Law of attraction in action

Law Of Attraction: Shape Up Or Ship Out

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Law of Attraction – Shape Up or Ship Out!: Hi everybody, this is a continuation of my series on law of attraction (LOA). I’ve been writing articles on law of attraction and symbolic meanings with a goal to illustrate how LOA works. The idea here is to use symbolism to help expand and illuminate us in understanding the law of attraction.

A Bit About This Article on Law of Attraction

I wrote this piece many years ago for a college writing class.  The assignment was geared to teach critical thinking in writing. I don’t know if I hit that mark. I’ve long forgotten what my grade was on this paper. I do know I got a A in the class, hee hee. 

I revised the paper to make it more user-friendly. My writing style back in the freshman days was completely different (and not in a good way). So even though I’ve applied my more mature voice to this piece, it’s pretty much the same concept as what I wrote all those years ago. I hope you enjoy it. Moreover, I hope this article helps expand upon the concept of LOA in a way that is clear and helpful.

“The eternal law of the Universe steadily hold the promise of expansion and joy.”

~ Abraham-Hicks
Law of attraction in action
Law of attraction in action

Law of Attraction and The Captain Make It Happen

When it comes to LOA, I like to compare various things to help clarify how the law works. A great analogy is a ship sailing across a great sea. One of the greatest assurances for success at sea is a capable captain. But a good captain can’t get to the next coast without cooperation.

Proponents of the law of attraction claim we can attract all manner cool stuff and circumstances into our lives. Is this really possible?

I’m answering that question with another question… “Does a ship always get to its destination?” It really depends, doesn’t it? It’s the same with us and law of attraction. Here’s what I mean…

A ship is able to get to its destination but its success is dependent upon the following:

  • A strong captain
  • A solid crew
  • A reliable ship
  • Favorable conditions
  • Dependable navigational systems

There is little difference between these elements, and those needed in the realm of law of attraction. Each feature of this seafaring line-up can be compared to an aspect of human potential. Add all these aspects up, and we start to understand how we can navigate the law of attraction to our advantage. Let me break it down:

Law of attraction in action
Law of attraction in action

A Basic Break-Down About Law Of Attraction Meaning

The following are some pointers about the law of attraction and sea-faring terms that you may find helpful and handy.

Oh, Captain, My Captain!

Our mind is our captain. As such, it determines the destination (i.e. what we want), and sets about the business of navigating its way to our desires. It does this by determining and setting a clear intention upon the goal.

A captain is always on-point. Always wary of threat, direction, conditions. A good captain sets a course, and is determined to get to his destination. Our minds must be the same way. If a captain encounters poor conditions, then he redirects. The mind must do the same. If we have negative, poor beliefs or thoughts – it’s time to make preparations, accommodations, and re-navigate.

It’s the captain-mind’s job to recognize each crew member, organize them all, keep them focused. A captain (our mind) can even play to each of the crew’s strengths in order to get the vessel to its destination.

Swab That Poop Deck!

In achieving our goals, our mind (our captain) commands its crew. The crew is symbolic of our thoughts. There are many of them, and with all crews, we find some are ace crackerjacks and some can be real slackers. Likewise, there are crew members (thoughts) that have positive perspectives, and others that have nary a good thing to convey.

Let’s face it, not every crew member on a ship is a do-gooder. There are plenty of members who want to lollygag. Even more who want to make trouble. The captain must identify each member and discipline them for the sake of the whole – for the sake of the goal.

It’s the same with our thoughts. Some thoughts are total baloney, like false beliefs that are utterly useless. Other thoughts (crewmembers) bully us, make trouble, real rabble rousers. Realize the mind is the captain of these scallywags. It takes awareness, discipline and determination to whip negative thoughts into shape.

Fine Looking Vessel YOu Got There, Matey!

The ship can be compared to the body. Just as a captain could never command a vessel that hasn’t been properly cared for, we cannot expect the mind to command a neglected body.

Sometimes our bodies rust with age. It seems we have no control over that. Law of attraction disagrees with this. The law is no respecter of age. It doesn’t see us as young or old. The only reality is perception. Granted, I’ve been laid up with debilitating back pain for months at a time. I’d grit my teeth envisioning myself well, pain-free, healed. Did it work? No, not always. But sometimes it did. Using law of attraction with body pain is slippery. It’s hard to concentrate and get all the elements in line. Why? Because we’re in pain! Pain is real. It’s hard to focus when in pain, but it can be done.

Other times, we abuse our vessels with substances. Overeating, smoking, drinking, etc. No matter how strong our captain-mind or crew may be, we simply cannot expect to get to our destination when we corrode our vessels with the acid of substance. In essence, do good things to and for your body. You’re more likely to reach your desires if you do.

