Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year

Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year

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Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Snake Chinese New Year

Exploring Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and More: The Snake Chinese zodiac sign can be a slippery one to figure. So many awesome attributes, but often hard to pin down. It may feel like you never quite know where you stand with a Snake. The key to Snake signs is realizing they live and perceive the world in very unique, personal ways. They see the world through a totally different lens than the other Chinese zodiac signs. It’s actually quite endearing. They have the ability to see the best in people…recognizing high-quality assets that most people would completely overlook.

There’s nothing better than having a positive Snake sign as a buddy. They’re full of optimism and encouragement. They’re like Willy Nelson’s song: “Insisting that the world keeps turning our way.” This is a positive Snake sign. A negative-thinking Snake can easily pick out the worst in the world. Nevertheless – Snakes are incredibly changeable. They can switch moods in a heartbeat – which is quite a feat in a society that rails against change.

Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year
Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year

Does it sound like I’m nay-saying the Snake? Hardly. Some of my best mates are Snake signs. It has to do with the alacrity in which the Snake deals with change and transition. These signs can slip out of the stickiest wickets on the planet, and come out fresh as a daisy. To quote my Snake pal Bill…they “fall up” instead of falling down in times of challenge.

I credit this “falling up” a sharp intellect, cunning and a keen sense of knowing. The Snake just knows stuff. Call it intuition, or just “seeing the big picture” – to be sure, the Snake has a sharp eye for detail. They also know how all the pieces of the puzzle work together to create the whole masterpiece

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The Chinese Snake sign can also be quite elegant. They have a sense of style and taste that few in the zodiac can match. They adore refinery and like to surround themselves in opulence. Even so – they never overdo it. They can’t stand flash, glam or gaudy. Nope – snakes appreciate the adage: “Simpler is better” – but they incorporate simplicity in a way that screams finesse.

Another great Snake feature is sensuality. Snake signs  can be very sultry, sexy and sensual…these are watchwords for the Snake.

Some things to look out for: As mentioned, Snakes can be utterly unpredictable – and so are Snake years. You may find yourself ambling along through life – and whammo – that Snake energy strikes without warning. I’m not implying that you always have to be on your guard with these Snake, but I am encouraging awareness to this propensity.

There’s also a coldness inherent to the Snake. I’m not talking cold-hearted, necessarily (are you kidding? With their sensual passion – Snakes are far from frigid). It’s more like insensitivity. Here again – the Snake has its own world, its own unique perspective. This means Snake energy won’t always have the emotional insight to see things the way other signs do. It’s not like this sign lacks compassion – they just express empathy differently than others. 

Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year
Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year

 Mythology and Legends About the Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign

In ancient Chinese culture, snakes have been worshipped and are featured as healing figures in various myths. Interestingly, prominent rivers in China have been named after snakes, which underscores healing symbolism in snakes (because water is a healing/cleansing element).

Some snake characters in Chinese myths almost have a ‘trickster’ quality in that they often facilitate big changes in the story. Just as rivers carve change in the earth, so too do snakes wind up transformation in the human saga.

Chinese Year Of the Snake
Chinese Year Of The Snake

Sign of Snake in the Chinese New Year of the Snake

If you have the Chinese zodiac sign of the Snake in the Chinese year of the Snake, then you may want to be prepared for fast changes. This year of the Snake for Snake signs is filled with moments that appear calm and copacetic, yet the next minute you may find yourself flummoxed – asking “what just happened!?”.

On the positive side, the year of the Snake is an opportune time to work on stuff that confounds Snake signs. Have you got a nagging problem? Use the year of the Snake to noodle around pesky issues. The snake seamlessly slithers through complex issues. There’s seemingly no obstacle that keeps them from moving forward. What an incredible asset.

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