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panther totem meaning

Panther Animal Totem and Panther Meaning

Symbolic Panther Meanings

The panther animal totem is a very powerful and protective presence. If you have this creature as your totem, you are blessed to have such a fierce and aggressive guardian with you.

The panther is a symbol of courage, valor and power.

The panther has also sometimes associated with the sun, and solar vibrancy in some cultures (South American, and Central American).

Individuals with panther totem s are usually people who come into this world with a spiritual knowing – a deeper understanding of spiritual things. These people often are very intuitive, psychic, and many are artistically inclined.

Of all the panthers, the black panther has the greatest mysticism associated with it. It is a symbol of the mother, the dark moon and the power of the night. The black panther encourages us to understand the shadow powers available to us all, to acknowledge these powers and to eliminate our fears of the darkness.

When the black panther totem appears in your life, it is also a symbol of releasing your passions, and starting a new phase of your life. A phase in which you are discovering your desires, and living your dreams.

Questions the Panther Totem Asks

♦  What is my Shadow Self trying to tell me?

♦  Are my passions helping or hindering me at this time?

♦  Am I still on the right spiritual path for myself?

♦  Am I supressing latent desires?

♦  Am I putting others’ needs before my own to the point of self-neglect?

♦  Am I being mindful of my movements – both physical and emotional?

♦  Am I being defensive? Who or what am I protecting and why?

When the panther animal totem comes to us (whether it be in the form of images or real sightings) we must begin paying attention to the strength of our inner being – our internal fortitude, and the condition of our spiritual strength and valor. Panthers also beckon us to consider our darker side – analyze this side of ourselves and determine its motivation.

There are many ways to obtain stronger messages and communications with our animal totem. Follow this link for information on animal totem journaling, meditation, and dream walking.

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