Nav Savvy!

There are lots of elements involved that can help or hinder our navigation to an intention or goal.

For example, past experiences serve as a powerful directional map. ‘Captain Mind’ can observe from past experience and conclude future consequence. To illustrate, captains have logs. They record what has happened in the past to help them in future situations. Comparatively, blowing a weekly paycheck at the local bar never results in a brand new plasma TV delivered to our home. It’s a matter of learning from past experience and moving forward with that knowledge.

Experience Navigates Our Awareness

When we experience pain from something done in the past, we ought to be aware not to repeat the same action that caused the pain. Conversely, when we experience joy, it’s a great idea to keep up that train of thought/action to encourage more joy in our lives.

As ‘Captain Mind’ continues on its mission (attracting good juju in our lives), it acknowledges signs along the way. Like a strong wind to catch the sails, sunny skies, a bird indicating land is near. This is why I’m so jazzed about symbolic meanings. Observing the signs and symbolism around us can auger our practices of law of attraction. ‘Captain Mind’ must observe signs in its environment. These signs will indicate the direction (physical or mental) we must move toward in order to obtain the destination of things we desire.

Captain Mind is “dead in the water” in obtaining the booty if it commands its thought-crew and body-ship with crummy navigational systems like:

  • Misinterpreting or ignoring past experience
  • Lazy or avoiding interpreting signs along the way
  • Heeding advice from or following ill-adjusted people
  • Ignoring or underutilizing the crew and/or ship (thought and/or body)

This is why our minds must be good captains. A mind must be sharp and strong in order to detect deviations from the objective.

Red Skies at Night, Sailor’s Delight

Lastly, we come to “favorable conditions.” I liken this to faith, spirit, creator, or a higher power…whatever you want to call that “something” that is omnipresent and far more vast than what our comprehension can grasp.

We all want to say (or at least I do): “We are the masters of our own lives. No one controls us but us.” I believe this is true to an extent…but I also believe there is a higher, greater presence at work in our lives. That presence IS the “favorable condition,” and it is always favorable.

It’s crucial to understand the force that animated and created us is on our side. Conversely, if we believe there is a fearsome, vengeful power out there waiting to smote us…that will influence the outcome of our goals. Law of attraction is all about the Universe reflecting our beliefs. How we view our idea of a deity directly influences results in our lives.

law of attraction meaning
law of attraction meaning

Closing Thoughts On The Meaning Of Law Attraction

♦ Our minds must behave as a competent, focused, well-informed captain. With a strong, disciplined leader (mind) at the helm, we can move through the murky waters of doubt.

♦ Our mind must inspect a crew of thoughts and determine which are fit for our success, and which must be discarded or revised. Our thoughts must be in-line with our goal to achieve.

♦ We must care for our bodies like a captain and crew painstakingly care for their ship. They know it’s the only way to get to their destination – we should recognize our bodies are pretty important to achieving (and enjoying) our goals. A damaged hull means a sinking ship. Vice versa, damaging our bodies thwarts law of attraction working in our favor.

♦ Our mind must make sound judgment in interpreting navigational systems available to it. We must rationally, and even-mindedly observe our experiences, environment, signs, and the people around us as indicators that we are moving in the positive direction of our material desire. Likewise, observing our surroundings can also indicate a wrong turn, and we need to be clear enough to alter our course for our benefit.

♦ Lastly, we must acknowledge a greater presence, a force, or energy buoys all life. This presence serves not as an interference, but as an ally in the journey to our goals. Let’s face it. Stuff happens. Whether that stuff is “good” or “bad” is up for interpretation and that interpretation may require flexibility of mind. In other words, what may appear as a torrential storm is in fact a “favorable condition” surfacing more evidently in our lives. It’s vital to know a universal force insists we expand, move forward and express. Every problem is actually a solution in the realm of the universal force.

Law of attraction in action
Law of attraction in action

Coming full circle to readdress the question: “Can we attract anything we want?” I hope this comparison to a ship navigating through the world serves as a helpful illustration. The point to all this is: Yes, we most certainly can attract our desires to us. Law of attraction is an immutable law. The trick is to approach our goals systematically, observantly, and flexibly.

I always say ‘forewarned is forearmed’. That means information is king. The way law of attraction works is deceptively simple. Put out good, good comes. Garbage in, garbage out. Easy peasy, right? Well, as I tried to demonstrate, there are other factors. It makes sense, really. The human system is complex and diverse. It’s only logical our practice with law of attraction will be equally complex.

As always, thanks for indulging me this article. I hope you enjoyed it. If you liked this piece, please check out my other law of attraction articles listed at the end of this page.

May all your sails attract your every desire,

Mighty brightly,

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