Spiritual Practices during the Full Moon of September

Harvest Moon: Full Moon of September Meaning Names, Spirituality, Symbolism and More

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I adore this time of year.  It’s symbolically pregnant with loads of potential and promise.  That’s why I’m jazzed to talk to you about the symbolism and spiritual implications of the full moon of September.  As we bid farewell to the summer months and embrace the vibrant colors of autumn, a certain magic fills the air.  I think that’s the whole point of the month of September – to embrace transition and to see the magic in change.  At any rate…what better way to celebrate this enchanting transition than by exploring the captivating world of September’s full moon (or multiple full moons – depending upon which year you’re reading this)?

Meaning of the Full Moon in September

Introduction to the Symbolic Full Moon of September

The full moon holds immense significance in various cultures around the globe. It has long been associated with transformation, spiritual growth, and deep introspection. Each month brings its own unique energy and symbolism to this majestic lunar event. Because the full moons of September are potentially profound in meaning and spiritual symbolism – I thought it would be a keen idea to delve into the mystical realm of September’s full moon – uncovering its symbolic meaning, exploring its diverse namesakes, and discovering fascinating myths surrounding it.

So prepare to gape at the luminous night sky as we unravel the secrets behind September’s full moon – a cosmic spectacle that never fails to captivate hearts and minds alike. Let us hop on the good-foot and travel into the awe-inspiring revelries of lunar lore, modern interpretations, and meaningful rituals that honor this celestial marvel. Join me and set your sights on the abundant wisdom hidden within each radiant beam of light cast by September’s full moon orb above. Does that smack poetic? It should because this is a full moon to be wax poetically about!

What is the Symbolic Meaning of the Full Moon of September?

The full moon of September holds a special significance in many cultures and spiritual beliefs. These full moons demarcate the riveting transitions from summer to autumn, bringing with it a sense of change and transformation. Symbolically, this moon represents balance, as it occurs during the equinox when day and night are equal in length.

In astrology, the full moon of September is often associated with harmony and relationships. It encourages us to find equilibrium within ourselves and our connections with others. This is a time for reflection on how we can establish (or construct) more balance in our lives and nurture our partnerships.

Moreover, this full moon is also known for its energy of abundance and harvesting. It reminds us to reap what we have sown throughout the year – literally in terms of crops and metaphorically regarding our personal growth and achievements.

The symbolic meaning of the full moon in September encompasses themes of balance, relationship harmony, abundance, and celebration of accomplishments. As we gawp at its luminous presence in the sky, let us embrace these energies by seeking equilibrium within ourselves and expressing gratitude for all we have received this year.

Different September Full Moon Names and Their Meanings

The full moon of September goes by many names, each carrying its own unique meaning and significance. These diverse names reflect various aspects of nature’s rhythm that occur during September – a tapestry woven with ancient traditions, folklore, and reverence for celestial wonders above us. Let’s explore some of these enchanting monikers and the stories behind them, shall we? Yes, we shall!!

Symbolic Meaning of the Harvest Moon

September Harvest Moon Meaning

The September Harvest Moon holds a special significance for many cultures around the world. As summer fades and slumbers, autumn makes its debut, so this full moon marks the time for harvest and abundance. It is a time of gratitude for the bountiful crops that have been grown throughout the year.

In ancient times, farmers would use the light of the Harvest Moon to work late into the night, gathering their crops by its luminous glow. This was a practical way to maximize their harvest before winter arrived.

Symbolically, the Harvest Moon represents a time of culmination and reaping what we have sown. It reminds us to reflect on our own personal growth and achievements over the past months. It’s a moment to celebrate our accomplishments, no matter how big or small they may be.

This full moon also serves as a reminder of balance in nature. As farmers reap what they sow, so do we experience consequences from our actions. The Harvest Moon prompts us to take a deeper peek into our lives and consider if we are living in alignment with our values and goals.

As you gaze up at the September sky during this celestial event, take a moment to appreciate all that you have accomplished and express gratitude for your blessings. Embrace this opportunity for self-reflection and set intentions for continued growth as you move forward into autumn’s embrace.

Remember, each full moon has its own unique energy and symbolism – it’s up to us to tap into its power and find meaning within ourselves.

