red fox symbolism and red fox meaning

Red Fox Symbolism

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Red Fox Symbolism and Red Fox Meaning

Red Fox Symbolism: I’ve written a lot about fox symbolism, but that doesn’t mean I can’t continue touting the symbolic attributes of this beauty, does it? Methinks not. This week a crimson lovely came for a visit in the front field. That put me in a reverie. Sighting that bright baby outside my window made me think about the Japanese Kami. Read further about the Kami legend and more about red fox symbolism.

Celtic zodiac sign fox meaning

“My work is a game. A very serious game.”

~M.C. Escher

Japanese Legend of the Red Fox

A Japanese Kami is a shrine erected in the Shinto sect of belief. It is a devotional place. Each Kami is dedicated to an animal. The Inari Okami is devoted to the spirit of the fox. In Japanese cultural myth, the fox is honored for symbolic attributes of: Fertility, Plenty, Creativity, Intelligence, and Strategy. Inari worship also deals with the fox providing nourishment to the Japanese people.

Legend states the red fox carried rice to communities, and also showed village leaders how to grow rice. If you ever visit an Inari Okami (a Japanese shrine to the fox), be sure to pay respect to the creative, cunning spirit of the fox while you’re there. Better yet, make a shrine to the fox for yourself!

I think all this is lovely. In fact, so lovely, I intend to erect my own throne of honor to the fox, the crow, the goose, and any other creature that tugs at my attention. I guess it’s a good thing I live on a chunk of land…I’ll have a shrine on every bloody acre at the rate my intention is growing! lol.

Seriously, though. I do have a wee devotional to the fox. Why? Because this is a sly creature (in a good way) and I dig that. Foxes remind me of things like: Caution, Energy, Awareness, Resourcefulness and much more.

Red Fox Image Courtesy of Photographer, Dave Crotty

Duality and Red Fox Symbolism

What I dig a bunch about this creature is a quote I uncovered by Germaine Dieterlen. He said foxes are Semper peccator, semper justus“. That’s Latin for: “Ever sinning, ever righteous.”

Now those of you who have followed me for a bit know that I’m all about liminality, duplicity, and pretty infatuated with the concept of polarities. Why did Dieterlen say that about the fox? It has to do with the fox being massively independent, yet liking company. She is busy and inventive, yet destructive. She is bold, yet shy. She is alert, but she can be careless when preoccupied. I can relate. Can you? If so, maybe the fox is your animal guide.

Fox symbolism deals with guile: Using caution and cunning when tracking down a resource. The fox is also a poster child for cleverness. Are you clever? Can you figure out ways of doing things that are unconventional? Atypical? Outside the ordinary? Fox might be a keen guide for you.

Fox symbolism entails health, prosperity and wealth in some Old European myths. It has to do with their solar affiliations, and their knack for finding food so well. This translates to provision, and snooping out the goods we need to survive – even in the harshest conditions.

The fox is a great ally with pest control. Old agricultural myths place the fox as a protector of crops, because they’re excellent at rooting out rodents who could wreak havoc on crops.

red fox symbolism
Red fox symbolism

The Color Red and Fox Meaning

What about that lovely red? Red fox symbolism is akin to the sun, so we’re talking about: Radiance, Energy, Passion. I like to equate colors with the chakra system. Red is the color of the root chakra. That means we’re dealing with primal instinct and raw motivation with the fox. Are you stalled in a project? The carnal power of the fox might help kick start you back into motion.

Another bit of red fox symbolism deals with control. These babies love to frolic. They’ll play and dive into the most enchanted holes to satisfy their curiosity. But you know what? They do so with restraint. These are very cautious beasts. That’s a big symbolic lesson for us, I think. As I just mentioned on my Crow Article, I’m guilty of diving into pools of wonder without a care about my well-being. The red fox showing up on my doorstep is a good reminder to maintain my zest for exploration…..but be smart about delving into discoveries. When we go down the rabbit hole, it’s always a good idea to be aware of our safety, be cautious, and have a back-up plan. Does this speak to you? Maybe the fox is sending you the same message.

Symbolic Fox Meaning
Symbolic Red Fox Meaning

FAQs About Symbolic and Spiritual Red Fox Meaning

What does it mean when I see a red fox?

The red fox is often a sign to incorporate more play in your life. This is especially true if you see a red fox when you’ve been working too hard, or if you are on the brink of some type of burn-out. The fox reminds us to incorporate more creativity and playfulness in our everyday lives – particularly in our work. Try to think of ways to make work more fun and exciting.

How do I know if the red fox is my spirit animal?

The red fox might be your spirit animal if you appreciate the irony in things. You’re probably the only one who “gets the joke” and you might find the quirkiest things extremely amusing. You have a quick wit, a diverse sense of humor and you are incredibly cunning. If the red fox is your totem animal, you’re likely extremely clever at getting what you want, and you are very inventive when it comes to reaching your goals. You’s also very flexible and can adapt to almost any situation.

How can the spirit of the red fox help me in life?

You can call upon the red fox spirit when you find yourself stuck in a corner with seemingly no way out. Red fox energy has a special way of getting us out of tight spots. They present innovative ways of looking at problems, and red fox energy will reveal solutions where you might not have ever seen any before.

Is it good luck to see a red for or bad luck?

It depends upon your belief system. For instance, some Native American tribes believed that seeing a red fox was a sign of challenges to come. Yet some other tribal beliefs (such as the Miwok and Blackfoot) hold the fox in high esteem, believing that it is a blessing, the bringer of fire to their people, and a protector of the tribe. Some East European folk tales tell a tale that when a red fox is seen, it is a sign that we should protect ourselves from some sort of theft. However, In Celtic lore, the fox is considered lucky because it is a guide to better opportunities and resources. In many ancient Asian myths, seeing a fox is extremely lucky and an indication that our ancestors are watching over us and protecting us in life.

As mentioned, I have written plenty more about fox symbolism, Kemosabe (and I no speak with forked tongue, lol). Check out the links at the end of this article for fox symbolism in general, as well as fox meaning for tattoo ideas.

As always, thanks for reading, and getting groovy with the fox vibe.

Foxy blessings to you always,

Mighty brightly,

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