Symbolic Meaning of Storms

Symbolic Meaning of Storms, Rain and Folk Predictions

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Exploring the symbolic meaning of storms and rain is something that came to me in an unexpected way. I had a friend whose mom was super-savvy in the old ways of folk predictions.  Everybody in the neighborhood would go to her for advice and predictions about weather and all sorts of other matters. She shared a few insights with me about Nature, weather, and more.

When it comes to the symbolic meaning of storms, we are talking about a kind of frenetic energy. That means we are dealing with unpredictability, high-charged, almost hyper energy.

No matter where you live, there’s always a time of year that sees its fair share of rain and stormy weather.

Transitioning seasons can be a crazy-unpredictable time. For more symbolic seasonal insights click here.

Now, I’m a huge fan of rain. Rain is symbolic of neat stuff like:

  • Healing
  • Renewal
  • Cleansing
  • Emotional Rebirth
  • Gifts from the Heavens
Symbolic Meaning of Rain

All good things, right? Indeed, rain is a super-keen meteorological event. Without it, we’d all be in a world of hurt. From replenishing vital water tables to insuring food on our tables – we owe a lot of appreciation to the rain spirits.

Symbolic Meaning of Storms

But sometimes Mother Nature can go bonkers. Whatever the reason, sometimes Madame Nature takes those life-giving raindrops and transforms them into bullets of destruction in the form of a storm. You’ve heard it said “Into every life some rain must fall”. Well, same is true with storms. Both literal and metaphorical storms happen. To all of us.

Here are a few keywords regarding the symbolic meaning of storms…

  • Energy
  • Change
  • Disturbances
  • Unpredictability
  • Transformation

The symbolic meaning of storms combined with the meaning of rain makes a statement that goes something like: “Sometimes big changes must happen in order to experience healing and renewal.”

The deeper meaning of storms and rain can, admittedly, be a little unsettling. I mean, it’s the nature of the beast. Storms can be tremendously damaging. But, in most cases, the way to renewal is often through the path of destruction.

symbolic meaning of storms
Exploring symbolic meaning of storms, rain and folk predictions

So what’s a human to do? There’s really nothing that can be done to prevent damaging storms, right? Well, according to folklore and the ‘old ways’ – there are some ways to shift energy and even prevent the worst of torrential rains and storms.

To explain, I grew up with a friend whose mother was a walking encyclopedia of folk wisdom and medicine. She had hundreds of ways of predicting the weather. She also had equal amount of ways in thwarting bad weather.

Did her methods for shooing away storms work? I can’t say for sure. But I do know her prediction skills were better than the weatherman on TV!

Whether you believe in folk methods for weather prediction and prevention or not – sometimes it’s fun to entertain the ideas.

At the very least, folk wisdom about rain and storms can get us more deeply connected with the nature of these phenomenon’s in our environment.

The following are some old folk tips on predicting rain, as well as ways to dissuade storms from ruining your Sunday picnic.

Folk Predictions for Rain and Storms

I learned a lot from my friend who talked to me about the symbolic meaning of storms, and folklore surrounding weather patterns. Some of these pointers are folk predictions – intuitive or ‘old ways’ to predict pending rain. Here are a few predictive tricks our TV weatherman might not have up his sleeve.

Turning over a new leaf:
When leaves begin to turn over, it’s often a sign of upcoming rain or storms. I’ve written about this phenomenon on a symbolic level. Check out the full article: Turning Over a New Leaf – It’s Symbolic.

Pitter pat, check out the cat:
When cats rub behind their ears during a cat-bath, rain is on its way.

Down came the rain and washed the spider out:
Spiders are predictors of many things in folk lore. Spiders ducking for cover and seeking shelter is a sign of rain or storms.

Oh! My achy breaky bones!:
Perhaps the very best barometer of rains a’coming is aching bodies. I know it certainly works for me. So pay attention to those cranky corns on your feet, creaky bones and stiff joints – it could mean impending rain storms.

symbolic meaning of storms
More about symbolic meaning of storms

Folk Ways to Prevent Storms

According to my friend’s mom, there are a few ‘Old Ways’ that are believed to prevent the worst of potential storm damages. Here are a few folk practices to take the bit out of the storm…

Pass the salt, please:
Sprinkling salt on a ceremonial fire is thought to thwart torrential storms in the Spring.

X marks the spot:
Appalachian lore says marking an X on windows with your right index finger protects the home from storm damage.

More bark than bite:
Find a piece of bark from a tree that’s been hit by lightning. Folk tales say keeping this tree bark will protect you from lightning and ill effects of a bad storm.

Get stoned:
No. Not like that! Striking two stones together sends a message to the thunder and storm spirits. One stone must be black, the other white. If you’re about to be caught in a storm outside, strike these two stones together until you are safely under cover – it’s said to protect you from storm damage.

All superstitions aside, deluges of rain and epic storms are nothing to snicker at. It’s up to you whether you want to employ any of these folk tactics to predict or avoid weather threats. Admittedly, I find myself doing some of these things out of habit. I remember my old friend employing her folk remedies and predictions – and I guess they rubbed off on me over time.

symbolic meaning of storms
Closing thoughts on symbolic meaning of storms and rain

Exploring Symbolic Meaning of Storms and Attaining Balance in Nature

Belief is a big ingredient in any method of honoring rain and storms. Symbolism certainly plays its part too. While the folk ways offer nostalgia, I still find the best tact is a path of respect. For example, tap into the symbolic meaning of rain. As we discussed, its prime symbolism is about healing and renewal. And storms? Prime symbolic meaning of storms is about energy and transition.

Once we’re familiar with the deeper meaning of storms and rain, we can more easily connect with it. We may even auger a sense of honor and respect for it. I certainly do.

In that spirit of respect, I practice a simple ceremony. Just a closing of the eyes and uttering words of honor and gratitude for Mother Nature and the nourishment She provides. I also pay respect to Mother Nature’s power in the form of storms. I then ask for the very best outcome for all involved. After my devotionals, I’ve been known to sprinkle salt on the fire, X my windows and put horse liniment on my poor knees. LOL!

I hope you found this post on folk predictions and symbolic meaning of storms was insightful.  Maybe it will come in handy. Maybe not. Either way, I’d like to think you came away with a little laugh and a renewed respect for Mother Nature.

As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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