September Full Corn Moon Meaning

The September Full Corn Moon holds deep meaning and significance. As the name suggests, this full moon is closely associated with the harvesting of corn, marking a time of abundance and gratitude. It represents the culmination of months of hard work in tending to crops and reaping their rewards.

In Native American traditions, this moon signifies a time for gathering and preserving food for the coming winter months. It reminds us to honor nature’s bountiful gifts and express gratitude for the sustenance it provides.

Symbolically, the Corn Moon represents fertility, nourishment, and prosperity. It serves as a reminder that our efforts bear fruit when we stay connected to the cycles of nature.

During this Full Corn Moon phase, it is an opportune moment to reflect on our personal harvests – both literal and metaphorical – taking stock of what we have achieved throughout the year. This introspection allows us to acknowledge our growth and accomplishments while also considering areas where we may still need nurturing or further development.

Embracing rituals such as creating a cornucopia centerpiece or offering thanks through prayers can deepen your connection with this powerful lunar energy. During this full moon phase, take some time to cultivate an appreciation for all you have received in your life.

Remember that each person’s experience with these lunar energies may vary based on individual beliefs and spiritual practices. The September Full Corn Moon offers an opportunity for reflection, gratitude, and celebration as we gather under its luminous glow

September Chrysanthemum Full Moon Meaning

The September Chrysanthemum Full Moon holds a special significance in various cultures and spiritual practices. Just like the vibrant petals of chrysanthemums, this full moon illuminates the sky with its radiant energy.

In many Asian countries, chrysanthemums are revered as symbols of longevity, rejuvenation, and purity. They are often associated with autumn and the changing seasons. During this time, nature transitions into a new phase of growth and transformation.

The September Chrysanthemum Full Moon is seen as an opportunity for personal renewal and self-reflection. It encourages us to embrace change and let go of what no longer serves us. Like the delicate blossoms that gracefully sway in the wind, we can adapt to life’s challenges with grace too.

Other Full Moon Names for September and Their Meanings

In addition to the Harvest Moon and the Corn Moon, several other intriguing names are associated with the full moon of September. Each name brings its own unique symbolism and meaning.

Chaste Moon

Chaste Moon is a name given to the full moon that occurs in September. This name may seem intriguing and mysterious, but its meaning goes beyond what meets the eye. The Chaste Moon represents purity, innocence, and self-control.

In ancient times, this moon was associated with chastity rituals and ceremonies. It symbolized a time of inner reflection and spiritual purification. People believed that embracing celibacy during this period could cleanse their souls and connect with higher realms of consciousness.

The Chaste Moon also marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. As nature prepares for winter’s slumber, it reminds us humans to let go of anything that no longer serves our highest good. It encourages us to release negative energies, thoughts, or habits so we can make space for new beginnings.

This full moon is an invitation to practice restraint in all aspects of life – physically, emotionally, and mentally. It prompts us to carefully examine our desires and impulses before acting on them. Exercising self-discipline during this lunar phase can cultivate greater clarity and focus in our lives.

Embracing the energy of the Chaste Moon beckons us to plug into our inner strength and willpower. It reminds us that true power lies not in indulging every whim or desire but in honoring ourselves through conscious choices.

During this time, you might consider setting intentions related to self-control or embarking on a personal journey towards greater purity – whatever that means for you personally. Whether it be refraining from unhealthy habits or adopting more mindful behaviors – use this opportunity provided by the Chaste Moon to align your actions with your values.

Sugar Moon

Sugar Moon - Full Moon of September Meaning

This sweetly named moon refers to the Native American sugaring season when maple sap begins flowing freely in preparation for making syrup or sugar. Sugar Moon is one of the enchanting names given to the full moon of September. Just like its name suggests, this moon holds a sweet and enticing energy that captivates our senses. It signifies abundance, celebration, and indulgence.

As the summer season starts fading away and we transition into autumn, the Sugar Moon reminds us to savor life’s simple pleasures. It encourages us to embrace joy, sweetness, and all things delightful. This full moon invites us to indulge in our favorite treats and experiences that bring us happiness.

During this time, nature generously provides an abundance of ripe fruits and bountiful harvests. The Sugar Moon serves as a reminder to appreciate the gifts that Mother Earth bestows upon us. It symbolizes gratitude for the nourishment we receive from both physical sustenance and emotional connections.

