do need to do some research.   Try and limit exposure to sunlight to 1-2 hours to prevent them fading so fast.  Or you could try charging in moonlight instead if you are going to be awake early enough to get them before they’ve had too much sunlight. 

It’s worth noting that even if your crystals fade, they still work.  The issue with fading comes in when you appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a crystal or are interested in chromotherapy, the energy of colors. 

Tips on Crystal Mistakes to Avoid
Tips on Crystal Mistakes to Avoid

Going for Every Crystal at Once

When you get excited about a new thing, especially something like crystals, it’s difficult to reign in the urge to buy every crystal you can get your hands on.  This has two issues it causes.  First, you end up wearing or surrounded by about 10 crystals at any time with conflicting energies.  Second, you spend a lot of money without knowing what is best for you.   These both can be fixed by taking some time to do research into crystals and finding out what calls to you. 

Most shops where you can buy crystals can give you advice, but remember they are still trying to sell you something.  I suggest looking up some information online to start with and if you are truly interested in working more with crystals investigate “The Crystal Bible” guides by Judy Hall.

Disposing of Cleaning Waste Incorrectly

Cleaning jewelry is something we all need to do, and some crystals require specific cleaning materials that can lead to some issues.  Clear Quartz is often cleaned from a mix of oxalic acid and water that cannot be disposed of down the sink.  When cleaning your crystals be aware of what the cleaning solution is made of and do your research on how to dispose of them correctly.

Tips on Crystal Mistakes to Avoid
Tips on Crystal Mistakes to Avoid

Expecting Sudden and Amazing Changes

This is the big one.  When you start working with crystals it’s tempting to expect that your life will suddenly change or that you will suddenly be healed of some ailment you are suffering from.  This is not going to be the case.  Crystals are not miracle workers, they’re more helpers that back up what we are already doing.  You should not replace actual medical help and advice with crystals, this is counterproductive and dangerous.

Summary About Avoiding Crystal Mistakes

Crystals are beautiful and fantastic ways to boost our energies, however, they do require us to do research before we work with them.  Don’t expect miracles and instant results, and don’t use crystals to replace actual help.  When you buy a crystal or are given one to look into what it represents and its energies, but also look at potential things to avoid i.e., leaving in direct sunlight or placing it in water.

Writer Madeline Miller, Oxessays Reviews, works daily with crystals and enjoys writing about her practices with them.

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