Underneath the gentle glow of the Sugar Moon’s light, it is an opportune time for reflection on what brings sweetness into our lives. It encourages us to cherish moments spent with loved ones while also reminding us of self-care practices that nurture our souls.

The Sugar Moon whispers softly in our ears: “Indulge your senses! Celebrate life’s blessings! Find delight in every moment!” This moon invites you to dance freely under its shimmering light; let go of worries and embrace pure bliss.

So when September rolls around again next year, remember to look up at the night sky during this special lunar phase – for it is then that you’ll witness the captivating beauty of the Sugar Moon illuminating your path with its sugary sweet magic.

Yellow Leaf Moon

Yellow Leaf Moon is one of the enchanting names given to the full moon in September. As autumn begins its gentle descent, nature starts to adorn itself with warm hues of gold and amber. The leaves on trees gradually transform into a stunning tapestry of yellow, creating a picturesque landscape that captivates our senses.

During this time, when the Yellow Leaf Moon graces the sky, it serves as a reminder of life’s fleeting beauty and cyclical nature. Just like the falling leaves, we, too, must learn to let go and embrace change with grace and acceptance.

The Yellow Leaf Moon invites us to reflect upon our own personal growth and transformation. It encourages us to shed all that useless stuff we simply don’t need – which mimics how trees shed their vibrant foliage in preparation for winter’s arrival. In doing so, we make space for new beginnings and opportunities that await us on our journey.

Underneath this luminous moonlight, take a moment to connect with nature’s wisdom. Observe how effortlessly it surrenders to change without resistance or fear. Allow yourself to be inspired by its resilience and find solace in knowing that every ending brings forth a fresh start.

As you bask in the ethereal glow of the Yellow Leaf Moon, consider embracing gratitude for all that has come before you while eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. Let this celestial phenomenon remind you that even amidst endings and transitions, there is always beauty waiting to be discovered if we open ourselves up to it.

So tonight, step outside under the canopy of stars illuminated by this magnificent yellow orb above; breathe in deeply; allow your worries or doubts to melt away; feel connected with yourself and everything around you – Earth herself included!

Child Moon

The Child Moon, also known as the September Full Moon, holds a special place in our hearts. As summer turns to autumn and the days grow shorter, this moon reminds us of the innocence and joy of childhood. It is a time to embrace our inner child and rediscover the wonder and playfulness that lies within.

During this phase, we can tap into the energy of curiosity and imagination. Just like children exploring their surroundings with wide eyes and open hearts, we too can venture into new physical and emotional territories. The Child Moon encourages us to let go of inhibitions, take risks, and approach life with a sense of adventure.

This month’s full moon invites us to reconnect with our own inner child through various activities, such as playing games or indulging in creative pursuits like drawing or coloring. It’s an opportunity to release stress, have fun, and remember what it feels like to be carefree.

As adults, we often get caught up in responsibilities and forget to nurture our playful side. The Child Moon serves as a gentle reminder that it’s important to incorporate lightheartedness into our lives – even when faced with challenges.

So let’s embrace the whimsy of this magical moon phase! Let your inner child run free under its radiant glow – dance barefoot in grassy fields or gaze at stars while lying on your back. Allow yourself permission to laugh wholeheartedly without worrying about judgment or expectations.

The Child Moon teaches us that no matter how old we are chronologically, an eternal spirit in each one of us resides that is yearning for joyous experiences. Take advantage of this enchanting lunar period by embracing your youthful essence – you might just uncover hidden treasures along the way!

Rutting Moon

Rutting Moon - Full Moon of September Meaning

Rutting Moon is one of the lesser-known names for the full moon in September. This name might conjure up images of deer and their mating rituals, as “rutting” refers to the behavior exhibited by these majestic creatures during this time of year.

During the Rutting Moon, male deer engage in fierce battles to establish dominance and win over potential mates. Their antlers clash noisily as they compete for territory and the attention of female deer. It’s a remarkable natural spectacle that showcases both strength and determination.

In some cultures, this moon is also associated with fertility and passion. The intense energy displayed by the deer during their mating season can be seen as symbolic of our own desires and instincts.

As we connect with nature during this Rutting Moon, it serves as a reminder to embrace our primal selves, acknowledge our passions, and channel them into positive endeavors. Just like the powerful rutting stags, we also have inner strength waiting to be unleashed.

So, take some time under the Rutting Moon to reflect on your desires, explore your passions without hesitation or fear, and fully embody your true self. Let this moon inspire you to embrace your wild side!

Mythology, Gods, and Goddesses Associated With the Full Moons of September

The full moons of September have long been associated with various mythological figures from different cultures. 


In Greek mythology, for example, the September full moon is often linked to Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and the moon. Known for her independence and strength, Artemis embodies the wild nature that can be felt during this time of year.


Norse Goddess of Full Moon in September

In Norse mythology, the full moon of September is connected to Freyja, a powerful goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, and abundance. As harvest season peaks in September, it’s no wonder that this goddess is honored when we celebrate abundance and gratitude.

Native American

In Native American folklore, different tribes have unique interpretations of the full moon in September. For some tribes, like the Algonquin people who inhabited northeastern North America before European colonization, the Harvest Moon symbolized a time for gathering crops while preparing for winter.


Asian Goddess of the Full Moon of September (or Chrysanthemum Moon)

In Asia, this full moon (known as the Chrysanthemum full moon)  also symbolizes gratitude for abundance. The blooming chrysanthemums remind us to appreciate the blessings in our lives – big or small – and express gratitude for all that we have. As you bask under the glow of the September Chrysanthemum Full Moon, take a moment to connect with your inner self. Meditate on your aspirations, dreams, and intentions for personal growth. Embrace change like the petals opening up to reveal their beauty.

Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon(s) of September

As we ogle (yes, it’s a real word for erotic gazing or observing something amorously) up at these luscious full moons of September, we might be inclined to act on our mesmerized impressions.  I certainly do!  So, in that spirit, here are a few friendly suggestions on ways to celebrate the full moon(s) of September:

Moonlit Picnic (my fave)

Gather your loved ones and head outdoors for a magical moonlit picnic. Spread out a cozy blanket, bring some delicious snacks, and bask in the ethereal glow of the September full moon.

Nighttime Hike

Take a Nighttime Hike During the Harvest Moon of September

Take advantage of the longer nights and embark on a nighttime hike under the full moon’s light. Explore nature trails or simply stroll through your neighborhood, soaking in the serene atmosphere as you go.

Full Moon Yoga

Find a peaceful spot outside or create an inviting space indoors for a rejuvenating session of full moon yoga. Allow yourself to connect with nature’s energy while flowing through gentle poses and embracing stillness.

Release Ritual (I love this practice!)

Use this powerful time to let go of anything that no longer serves you. Write down any negative emotions, fears, or limiting beliefs on pieces of paper, then burn them as an act of releasing and surrendering to the transformative energy of the full moon.

Create Artwork Inspired by Nature’s Glow

Channel your creativity by creating artwork inspired by the beauty and mystique surrounding September’s full moons! Grab some paints or pencils and let your imagination flow freely onto canvas or paper.

Take a Moon Bath

Try Moon Bathing During the Full Moon of September

Set up a comfortable space outdoors where you can relax and soak up lunar energy during this special time. Lie back, close your eyes, and let the soothing light wash over you as you meditate or engage in mindful reflection. You might also try your hand at making moon water as another alternative way to celebrate the fluid element of September full moons.

Full Moon Divination

Tap into ancient wisdom traditions by engaging in divination practices during this potent lunar phase. Whether it’s tarot cards, crystal scrying, or pendulum dowsing – explore different methods that resonate with you personally.

Just know – these are just suggestions I wanted to share with you.  I’ve had loads of surprising and delightful experiences and results when doing these celebrations/rituals.  But you be you! Feel free to adapt them based on what resonates with you most deeply! The important thing is to honor this celestial event in a way that brings you joy, connection, and spiritual growth.

Spiritual Practices to Try During the Full Moon of September

During the Full Moon of September, many people engage in spiritual practices to harness the powerful energy and connect with their inner selves. Here are some select spiritual activities you can try during this special time.

Melodic Moon Meditation

Find a quiet space and allow yourself to be present in the moment. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and let go of any thoughts or distractions. Use this time to reflect on your intentions for the month ahead. Submerge yourself into the rhythm, song, light, and energy as you wax and wane through your full moon meditation. The results are bound to be captivating (at least they are for me :).

Moon Bathing (it’s worth mentioning again)

Yeah, I know. I already mentioned this one, but it bears repeating.  Recently wrote about the art of Shinrin-yoku, and I’ve been thinking about that while writing this article.  I think September’s full moon(s) is a perfect time to practice nature bathing (or moon bathing).  Step outside under the moonlight and bask in its gentle glow. Allow yourself to soak up its healing energies while setting intentions or offering gratitude for blessings received.

Full Moon Crystal Cleansing

Place your crystals outdoors overnight during the Full Moon of September to cleanse and recharge them with lunar energy. This practice enhances their vibrations and strengthens their healing properties.

Lunar Journaling

Grab a notebook or journal and write down any insights, inspirations, dreams, or emotions that arise during this full moon phase. Reflect on these entries later as a way to gain deeper self-awareness.

Full Moon of September Meaning

Spellwork –  Honoring the Luminescence of September’s Full Moon

If you resonate with rituals or spellwork, consider creating a personalized ceremony that aligns with your beliefs and intentions for this particular full moon cycle. As for me, I love this simple (but effective) wee September full moon ritual:

  • Concentrate on that bouncy, bodacious, beautiful full moon
  • Hone in on your deepest, inner-most passion/wish/desire
  • Call upon your favorite moon goddess
  • Burn your fave incense to honor said moon goddess
  • Position yourself due North and speak (to this full moon) about your intentions for your future
  • Next (going clockwise- deosil), move to your East and speak positive affirmations for your children (or your lost childhood) 
  • Carry on (all the while focusing on this full moon) – move to the South and speak to your lunar god or goddess (or the moon itself) about your notions of love, connection, trust, and faith.
  • Lastly, turn to the West and talk to the moon (or your deity) about the need to be more grounded. Speak about your ideals concerning structure, rootedness, goals, and set forth your vision for outcomes with positive conclusions regarding situations in your life.

Note: If you want to know how I calculated each intention according to the cardinal directions – click here.

  • At the conclusion of this deosil-focused mindful affirmation ritual, close the circle by facing North. 
  • Close your eyes and recapitulate the intentions, thoughts, impressions, and guidance gained from this ritual.  
  • Consider yourself “complete,” and know you’ve done a damn fine job at affirming your best energy, supported by this incredibly powerful full moon of September. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Harvest Moon and Full Moon of September

What is the significance or importance of the Harvest Moon?

The Harvest Moon holds great importance in many cultures around the world. It marks a time when farmers traditionally gathered their crops, hence its name. This particular full moon occurs closest to the autumnal equinox, providing ample light for farmers working late into the night.

Why does the September full moon have different names?

Different cultures and regions have assigned various names to the full moon in September based on local traditions, agricultural practices, and natural phenomena that occur during this time of year. These names reflect a deeper connection between humans and nature.

Is there any spiritual meaning associated with the September full moon?

You bet! Many sweet peeps believe that each full moon carries unique energetic vibrations that can be harnessed for spiritual growth and manifestation. The September full moon is often seen as a symbol of abundance, gratitude, and letting go of what no longer serves us.

How can I celebrate or harness the energy of the September full moon?

There are countless ways to honor and connect with the energy of this magical lunar event. Some suggestions include creating an altar dedicated to harvest blessings, practicing meditation or yoga under its glow, performing rituals related to releasing old patterns or setting new intentions, or simply spending time outdoors soaking up its radiant energy.

Can I see any specific celestial events during this month’s full moon(s)?

While not guaranteed every year, occasionally, additional celestial events may occur alongside or near these special moments. For instance, September might reveal a supermoon to you.  Or, it could unveil a blue moon.  Yet again, this month could be a powder keg of lunar power by sponsoring both a blue moon and a supermoon! So, keep track of varying September and track the celestial movements to get abreast of symbolic happenings in the heavens.


Closing Thoughts About the Full Moon of September Meaning

Whether you choose to immerse yourself in spiritual practices under the glow of September’s full moon or simply marvel at its beauty from afar, it serves as a reminder that we are connected not only to each other but also to something greater than ourselves – the vastness of the universe.

So take a moment on those clear nights when the sky is adorned with stars and gaze up at September’s full moon. Let its radiance fill your being with wonderment and gratitude as you embrace all that it represents – growth, abundance, transformation, and unity between Earth and the sky. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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